19 Living Room Curtain Design Ideas

Debra Morrison
Living Room Curtain Design Ideas

What is trending in living room curtains? If this is a question you are currently asking, then you have come to the right place. Living room curtains are often ignored, and we choose colors that simply go with the wall palette, however with the home decor trend changing, you can instantly transform your space with the right curtain design.

The purpose of the living room curtain is to give you privacy and aesthetics. However, with the many different patterns and colors available, choosing one can be overwhelming. Living room curtain goes beyond functionality, it has the magical ability to transform your whole living room interior, hence why we have compiled some beautiful curtains to find one that strikes your fantasy.

1. Chiffon Sheer Curtains

Chiffon Sheer Curtains
Image: @melodieuxhome // Instagram

Chiffon sheer curtains might have to be layered on to give more privacy, but we do admit it is super cute also when you can’t decide on the color of the curtain you want, this is highly appealing, giving your living room that sophisticated look. Also, it is the perfect curtain if you want to incorporate a flowing look into your living room decor.

2. Wave Fold Curtains

Wave Fold Curtains

You will be surprised how really cute and sophisticated wave fold curtains can be, this is one of the trendiest types of curtains, and looking at it, you can see how it can easily transform the living room. This can be used for the windows and also used to demarcate the living room and other rooms as it creates the illusion of extra space.

3. Elegant Rod Style Curtains

Elegant Rod Style Curtains

While wave fold curtains are cute, they are pretty light as well and if you are looking to have the curtain get the center stage, these elegant rod-style curtains are perfect. This curtain style will add a sense of grandeur to your living room and also make your living room feel larger.

4. Double Panel Living Room Curtains

Double Panel Living Room Curtains

Give your living room an impressive modern appeal with your choice of curtain, this curtain is one of the common trendy curtains when you are looking to add elegance and visual appeal to your room. This also complements any existing exterior perfectly.

5. French Pleated Curtain Idea

French Pleated Curtain Idea
Image: @dzeni_home_inspo // Instagram

Here is another curtain that highlights the beauty of your living room, it is stylish and if you are looking for a neutral calm shade, this is an ideal choice to go for.

6. Rich Pattern Curtain Design

Rich Pattern Curtain Design
Image: @verav.art // Instagram

Rich pattern curtain is another design that gives the illusion of fancy decor, it is a beautiful scope of curtain that is not dramatic but vibrant. This curtain elongates your living room decor effortlessly.

7. Bold Hue Decorative Curtain

Bold Hue Decorative Curtain

Want to infuse your bedroom with an in-depth, visually pleasing design? Here is the perfect pattern to go for, it easily beautifies your living room and makes the space appear spacious.

8. Vintage Damask Pattern Curtain

Vintage Damask Pattern Curtain
Image: @shoptufinch // Instagram

If you can’t decide between bright prints and neutral curtain style, here is one that gives you a bold and calm style that would perfectly highlight the interior decor of your living room. This curtain adds texture and understated elegance.

9. High Color Variation Curtain

High Color Variation Curtain
Image: @dana.choob // Instagram

Plain curtains are cool but to match your sofa or main living room interior, a colorful pattern curtain such as this is classy and super gorgeous.

10. Harbour String Curtain Door Design

Habour String Curtain Door Design
Image: @_stay_inside // Instagram

Maintain a night and stylish aesthetics with this harbor string curtain design, it has this gorgeous shimmery look that will blend with the walls and will create a sense of class and openness.

11. Two Storey Living Room Drapery

Two Storey Living Room Drapery
Image: @charbonneauinteriors // Instagram

The beauty of this two-story drapery is that it makes your living room look sophisticated, allows natural sunlight during the day, and gives you privacy in the evenings.

12. Botanical Design Pleat Curtain

Botanical Design Pleat Curtain
Image: @colefaxshowroom // Instagram

To create a living room that has the interior of the country-style, this is one of the most suitable curtain ideas to go for. This curtain ensures full coverage and makes your living room an ideal place to relax.

13. Couture Curtain Living Room Style

Couture Curtain Living Room Style
Image: @embelliish.homes // Instagram

The calming hues of this curtain embrace the maximalist design in every way, it elevates the curtain panel as well. The modern style of this living room brings warmth and complements a variety of living room interiors.

14. Green Accent Curtain Design

Green Accent Curtain Design
Image: @dom_moich_marzen // Instagram

For a refreshing living room, here is a curtain that offers a chance to bring in a bright contrasting color, and it is also a fitting choice when you are trying to create a nature-inspired living room decor.

15. Living Room Roman Shade

Living Room Roman Shade
Image: @chewknew // Instagram

Opt for a Roman shade style instead of the regular curtains, this tends to take up less space but will still provide enough privacy for the windows. Roman shades are used to balance a living room library close to the window.

16. Elegant Pastel Curtains

Elegant Pastel Curtains
Image: @annmdennis // Instagram

Modern pastel curtains such as this are your best choice when you have a vintage living room setting. This curtain style seamlessly blends in with your antique furniture, and this curtain type is easy to keep open or closed as you see fit.

17. Pencil Pleat Curtain Style

Pencil Pleat Curtain Style
Image: @louisecowaninteriors // Instagram

Try these subtle and refined pencil pleat curtain styles, they are appealing, and they are incredibly versatile too. These sophisticated curtains will stand out in your living room no matter the interior.

18. Macramé Living Room Curtain

Macramé Living Room Curtain
Image: @macramaniacs_ // Instagram

Macramé curtains might not offer much in terms of privacy, but there is no doubting the fact that they add depth and introduce balance to your living room interior. This type of door curtain can easily stand out, taking up the style quotient up a notch.

19. Organic Pattern Curtain Design

Organic Pattern Curtain Design
Image: @timesproperty // Instagram

Organic pattern curtains are often used in creating charming bedroom decor, but you will be surprised how cool they fit into a living room as well. Also, choosing this bold print is the best way to maximize the design impact and also warm up the room too. This will create a curated look and offer seasonal flexibility too.

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