Camp Chef Flame Out Issues – FIXED

Camp Chef Flame Out Issues - FIXED

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  1. When your control panel displays ”FLAME OUT”, the fire has not been established or gone out.
  2. The first thing to investigate and resolve is an insufficient pellet in the hopper, an essential fuel for the Camp Chef, so ensure it’s sufficient.
  3. Never put wet pellets in your hopper, and you should contact Camp Chef customer service if the troubleshooting method listed in this article fails to resolve the ”FLAME OUT” error.

Camp Chef is known to be the standard household pellet, and if you have been creating lots of sweet memories with it for a very long time, it is likely to run into the flame-out issue eventually.

Camp Chef is a high-quality grill that was introduced decades ago, the company has combined modern technology into many of its grills which allows you to easily adjust the settings and it’s a good choice for both beginner chefs and home cooks.

The Camp Chef came out in 1990 and was declared the perfect portable and powerful pellet grill every household should own. The idea of creating this grill was established when the need for a better way to cook outside arose, and although it was created with simplicity in mind, it’s quite a powerful pellet grill.

The grill works with just a push of the button and the dial of a knob. The pellet is to be fed through the augur to the fire until you get the desired temperature for smoking. But sometimes, this simple process can get complicated, thereby leading to your grill flaming out and displaying the error code.

One of the reasons this pellet grill always stands out is that the company is always innovating its products. The flame error on Camp Chef happens to be a common complaint although it’s often nothing to worry about, to avoid any further issues, read on to learn about the causes and how it can be fixed.

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Camp Chef Grill – Overview

The Camp Chef really allows ease of grilling and controls temperature efficiently compared to other models. This pellet grill plugs into a standard household outlet and burns hardwood sawdust which has been compressed into small cylindrical pellets.

The Camp Chef actually does its work leaving you to attend to other things, and it’s an efficient grill that will last you longer than traditional smoker’s fuel.

The camp chef actually works in a very simple way, it allows you to skip the long hours of monitoring and tweaking the flame and temperature while you can just work it with a push of a button and the dial of a knob.

Camp Chef offers a variety of grills that is suitable for any family and adventure type. The pellet grill is actually designed to enable you to enjoy the smokey flavor of barbecues in the comfort of your backyard. So, it’s not only easy to use but pretty versatile as well. If you enjoy good food and smoking your favorite BBQ is your summer game then Camp Chef Grill is an excellent choice.

Camp Chef Flame Out Issues - FIXED
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What Does Flame Error Mean on Camp Chef?

Finding the flame error on your camp chef when you are about to make your favorite summer dish can be quite frustrating, but luckily, this can be fixed. But first, do you know what it means? If your camp chef grill shows ”FLAME ERROR”, it simply means the fire is extinguished. The Camp Chef pellet is electric hence you can expect things to fail sometimes and whichever model of the camp chef you won’t this is often expected.

The flame-out error would be displayed on your control panel and as the name implies, the pellet grill knows that the fire has either not been established or the fire has gone out. Another way to explain the cause of this error is that the fire is the grill goes out, or it has fallen below a particular temperature and does not go back up.

Attaining the right temperature on these grills can be sometimes difficult, and it will constantly fall during winter so you can often expect this ”FLAME OUT” error to occur. However, why this is understood now, you should also know there are a couple of scenarios you have to investigate to resolve the issue.

Camp Chef Flame Out Issues – FIXED

No one wants to see an error code on their grill/pellet and definitely not the simple and convenient camp chef grill. The most common reason why there is a Flame error in your camp chef is that the hopper ran out of pellets. Accumulation of more ash in the fire pot is another reason. But to ensure you fix this, we have listed the causes and how to fix them below.

1. No Sufficient Pellet in The Hopper

This has previously been mentioned above however its discovered to be one of the most reasons behind the flame error on the camp chef grill. The pellets are the essential fuel for your camp chef to operate so when there is not enough, the Flame-out issue is likely to occur.

So, check whether there is a sufficient pellet in the hopper sometimes pellets built up on the edges of the hopper and this will prevent the pellets from getting to the auger. Fix this by piling up the pellets over the augur. so there are enough pellets over the augur.

2. Lowest Temperature Setting

There is potential risk associated with cooking on the smoke/lowest temperature setting, this is because to maintain the relatively low temperature, a very little pellet is being added to the burn pot, and only a small fire is being maintained.

So, with that little amount of fire and if it gets exposed to a strong or sudden gust of wind, the fire could be extinguished.

If this is the case, you are surely going to find the ”FLAME OUT” error on display, but this does not mean you can’t cook in low temperatures with your camp chef, pay attention to your grill when using this low temp and note that the fire is more likely to go out. Fix this by cleaning the fire pot and pellet hopper.

3. Ash Accumulated in The Fire Pot

Sometimes all your cam chef pellet grill needs are to clear the ass that has accumulated in the fire pot. If so much ash accumulates in the fire pot, it can cause the FLAME-out error and you are meant to clean out the fire pot after every cooking. Leaving the ash in the fire pot can cause many issues for the grill, there can be temperature swings, burning back into the hopper, and flame-out errors.

So, it is essential that you clear out the ash pot, this is a difficult and frustrating task with many grills, but that is not the case with Camp Chef. You simply have to pull out the ash clean-out lever and remove the ash cup from the bottom of the grill, discard the ash and install it back, then fire up your grill.

4. Blocked Auger/Sheared Auger Pin

Another place you should check when you have the ”FLAME OUT” error is the Augur, as there is every possibility that it is blocked. Or the Augur pin might need replacement. You have to check if pellets have fallen to the bottom of the burner. In most cases, some pellets got wet from the augur tube as a result of rain getting into the hopper.

Simply check if a blacked augur is the issue by removing the ash cup under the burn pot to see if there are any unburnt pellets in it.

To check if the issue is shared augur pin, watch the small fan at the end of the augur motor which is located under the hopper. If the white fan is turning, but the augur is not, the auger pin needs replacing.

5. Wet or Moist Wood Pellet

If you are using a wet or moist pellet in your camp chef grill then it won’t burn at all and it’s another common reason you will encounter flame-out errors. You have to make sure that the pellets are always dry and you should not store the pellets in the grill hopper.

The best place to store your pellet grill to avoid getting them wet is using a trusty metal bucket. The environmental elements can easily cause moisture to get trapped in your pellets. If your pellets crumbled easily then there is moisture trapped in them, replace them with dry ones and your grill should work properly.

6. Hot Rod Igniter Failed

When you are sure the augur is not blocked then another scenario that has to be considered is that there is a failed hot rod igniter. If there is still a ”FLAME OUT” error after all the issues above have been fixed then there is an electrically heated element that starts the fire at the base of the burn pot.

Elements inside the pellet grill can burn through and there can be corrosion/rust which can lead to the failure to ignite. You have to replace the hot rod igniter, so contact customer support or a professional to help with this.

7. Power Outage

Power outage is actually a common and obvious reason why your Camp Chef pellet grill will display the flame-out error. If your camp chef grill loses power, it will display the Flame error code so restoring the power should fix this. You can use the generator to give it power and it should be back to working just fine in no time.

Final Thoughts

Your Camp Chef model might determine the type of error message you get but if It’s anything in regard to Flame Out, the easy fixes above should get it back on track in no time.

Camp Chef grills and smokers can run flawlessly for any grilled chicken, juicy rib, or mouthwatering smoked meat you plan to make every season and you can absolutely use them in winter.

Learning how to fix the Flameout error code on your camp chef grill is vital, this can happen from time to time since it’s a sign that the fire is being extinguished. In simple words, the error code occurs when the fire is out or falls below a specific temperature.

This will frequently happen in the colder month but luckily, this article contains all possible reasons and fixes.

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