23 Pantry Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Debra Morrison
Pantry Storage Ideas You'll Love

A well-designed pantry storage offers you a convenient place to store all of your kitchen essentials and we have to admit that it can truly transform your kitchen and make it clutter-free. A pantry is an ideal place for you to store your baking supplies, pasta, chicken broth, and even kids’ snacks thereby helping you make the most of your kitchen storage.

Choosing pantry storage can be overwhelming as there are many options out there and also getting one with the best kitchen layout can be tricky, but not to worry, we have rounded up the best storage ideas you’ll love.

Pantry Storage Ideas

Pantry Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you have a walk-in space or a small kitchen cabinet, pantry storage will still come in handy to help with proper food organization. So to maximize every inch of your space, below are our favorite pantry storage ideas.

1. Wall and Shelf Pantry Storage Style

While a pull-out storage pantry is efficient, it can be quite stressful which is why wall pantries are much-preferred options. Also, you get more storage with an option like this and you can easily have a space for all your appliances and cookers. You can also create a sectioned place for the food items to go to.

2. Corner Pantry Storage

Corner Pantry Storage

Corner storage is really cute and fascinating, they do not take up much space and it can be located near the work triangle of the kitchen to make all ingredients easily accessible.

3. Full Custom Pantry Storage

Full Custom Pantry Storage
Image: @inspiredclosetscva // Instagram

To ensure you have the right pantry storage nailed down, go for the full custom storage design, it is well organized and ensures your kitchen is clutter-free. This is also the traditional type of pantry storage and it allows you to work with different methods of storing your items.

4. Cabinet Pantry Storage Idea

Cabinet Pantry Storage Idea
Image: @lovetearsandteepees // Instagram

Cabinet pantry storage is quite fascinating and cool, it gives you that perfect storage that also looks good in your kitchen. This is also very easy to customize.

5. Wood Shelf Style Pantry Storage

Wood Shelf Style Pantry Storage
Image: @ouraspey_abode // Instagram

Carving out shelf storage on your way is a simple and effective way to create a storage place in your pantry and it’s perfect for storing your spices, seasonings and a cabinet below can be used for appliances.

6. Contemporary Pantry Storage Interior

Contemporary Pantry Storage Interior
Image: @karenaspreastudio // Instagram

Go for a pantry that gives you enough storage space for all of your kitchen items while still being stationed close to your kitchen to enable you to keep it tidy and easily find what you need.

7. Hidden Laundry Pantry Storage

Hidden Laundry Pantry Storage
Image: @marieflaniganinteriors // Instagram

Creating storage right next to your washing machine is another ideal way to make use of the space available and also keep things in proximity.

8. Open Pantry Interior

Open Pantry Interior
Image: @agv_my_lifestyle // Instagram

Open-space pantry storage is another design that works perfectly, rather than having to wonder where each item is, you can easily see them and also it enables you to have similar items grounded together.

9. Simple and Streamlined Pantry Storage

Simple and Streamlined Pantry Storage

Rather than have a separate place from the kitchen used as pantry storage, it can be streamlined right in the kitchen area, this is simple and ensures everything you need is easily accessible.

10. Large Modern Pantry Storage

Large Modern Pantry Storage

This modern pantry will have you spending time in it grouping items, it also offers you a nice place to prep your food.

11. Wood Built In Pantry Storage

Wood Built In Pantry Storage
Image: @ahdandco // Instagram

Wood built-in storage has a classy appeal that fits right into your pantry. The shelf makes storage very easy and you can easily add a ladder to help reach the top shelf.

12. Butler’s Pantry Storage

Butler's pantry storage
Image: @francesloom // Instagram

The butler’s panty storage layout will play a huge role in how the space turns how to be so it does require careful planning. It is the ideal storage option for those who run a large household.

13. Stylish Country Pantry Storage

Stylish Country Pantry Storage
Image: @karenaspreastudio // Instagram

A pretty pantry storage such as this will make cooking fun, and there is also a space for prepping on the countertop. The aisle for wine looks quite cozy and cool as well.

14. Walk In Pantry Design

Walk In Pantry Design
Image: @homedecoration330 // Instagram

Here is another pantry storage idea that is fancy and also ensures there is enough space for your kitchen ingredients and there are simple open cabinets for fruit storage as well.

15. Cubby Storage Design

Cubby Storage Design
Image: @thehstyled // Instagram

Cubby-style pantry storage gives you a small cute place where you can store your kitchen ingredients and you can easily work with some wood storage containers for grouping.

16. Bespoke Cozy Pantry Storage

Bespoke Cozy Pantry Storage
Image: @cherrywood_bespoke // Instagram

If you are not looking to create a large walk-in pantry and simply need somewhere small and cute, a simple cozy pantry storage such as this will do great.

17. Cottage Pantry Storage Design

Cottage Pantry Storage Design
Image: @catwalktocowpat // Instagram

This cottage-style pantry looks just like the farmhouse style and wood is used to make the shelves which adds to the appeal and makes the use of glass jars and baskets for storage easy.

18. 1909 Kitchen Pantry Storage Decor

1909 Kitchen Pantry Storage Decor
Image: @1909kitchens // Instagram

The 19009 pantry storage will take your shelving game to a whole new level, the design is quite sophisticated and works perfectly when you don’t have enough storage space in the kitchen.

19. Simple Traditional Pantry Storage

Simple Traditional Pantry Storage
Image: @hetherington.newman // Instagram

Traditional pantries have been around for a while, they are sophisticated and offer you a place to prep food and even a sink.

20. Classical Southern Pantry Storage

Classical Southern Pantry Storage
image: @boxwoodinteriors // Instagram

A classical Southern pantry is another well-designed kitchen storage, it will feature various storage styles and you can get a complementary color with your kitchen.

21. Freestanding Pantry Storage

Freestanding Pantry Storage
Image: @devolkitchens // Instagram

To ensure that the flow of your kitchen is not impeded, you can get a freestanding pantry, this can be moved to any section of the kitchen that is more convenient.

22. Charming Pantry Storage

Charming Pantry Storage
Image: @humphreymunson // Instagram

Nobody said that a pantry has to be huge so if you are looking for a simple storage solution, here is charming and cozy with enough storage space.

23. Mini Grocery Pantry Storage

Mini Grocery Pantry Storage
Image: @decorsteals // Instagram

Get detailed with your choice of kitchen pantry with this grocery-style pantry, it does give you ample storage space while also serving as a place to have your groceries stored, thereby limiting your trips to the store. This huge pantry will let you have all that you need in one place, and this can easily be built with a simple kitchen design.

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