20 Bedroom Dresser Decor Ideas

Debra Morrison
Bedroom Dresser Decor Ideas

Dressers are an essential bedroom item, and they go beyond being a convenient place to drop your jewelry, pursue, and whatever you need to put in there, it is also a way to spruce up your entire bedroom. Modern dressers have the potential to add style to your bedroom, and their top can quickly become a dropping zone too.

Choosing a dresser that is functional and practical and if you find yourself drawn to the timeless appeal, it is time to get one that looks ultra chic no matter your bedroom decor. So, whatever your decor style is, here are our top picks on bedroom dressers that let you have fun, and are highly functional.

1. Retro Large Space Bedroom Dresser

Retro Large Space Bedroom Dresser

The dresser often becomes the main item in the bedroom, especially when you have a small wardrobe, it provides ample storage and the simple frame of this dresser makes it understated and stylish. It is an elegant dresser with a stylish design so you can be sure of its style and functionality.

2. Mid-Century Bedroom Dresser Decor

Mid-Century Bedroom Dresser Decor
Image: @oak_furniture_land //

To create a well-styled dresser that fits like a glove into your bedroom, go for this med-century bedroom decor, it is an elegant dresser with all the detailed essentials. This gorgeous dresser offers a rustic appeal as well and with the double sides, you have enough space to keep your stuff and the top to accommodate other items too.

3. Vintage Pine Dresser Decor

Vintage Pine Dresser Decor
Image: @olyaupcycle // Instagram

This vintage dresser is unique and happens to be an antique as well, it features a textured front to create a faux drawer and there is also the apothecary style hardware to give it a cool stylish look. This drawer has a fascinating depth and style that makes it fit in with any bedroom design.

4. Simple Blue Dresser Idea

Simple Blue Dresser Idea

A 3-drawer space dresser is another fascinating choice of dresser, it is stylish and simple but also spacious enough for all the essentials you will be putting in them.

5. Wooden Bedroom Dresser With Mirror Decor

Wooden Bedroom Dresser With Mirror Decor

Give your dresser a modern twist without taking away the functionality, this wooden dresser adds some whimsy touch to your bedroom.

5. White Wooden Dresser

White Wooden Dresser

Here is a cute white wooden dresser you can design with a simple spring flower, this is fancy and makes your bedroom look sophisticated.

6. Oakwood Dresser With Picture Frame Decor

Oakwood Dresser With Picture Frame Decor
Image: @aricadejan // Instagram

Putting a complementary finish on your dresser decor is always exciting and here is another dresser that proves, so to ensure your dresser is not just boring, here is an ideal decor choice to go for.

7. Straight Dresser Range Bedroom Decor

Straight Dresser Range Bedroom Decor
Image: @nestdesigns // Instagram

This bedroom dresser is practical, especially if you like it a bit close to the bed and with its decor styling. This style of dresser allows you to display your antique items.

8. Homey Dresser Bedroom Decor

Homey Dresser Bedroom Decor
Image: @xopeachy_keen // Instagram

Get a dresser that is just right beside your bed and gives your bedroom a homey feel. This is also a chance to create an antique vintage dresser that can be designed with just a bedside lamp.

9. 6 TV Drawer Chest Dresser

6 Tv Drawer Chest Dresser
Image: @blesserhouse // Instagram

A stylish 6-chest drawer can comfortably carry your TV, which is one of the best ways to make use of your dresser and also make it visually pleasing.

10. Victorian Styled Bedroom Dresser

Victorian Styled Bedroom Dresser
Image: @tarachax // Instagram

Victorian-styled bedroom dresser features an LED lamp, plants, and appliances which adds to the appeal and the bonus of this dresser is that it needs little to no maintenance.

11. Dresser With Whimsical Decor

Dresser With Whimsical Decor
Image: @_beautifullyfound_ // Instagram

If your dresser is facing the bed and you want to put some focus on it, this is the perfect dresser to go for, it helps display a bunch of whimsical items.

12. The Ciao Bella Bedroom Dresser

The Ciao Bella Bedroom Dresser
Image: @myhousefromscratch // Instagram

When whimsical touches are not your style, simply go for dried flowers, it highlights the beauty of this black dresser, and also it’s a fascinating way to bring style into your bedroom.

13. Built In Storage Bedroom Dresser

Built In Storage Bedroom Dresser
Image: @jusathome // Instagram

To showcase your fair or get your kids a toy storage place, you can simply incorporate library-style storage with the dresser unit. This is a country-style sort of dresser, and it’s really cute and functional.

14. Country Cottage Dresser Style

Country Cottage Dresser Style
Image: @behindthetimesonline // Instagram

Not all dressers are made to be huge and have multiple drawers, if you are simply looking for a storage solution, here is one that showcases your flair, it is small but ensures organization is possible.

15. French DIY Dresser With Spring Flower Decor

French DIY Dresser With Spring Flower Decor
Image: @fancyfixdecor // Instagram

Here is another dresser that provides enough storage space without looking overly dramatic, if you get a dresser such as this, you can easily adorn it with spring flower pots like this and a French-styled mirror such as this.

16. Detailed Antique Bedroom Dresser

Detailed Antique Bedroom Dresser
Image: @jenneliserose // Instagram

To completely put your dresser on focus in your bedroom, go with a nice antique display and add a mirror and picture frame to it. This is adorable and perfectly complements modern bedroom decor.

17. Pink Dresser With Frame Decor

Pink Dresser With Frame Decor
Image: @emilyyew.co // Instagram

Hanging art and picture frames to design your dresser is practical, and it matches Bohemian bedroom decor. This styling of the dresser also makes an impact on the whole bedroom styling.

18. Farmhouse Styled Bedroom Dresser

Farmhouse Styled Bedroom Dresser
Image: @decorsteals // Instagram

Looking to bring in the farmhouse appeal? This dresser is classy and there are so many ways to make it look even more adorable, one of which is bringing in some rustic items and giving it a farmhouse-style upgrade.

19. Mini Cozy Bedroom Dresser

Mini Cozy Bedroom Dresser
Image: @_peace_corners_ // Instagram

To streamline the look of your bedroom and make it feel less crowded with a bog dress, here is a small one, although this has less storage space, it can accommodate small items and the top can be used for lamps and coffee cups.

20. Statement Storage Bedroom Dresser

Statement Storage Bedroom Dresser
Image: @sansnovazuhause // Instagram

When the dresser is going to be facing the bed, it is quite easy to put a plant beside it or use it to keep items that you need to be easily accessible. This dresser is also great for displaying art and candles.

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