Breville Bambino Plus vs Gaggia Classic Pro

Breville Bambino Plus vs Gaggia Classic Pro

Are you currently shopping for the best entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine? And can’t decide between Breville bambino plus and Gaggia classic pro? The debate on which is better between these two superb espresso machines has been ongoing for a long time.

Choosing an espresso machine, especially when you are a coffee lover who pays attention to details, can be daunting. The key element to making the correct buy is paying attention to the espresso’s features. Other key factors include your budget, frequency and quantity, kitchen space, and grinder selection.

Gaggia and Bambino plus both deliver optimum coffee taste, but when it comes to choosing one, Breville Bambino plus is our clear winner. The sturdy design did stand out, and I will applaud its ability to maintain the ideal temperature for brewing. Gaggia classic pro, on the other hand, also excels in sturdy design and ensuring minimum noise experience. So, it all comes down to a matter of preference.

Gaggia introduced its classic pro in 1991, while Breville introduced its bambino plus in 2011 but got its major haul in 2013. The manufacturers of these two espresso machines have made many improvements since they explicitly manufactured the Gaggia espresso machine.

After weighing the pros and cons of the two espresso machines, we do have to say both brands did an incredible job. While it’s easy to talk about the bambino plus as the winner, the Gaggia also offers many benefits.

Breville Bambino Plus Overview

Breville Bambino Coffee Espresso
Source: The Espresso Time

The breville company is popular and well known for its ability to create fantastic espresso machines. Bambino plus is one of the high-quality coffee makers that Breville introduced in 2011, this coffee maker comes in different colors and bigger water reservoir compared to the plain breville bambino. The bambino plus heats up in 3 seconds which is faster than other types of espresso machines.

Bambino plus comes with the same core feature as any traditional espresso maker, it has an automatic milk frothier which we have to admit is a fantastic feature. Our team found its ability to make rich, flavorful espresso and foam milk without any hassle a key feature that enables it to stand out.

In addition to its unique automatic feature, it delivers a barista-quality performance using a 54 mm stainless steel portafilter. With the combination of the powerful hands-free automatic steam wand, you get 18 grams of coffee full of flavor and microform milk for creating a fantastic latte.

Gaggia Classic Pro Overview

Gaggia Classic Pro Overview

Gaggia classic pro is considered the sought-after and best espresso machine for compact coffee makers. It has been around for years, and there is so much to love. It gets you barista coffee while being very affordable, it also offers a good experience for those who are looking to learn the craft of coffee making in the comfort of their home.

In addition to the compact design, it’s an Italian commercial-styled coffee maker. Paired with a rocker switch control, you did feel like a professional barista while operating this espresso maker.

This machine has been proven to be reliable, if It’s looked after properly regarding cleaning, descaling, and servicing, this should last 10 to 20 years or longer.

Also, you can modify the parts of the machine for you to brew high-quality espresso shots. It’s a great solution for anyone looking for a simple espresso machine. The boiler water is up to temperature within 45 seconds, but the machine does heat up faster.

Breville Bambino Plus vs Gaggia Classic Pro: Comparison of Features

Breville bambino and Gaggia classic pro are actually both designed to last for decades hence it’s quite complex to decide which is the best option to go for. Before you finalize and choose between the breville bambino plus and gaggia classic pro, you should look at the features to ensure with the model is more compelling and have more to offer.

1. Automation Level

The automation level is a key element to consider when picking between two high-end espresso machines. The breville bambino plus operates as fully automatic while the Gaggia pro is semi-automatic, so we must declare the bambino plus as the winner here. Bambino’s automatic feature makes it perfect for beginners.

Bambino plus will help control each espresso shot after it extracts the right amount of espresso and automatically shuts off. With Gaggia classic pro, you have to control the volume of the shot and turn off the brewing button yourself after watching how much espresso the machine is pulling.

2. Milk Steamer

Next is the milk steamer, which clearly indicates the espresso machine to be going for. Both espresso machines have great milk steamers but according to our tester, the classic pro happens to be a bit frustrating to use. Gaggia classic pro milk steamer only adjusts horizontally so it’s pretty tricky to slide into the milk pitcher.

The bambino plus milk steamer is lots easier to work with, it is a bit shorter and can be adjusted vertically so you can use the milk pitcher with ease.

3. Design

The Gaggia Classic Pro has quite a unique design, and it has been the same since it was created thousands of years ago, nothing has changed, but it has always been seen as the traditional Italian barista design.

The Breville bambino plus on the other hand, is the opposite, it does have a sleek modern design, it has a stainless steel design, and blue lights around the buttons.

Breville bambino plus is a much-preferred option for me, not just for its modern look but also in terms of quality. Gaggia classic pro, however, does need some fixing, especially the plasticky parts.

4. Heat-Up Time

Next, let’s talk about the heat-up time for the two espresso machines. The biggest strength of the breville bambino plus is actually how fast it can heat up, it took 5 seconds to prep the machine and get an espresso brewing.

Gaggia classic pro does not have a slow heat-up time either, but it takes a little longer than the bambino plus.

In addition to bambino plus having a very fast heat-up time, it is also designed with an auto-purge feature, enabling it to bright water temperature back higher for steaming. 45 seconds is the heat-up time for Gaggia classic pro which is not bad for an espresso machine either.

5. Cleaning And Maintenance

We all want an espresso machine that is lots easier to clean and this is one of the ways you can also keep the coffee maker from breaking down. Breville bambino is fairly easy to clean and maintain, it does have an automatic cleaning function that helps spray water into the tray to get rid of and prevent any milk residue from being left in the milk steamer.

The Gaggia pro is very easy to keep clean and shiny as well. It is built to last decades so you don’t even have to worry about when doing some modifications to it. Descaling can be done at a minimum, at least on a bimonthly basis.

Pros And Cons of Breville Bambino Plus And Gaggia Classic Pro

Every machine or appliance has its upside and downsides; in the end, you have to pick one that suits your preference and budget. Many will quickly go for bambino plus since it’s lightweight and looks better, but we can’t argue that Gaggia gives the best rich coffee, and It’s pretty sturdy as well. Here is a review of the pros and cons to further guide your decision.

Breville Bambino Plus

Instant heat-up timeIt does lack a sturdy feel since its lightweight
It has one of the best modern looks with a brushed stainless build.You can not adjust the parts such as the pressure pump to your personal preference.
Auto purge steam wand is ergonomic and very functional
Consistent brewing temperature

Gaggia Classic Pro

Pros Cons
Has a big water tank for large families and office useSome plastic parts feel cheap
Classic Italian-looking designs and rocker-style switchesA bit of a learning curve is required before use.
The parts are easy to find
Sturdy and very durable stainless steel design
The commercial-style steam reduces noise and vibration
Easy to maintain and keep working for decades

Final Verdict

The two appliances are quite compelling so picking one has always been overwhelming. The Gaggia pro is an ideal choice for users who have experience, while the breville bambino plus is a good choice for beginners.

Gaggia classic pro boasts of its 15-bar pump system and Bambino plus pulls around 9 bars only. Regardless, you will get high-quality rich coffee from the two espresso machines.

So, if you are already experienced with espresso machines and want the best espresso shot, you can go for Gaggia classic pro. But if you are learning the hang of espresso machines and want one that is user-friendly without any modification, Breville bambino plus is the best option for you.

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