27 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

living room wall decor ideas

One notable way to achieve a dream-like living room is to focus on creating a stylish, sophisticated wall. From offbeat decorating to wall accents, there are many possibilities for filling those empty living room walls.

Customizing your living room wall can be done based on your style. Whether you are an art curator, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, you can have your walls designed based on the things you adore.

Discover below 27 living room wall decor ideas that are practical and inspirational.

27 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

No matter your style, there is always a living room wall decor that will suit your taste. Hence, we bring you carefully selected living room wall designs to make your home look charming.

1. A Simple Wall Art Decor

A Simple Wall Art Decor

One of the most common and interesting ways to turn your living room wall into an aesthetically pleasing one is to think about adding some of your favorite art onto the wall, this is a simple and nice way to show off your style and also bring in your art as well. Think about accenting with color that blends in as well.

2. Green Pattern Pickle Wallpaper Decor

Green Pickle Wallpaper Decor
Image: @delacovadesign // Instagram

Wallpapers are fascinating, they can easily complement the design in your living room, and it is also a way to transform the whole living room as well. Patterns are fun, and you can have colors mixed up rather than sticking to one, go as bright or as neutral as you want as well.

3. Illusion Wallpaper With Vintage Glamour

Illusion Wallpaper With Vintage Glamour
Image: @stories_on_walls // Instagram

Want to create a classic history living room? We have the perfect bedroom decor for you to try, this is dreamy and while it gives the illusion of design, it is cool and gives you that magical room we only see in movies.

LED Light Wall Gallery Decor

To effortlessly brighten up your living room, here is an excellent wall design that will do that for you. LED lights can be hung anywhere in the living room, and they will look great, so adding them to your wall design is sophisticated and fancy.

5. Classic Living Room Wall Paneling

Classic Living Room Wall Paneling

A classic wall theme can help you build your dream home, it takes your collection of art to a whole new level with the displaying method. You can also introduce color to the interiors as well.

6. Neoclassical Wall Art Decor

Neoclassical Wall Art Decor
Image: @matt.interior // Instagram

Time to give your living room that neoclassical decor upgrade, it is a way to bring in a minimalist theme without really giving the room a minimalist decor. Not only is the wall standing out, but it also brings out the beauty of the wood shelf.

7. Nature Retro Wall Decor

Nature Retro Wall Decor
Image: @imrikstudio // Instagram

Nature retro wall decor often seems clumsy in the past, but it has gotten better, and this is the design that proves that. While this is a fascinating design, it should only adorn a small part of your living room to avoid it looking too dramatic.

8. Neutral Textured Art Wall

Neutral Textured Art Wall

Arts wall galleries are perfect when you need to decorate your wall without taking up much space. The design is also a way to bring style and add also add texture to your living room.

9. Whimsical Wall Box Light Decor

Whimsical Wall Box Light Decor
Image: @living_room_designs // Instagram

To give your living room that unexpected soft beautiful ambiance, this is the design that would inspire you to finally get the dream living room decor you want.

10. Contemporary Stone Wall Design

Contemporary Stone Wall Design
Image: @maisonsdecampagne // Instagram

Contemporary stone wall design is another way you can elevate your living room decor, and it is sophisticated enough for any type of groom interior.

11. Custom Moss Wall Art Design

Custom Moss Wall Art Design
Image: @restorationclinic // Instagram

Get yourself a custom moss art to turn your living room into a greenery room without decorating with all kinds of plants, this gives you a chance to do what you like to the rest of the walls.

12. Geometric Wall Art Mural

Geometric Wall Art Mural
Image: @thelittlebulbul // Instagram

Geometric wall art murals are known to give your living room a luxurious finish, especially the abstract ones, but these are perfect when you don’t want to damage the walls.

13. Art Swirl Paint Living Room Wall Decor

Art Swirl Paint Living Room Wall Decor
Image: @living_room_designs // Instagram

While a wall art gallery will always be exciting, you can always go for a one-piece wall art as well as a simple wall design, and also, it brings it the full effect of a well-redesigned living room without having to do much.

14. Modern Color Geometric Panel Design

Modern Color Geometric Panel Design

These geometry designs have come a long way when it comes to wall designs, these designs are not only cool, but it’s the best way to introduce your color of choice into your living room when you are renovating.

Framed Photo Gallery Wall
Image: @katepiombino // Instagram

Time to put up all your favorite photo frames and create this amazing wall design with it. This is also an ideal way to create a personal wall design.

16. Charming Word Wall Decor Idea

Charming Word Wall Decor Idea
Image: @crafthousetohome // Instagram

Whether you want to go for a colorful or neutral scheme, you can do that by going for a word wall art such as this, you can use some colors or keep it simple, it’s one of the best ways to express your design with words rather than paint.

17. Mirror Wall Decor

Mirror Wall Decor
Image: @aplntlady // Instagram

Wall mirrors are simply like designing with antiques, it is beautiful and can quickly liven up any boring space.

18. Mason Champagne Wall Decor

Mason Champagne Wall Decor
Image: @maisonsdecampagne // Instagram

If you do not mind some in-depth designs on your wall, mason champagne type of wall decor is a great option for you. You can choose the type of image you want on your wall and this can be worked directly into your wall, it is a design that has been around for centuries and has further gotten better.

19. Integrate Storage Space

Integrate Storage Space
image: @livingroomdesigns // Instagram

If you have run out of books helve space or floor space, then all you have to do is integrate storage into your living room wall, and you can display all your favorite items on it.

Vintage Gallery Wall Interior
Image: @und_anne_so_yeah // Instagram

We already established the fact that gallery walls are super sophisticated and trendy, however, if you want it to further stand out, here is an art wall that can inspire you.

21. Macramé Living Room Wall Art Design

Macramé Living Room Wall Art Design
Image: @macrameinterior // Instagram

The weaving from macramé is known to add textures to your wall which makes them an ideal choice for accenting your walls, you can shop for them on Etsy or try your hand at making them.

22. Ethereal Contemporary Wall Design

Ethereal Contemporary Wall Design

Image: @avninteriors // Instagram

Contemporary wall designs are your go-to choice when you are looking to create an unexpected design element that will add an interesting appeal to your living room decor.

23. Accent Living Room Wallpaper

Accent Living Room Wallpaper
Image: @at_the_mcgillens // Instagram

Displaying objects on the wall is not the only way to design it, you can refresh your bedroom completely by creating an accent wall decor or bring in a patterned wallpaper of your choice as done above.

24. Plant Wall Decor

 Plant Wall Decor
Image: @greenkoshh // Instagram

Change is always a good thing so to add a sense of softness or nature into your living room without turning it into a garden, consider creating a plant wall, this is a way to make space for your plants and also get an aesthetically pleasing wall. You can work with real plants or fake ones.

25. Plates Living Room Wall Design

Plates Living Room Wall Design
Image: @casacarla_ // Instagram

If you have favorite plates or ceramic antiques you have been keeping for years or feel too good to be used, then you might consider creating a living room wall decor with them. This wall decor has a traditional appeal with a touch of modern charm.

26. Abstract Wall Decor

Abstract Wall Decor
Image: @gregorybstudio // Instagram

We bring you another sophisticated art wall decor that will always be in trend. Abstract arts are fun, and adorning your wall with it brings the entire home interior alive.

27. Wildflowers Grow Wallpaper Living Room Decor

Wildflowers Grow Wallpaper Living Room Decor
Image: @divinesavages // Instagram

When it comes to wallpaper wall accents, there are just so many designs to go for however using flowers or wildflowers makes it easier, and in this decor above, we do love the dramatic palette of pink hues with the deep blue background. This wallpaper creates a modern look while adding a pop of color to your living room.

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