Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer

Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer

Forget fries, onion rings are the ultimate crunchy side dish. These flavorful rings are even delicious if done right, and there’s no better way to reheat onion rings than in the air fryer!

These crisp and crunchy snacks are just right for reheating in the air fryer. Their tasty breading gets nicely crunchy when reheated in the air fryer, but honing in the time and technique can be tricky; too long or too hot can lead to disaster!

Use this guide to help you heat onion rings in the air fryer for the perfect crunchy snack every time!

Reheating Onion Rings

Onion rings are a classic crunchy side dish! This bar food favorite is made with thick-cut rings of onion that are breaded and fried. Typically, onion rings are deep-fried or baked to give their bread a crispy texture while keeping the onion inside nice and warm.

Onion rings are at their best when paired with a creamy but spicy sauce, like sriracha ranch or spicy ketchup. If you don’t love the heat, try them with a classic buttermilk ranch or barbeque sauce.

This classic barroom snack is the ideal food for reheating in the air fryer. Their juicy interior and crispy exterior are perfect for air fryer heating. Plus, this handy method gets your snack ready faster!

Advantages of Reheating Onion Rings in an Air Fryer?

Air frying to reheat these tasty rings is the perfect choice! The air fryer will keep the breading intact, crispy, and delicious and it will do it in minutes flat!

Here are a few advantages of air fry reheating over other methods:

  1. Low Fat – The air fryer does not require extra fat or oil to make these snacks sensational!
  2. Rapid Reheat – The air fryer is almost as fast as a microwave when it comes to reheating. In five minutes or less, you can have your favorite snack ready to eat without compromising the texture.
  3. Energy Efficient – When reheating small portions, you might not want to break the bank firing up the gas stove but a compact air fryer heats quickly and energy efficiently.
  4. Terrific Texture – The air fryer delivers a great texture when heating and reheating. The results are crispy, crunchy, and similar to oven-baked onion rings.

Getting the Air Fryer Ready to Use

Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer (Step-by-Step Guide)
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The air fryer is a game-changing kitchen appliance. This compact countertop tool has all the power of an oven with a fraction of the footprint.

It can be kept out and ready to use every day or stowed in the cabinet, either way getting it ready to use is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how:

  • Place the air fryer on the counter with 5 inches of unobstructed space around it. This is a simple safety precaution because it does heat up a little while cooking.
  • Open the basket and make sure it is fully cleaned. If you practice good maintenance this should just be a quick double-check.
  • Plug in the air fryer and you’re ready to go!

How to Reheat Onion Rings in an Air Fryer Step-by-Step

Turn the air fryer on.

Press ‘Air Fry’ and set the temperature to 340 °F. (Note: This is based on a 2-quart air fryer. This appliance seems to heat a little faster than other models due to its small size. For a larger air fryer you may have better results setting the temperature as high as 360 °F.)

Set the time to 4 minutes.

Allow the air fryer to preheat. This only takes about 2 minutes maximum.

When prompted, remove the basket and add the leftover onion rings. Replace the basket in the air fryer.

Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer

Allow the onion rings to cook until prompted to flip and then pull the basket out and flip the onion rings over. You can check for doneness and gauge their progress at this point. You should be able to tell if they look nice and crisp or if they might need an extra minute.

Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer

Replace the basket, continue cooking until the end of the cycle, and then remove the basket. Always place the basket on a trivet or hot pad and never directly on the counter.

Carefully check the onion rings for doneness; they should feel warm.

If they are not hot throughout, return them to the air fryer for an additional minute at 340°F. Enjoy the onion rings while they’re warm with your favorite dipping sauce.

Reheating Onion Rings In The Air Fryer

Cleaning the Air Fryer After Reheating Onion Rings

An essential part of any cooking or reheating process is the clean-up. Not only is it just good sanitary practice, but it helps your air fryer last longer and work correctly every time.

Here’s how to clean up after reheating onion rings in the air fryer:

  1. Pull the basket out and leave it on a hot pad while the air fryer cools. Once the basket and fryer are completely cool it’s time to clean!
  2. Carefully remove the grilling tray from the bottom of the air fryer basket. Wash by hand with soapy water and dry.
  3. Hand washes the basket. Be careful not to submerge the basket fully, only wash the cooking surfaces, and never use abrasive sponges on any part of the air fryer. Dry the basket.
  4. Once every few uses, wipe the cooled interior of the air fryer with a damp rag to remove any spots, debris, or stains.
  5. Replace the grilling tray and return the whole basket to the air fryer. Voila!

Should I Use Cooking Spray When Reheating Onion Rings in the Air Fryer?

Generally speaking, cooking spray should not be necessary when reheating your onion rings in the air fryer. The interior of the air fryer has a non-stick surface, and the risk of sticking with onion rings is very low.

Some cooks do choose to use cooking spray, and that’s okay. It adds a little oil to the onion rings, contributing to the flavor. However, most air fryer manufacturers recommend against using cooking spray, and it may even void your product warranty in some cases.

Final Thoughts

If you have been on the hunt for how to reheat onion rings in the air fryer then there you have it, it’s quite a simple process and you get a more classic snack to enjoy in return.

Be sure to keep the onion rings you are reheating in a tight container another important tip for reheating onion rings in an air fryer is to not let the reheated onion ring get back to room temperature, eat them as soon as they are warmed up.

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