21 Cheap Backyard Ideas

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Cheap Backyard Ideas

Cheap backyard ideas are not impossible and with the right guide, you can make them the perfect staycation spot without breaking the bank. Although creating a dreamy small backyard requires more creativity, it is not impossible, with careful landscaping, landscaping, furniture, and light planning, you can create a refreshing outdoor space.

Upgrading your backyard or creating a budget-friendly backyard from scratch does not have to be experienced or time-consuming. So, to help you get started on this ultimate journey of designing a stylish backyard, we have curated the best cheap and modern backyard ideas below.

Affordable Modern Backyard Ideas

To create a backyard you will love, it is important to know what you want. So, below are the top affordable and downright inspiring backyard ideas for you.

1. Cheap Backyard Furniture Decor

Cheap Backyard Furniture Decor

Getting complete patio furniture can be a bit above budget, so one way to avoid this is to work with only a sofa, and you can elevate the look with spring flowers. This also prevents you from splurging on new furniture, since you can bring the ones you already have.

2. Add Pop of Colo and Light

Add Pop of Colo and Light

Utilize some fun color rugs and pair them with nice art on the entrance wall, you can further introduce color by picking bright seats for the patio. You can go ahead and make your accent for the wall and work with raised beds to save planting costs. Plus, bringing in colorful items is the perfect way to build a cool backyard that is budget-friendly.

3. Cozy Patio Backyard Idea

Cozy Patio Backyard Idea
Image: @smallbackyardspaces// Instagram

You can enjoy the warm summer days outdoors comfortably with a setting like this, and it is also a perfect setting to go for during summer as the pergola added can offer shade. This is an interesting backyard concept and to ensure it is very cheap to organize, it is best to have some of your indoor furniture brought outside.

4. Gravel Fireplace Design

Gravel Fireplace Design
Image: @bradleysamuel2 // Instagram

Gravel fireplaces are fascinating and fitting for any size of the backyard, also you get a great yard where you can have a BBQ gathering during the cold winter months, roast some marshmallows, or simply relax outdoors.

5. Raised Bed and Gravel Backyard Design

Raised Bed and Gravel Backyard Design
Image: @jujhavens // Instagram

Want a modern garden like this that is also cheap? Simply go for a combination of gravel design and a raised garden bed, the design is really cute, and you can bring in some of your favorite shrubs or trees to add shade.

6. Gorgeous Flower Pots Design

Gorgeous Flower Pots Design
Image: @cheapgardenideas // Instagram

We all love having flowers around the house, so another interesting way for you can renovate your backyard and not break the bank is to adorn it with your favorite flowers. You will be getting a flower garden and a nice backyard too.

7. Furniture and Olive Tree Setting

Furniture and Olive Tree Setting
Image: @jujhavens // Instagram

With a backyard setting like this, you do not have to go overboard, you can always bring some furniture outdoors and then complement it with an olive tree in a planter you like.

8. Wall Garden Decor

Wall Garden Decor
Image: @roman_and_ivy // Instagram

If you have a small backyard space, this is one of the best ways to design it, you will be spending less and will be getting a cute backyard design in the process too.

9. Backyard String Light Ideas

Backyard String Light Ideas
Image: @jodie.thedesigntwins // Instagram

For porches and patios, adding string lights remains the best budget-friendly way to elevate your outdoor setting, also it is celebratory and fun.

10. Basic Backyard Landscape

Basic Backyard Landscape
Image: @my.hbc.lawson25 // Instagram

You can go ahead and make your backyard design as basic as possible, a minimal backyard setting like this consists of lawn and gravel which is simple and instantly makes the backyard look cool.

11. Outdoor Day Bed With Canopy

Outdoor Day Bed With Canopy
Image: @jodie.thedesigntwins // Instagram

The prettiness and coziness a day bed offers is one of the reasons it is suggested for your backyard, but it is also a budget-friendly way to design your backyard. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s best to get one with a canopy just like this.

12. Wood Pergola Shade

Wood Pergola Shade
Image: @outdoorliving.life // Instagram

A pergola might look like an expensive outdoor landscape option, but it is not, especially if you will be working with a simple design or planning to build it yourself, you can also add some outdoor furniture to make it look classy and sophisticated.

13. Row of Plants and Flowers

Row Plants and Flowers
Image: @julie.thedesigntwins // Instagram

Set your favorite plants and flowers in a row, and worry less about how your lawn looks, as this decor can complement any backyard landscape.

14. Triangle Sun Sail Shade

Triangle Sun Sail Shade
Image: @bexhammocks // Instagram

Sun sail shades are fast becoming a popular decor option for backyards, and they are budget-friendly as well, you can go for the simple triangle sun sail shade if you have a small backyard or only need it for the section you will be setting your patio.

15. Install A Porch Swing

Install A Porch Swing
Image: @peppertreeliving // Instagram

This cheap backyard decor idea is both practical and pleasing to the eye, you won’t be doing much to get this done as well, and you can surround it with your favorite garden landscape.

16. Vintage Backyard Design

Vintage Backyard Design
Image: @mrs.danielle.elizabeth // Instagram

Buying an entire patio will be expensive hence you can go for a simple rattan swing seat, add some rattan furniture, and adorn it with flower pots, and you have this fantastic budget-friendly outdoor space to relax in at any time of the day.

17. Build A Gardening Station

Build A Gardening Station
Image: @michaeloctov // Instagram

A gardening station is another best bet, especially when you have a small garden, you can grow and display plants while spending less money on a whole yard landscape design.

18. Mosaic Garden Pathway Decor

Mosaic Garden Pathway Decor
Image: @my_homely_decor // Instagram

Another interesting you can effortlessly elevate your backyard is to give your garden pathway a complete makeover and the best and colorful option is the mosaic design. This can effortlessly elevate your backyard and also help your garden stand out.

19. Summer Backyard With Chicken

Summer Backyard With Chicken
Image: @laurenblixrud // Instagram

Are you planning on rearing chickens? If the answer is yes, then a landscape like this will save you from overspending, you can have any furniture of choice brought out and thrown in as much chicken as you can take care of.

20. Cozy Backyard Idea

Cozy Backyard Idea
Image: @uniquelytaylormade // Instagram

A modern backyard design that does not break the bank is possible, and this cozy backyard proves that to be true. To design this cozy backyard on a friendly budget, it will be mostly DIY projects, and you can easily just give it a cozy touch with some of your indoor furniture.

21. Backyard Cottage Decor

Backyard Cottage Decor
Image: @nicolestraumgarten // Instagram

Make your backyard even more inviting by adding a small cottage to it, you can dress the path with colorful flowers and wicker chairs. This can serve as a storage area for your garden tools and a place to go when you want to enjoy the freshness of the outdoor space. A cottage is a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing decor idea for any backyard space.

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