23 Bathroom Rug Ideas That Don’t Suck

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Bathroom rugs have been around since the 19th century and while their uses weren’t exactly clear during that period, it has become increasingly popular in recent years and also became the most affordable way to infuse your space with personality.

Choosing a bathroom rug is not complicated, but you can also end up with a boring one with no style. To prevent that from happening, we have compiled a list of the best bathroom rug ideas that don’t suck.

Bathroom Rug Ideas

From vibrant classy to relaxing textured bathroom rugs, choosing a style that complements your bathroom is a viable way to show off your signature style and make some statement.

1. Rustic Neutral Bathroom Rug

Rustic Neutral Bathroom Rug

A full rustic rug design allows you to keep your feet warm in the bathroom and show off your signature bathroom in the process, this rug design also adds texture and relaxing softness as well. Here, the rustic patterns add a burst of color to your bathroom interior and make the whole space a dream.

2. Pattern Natural Bathroom Rug

Pattern Natural Bathroom Rug

The modern fixtures of this rug highlight the beauty of this bathroom, lots of thought is put into this design, hence it is a rug that puts you at ease at the end of a long day. Not only do you get a functional rug but also a sophisticated one too.

3. Colorful Jute Bathroom Rug

Colorful Jute Bathroom Rug

Time to bring some magenta whimsical design into your bathroom using this rug, it gives the bathroom a clean textured look stylishly. This also matches with the wood perfectly.

4. Traditional Bathroom Rug Decor

Traditional Bathroom Rug Decor

Soften your modern bathroom with this cute traditional rug. It would no doubt feel good under your feet and can easily make your bathroom an ultimate relaxing spot.

5. Plush White and Black Bathroom Rug

Plush White and Black Bathroom Rug
Image: @homewithkrissy // Instagram

This is one of our favorite bathroom rug designs, this pairs nicely with a neutral bathroom interior and it is quite stylish. Plush-inspired rugs are not only cool, but they feel ultra soft under your foot so it is easy to keep your bathroom clean, and it also adds to the sophisticated look.

6. Vintage Bathroom Rug Design

Vintage Bathroom Rug Design
Image: @iamhayleystuart // Instagram

Brighten up your bathroom with a vintage rug design, it has antique styling that will be easy to match with other vintage items. Not only will you be brightening up your bathroom with an impeccable rug design, but also it can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

7. Bathroom Rug Mat Panda Sleepy

Bathroom Rug Mat Panda Sleepy
Image: @biuhome // Instagram

You can never go wrong with this amazing rug filled with personality, this would add instant comfort to your bathroom, and you don’t have to worry about matching it with your tiles either.

8. Flemish Rug Style Bathroom

Flemish Rug Style Bathroom
Image: @est_living // Instagram

Flemish rug style gives your bathroom a sophisticated romantic touch which is also perfect for a neutral highlight, it adds a bit of style to it. This rug design also looks excellent in any part of your home.

9. Modern Bathroom Rug Style

Modern Bathroom Rug Style
Image: @kaleenrugs // Instagram

If you want your bathroom to lean towards the eclectic modern appeal, this is the rug we are recommending, it blends well with any shade. This rug design embraces the vintage vibe and it is immediately eye-catching.

10. Fur Spa-Like Rug

Fur Spa-Like Rug
Image: @robynstamps // Instagram

Your bathroom should be your relaxing go-to place, and one of the ways to do this is to put your designs in detail. This space is truly a dream and with that rug, you get that luxury style.

11. Black Knitted Bathroom Rug

Black Knitted Bathroom Rug
Image: @lofty_knit // Instagram

Black knitted rugs are simply fascinating and they give a laid-back glamorous look. If the focus is to create simple detailed bathroom decor, this rug is the perfect choice. The contrast fits right in with any bathroom style.

12. Pink Pattern Bathroom Rug Design

Pink Pattern Bathroom Rug Design
Image: @houseoftocumen // Instagram

No reason to compromise on style when it comes to your bathroom rugs so here is a patterned one that is super fancy and complements your simple bathroom decor. This pink patterned rug ensures your bathroom does not look plain and boring.

13. Neutral Bathroom Rug Mat

Neutral Bathroom Rug Mat
Image: @trendsisters.se // Instagram

Here is another excellent rug style that will fit into any type of bathroom, if your bathroom leans toward the whimsical design, this is a fitting choice of rug to go for.

14. Stylish Microfiber Mini Bathroom Rug

Stylish Microfiber Mini Bathroom Rug
Image: @cushy_home_accessories // Instagram

Mini rugs are really cute although they won’t cover the whole bathroom floor, They blend nicely into any penny tile floor and look stylish.

15. Fun Plush Bathroom Rug

Fun Plush Bathroom Rug
Image: @conniesavage // Instagram

Your bathroom should serve as a sanctuary which is why this rug design is one of our favorites, it is fun and allows you to complement it with other amazing items. You can take it a step further and go for a different style or choose one that has striking patterns with your bathroom.

16. Cute Gray Bathroom Rug

Cute Gray Bathroom Rug
Image: @wrapped.in.style // Instagram

Maintain an unfussy appearance in your bedroom and still have it looking cute and sophisticated by choosing this rug style. This is also a plush rug mat to prevent dragging water around and keep your bathroom looking visually cute.

17. Vibrant Bathroom Rug Design

Vibrant Bathroom Rug Design
Image: @ happynestinthetropics // Instagram

If a colorful bathroom is the theme you are working with, you also want to bring a vibrant rug such as this, the yellow blends nicely with the bathroom decor.

18. Pink Bathroom Rug Design

Pink Bathroom Rug Design
Image: @noemi_beres_ // Instagram

Pink is the flawless palette to go for when you need to upgrade your bathroom decor and we have to admit that this pink rug is super adorable and blends right in with the bathroom interior.

19. Polished Bathroom Rug

Polished Bathroom Rug
Image: @designfroth // Instagram

Get yourself a relaxing rug style such as this, this works best for narrow bathroom designs, it gives a stylish statement while adding a subtle pop of color to the bathroom. This is one of the easiest and fanciest ways to perk up your bathroom without breaking the bank to do that.

20. The Dip Sea Bathroom Rug Design

The Dip Sea Bathroom Rug Design
Image: @quiettownhome // Instagram

If your bathroom leans toward the coastal bathroom decor but with a more stripe pattern, here is the rug we are rooting for, it has a balanced look and allows more extravagant elements.

21. Upscale Bathroom Rug

Upscale Bathroom Rug
Image: @quiettownhome // Instagram

Calm bathroom rug colors are often considered more fun than bright ones, and if you agree with this idea, here is a rug design you will love.

22. Farmhouse Bathroom Rug Math

Farmhouse Bathroom Rug Math
Image: @loloirugs // Instagram

Farmhouse rugs are not only made to withstand water but also durable and effortlessly make your bathroom unexpectedly elegant.

23. Floral Bath Rugs

Floral Bath Rugs
Image: @homeandbeyondbd // Instagram

Give your bathroom that sophisticated cool look using a floral bathroom rug, it is one of the trendiest rugs loved for its simplicity and water resistance. Whether you are creating a simple modern bathroom or a luxury one, floral bath rugs work excellently.

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