15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes You’ll Love

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Thanksgiving side dishes are just as important as ham and turkey. They come in handy in getting the guests completely satisfied.

To create the perfect Thanksgiving feast, you do need side dishes that complement anything you are making as the main dish, it can make the rest of your meal sing. Side dishes are not just really easy to make but can also be incredibly delicious.

The holidays are no doubt fun and exciting, but they can also be stressful especially when you are hosting guests for a party. Sides can save the day; sides should be a breeze to prepare, thereby leaving you with enough time to spend with your family and properly hosting guests.

Time is of the essence when you are making side dishes. The less time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you have to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family. So, we have got you covered by rounding up some delicious Thanksgiving side dishes recipes that are easy to make.

15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

If you are preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, your side dishes have to be a hit whether you are inviting friends for a party or simply hosting families. No matter what you choose as the ultimate main dish, it should be accompanied by sides that are ultimate as well. Here are some of our Thanksgiving side dish favorite recipes.

1. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Source: Jo Cooks

Thanksgiving would probably not feel complete without a heaping scoop of creamy mashed potatoes especially if turkey is the main dish. Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish on Thanksgiving and we have the perfect recipe, this is incredibly delicious, creamy, and buttery.

This classic mashed potatoes recipe is made with a handful of ingredients which results in delicious whipped, creamy and fluffy potatoes. Also, you can’t go wrong with this amazing recipe.

Get the mashed potato recipe.

2. Creamed Corn

Creamed Corn
Source: Lil’ Luna

Creamed corn is another side dish recipe that can’t go wrong. This is better than the canned version but it shouldn’t take time to make either. This creamed corn recipe is cheesy, buttery, and delicious and it’s known as the perfect holiday dish. It’s a snap to make and very impossible to mess it up.

Get the creamed corn recipe.

3. Turkey And Stuffing Meatballs

Turkey And Stuffing Meatballs
Source: Marisa Moore

If you love stuffing but want to try something different and delicious then this turkey and stuffing meatballs is perfect. This is an easy appetizer and dessert for Thanksgiving or added to your friendship menu.

This stuffing meatball features mushroom and lean ground turkey included with traditional meatballs ingredients like onions, celery, and sage.

Get the turkey and stuffing meatballs recipe.

4. Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
Source: Peas and Crayons

The Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread recipe is the rock star when you need to things up this holiday. This is a classic combination of ooey gooey cheddar cheese and fiery jalapeno. This cheesy, hot, and fluffy cornbread is a real delight and your guests and family won’t resist diving in.

Get the jalapeno cheddar cornbread recipe.

5. Creamy Bowtie Pasta

Creamy Bowtie Pasta
Source: Spend with Pennies

Here is another one of our favorite side dishes that pulls the crowd effortlessly. This is a one-pot meal that is rich and creamy, while it might not be the traditional side dish to serve on Thanksgiving, it is a hearty dish that is not too heavy so it is suitable. This is a very easy side dish, it comes together in just 20 minutes.

Get the creamy bowl-tie pasta recipe.

6. Keto Cauliflower Au Gratin

Keto Cauliflower Au Gratin
Source: Healthy Recipes Blog

This Keto Cauliflower Au Gratin is comforting and the perfect version for you to try. If you are not so into potatoes then this is the perfect alternative, the cauliflower as opposed to potatoes easily absorbs the richness of cream and cheese.

Get the keto cauliflower au gratin recipe.

7. Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash
Source: The Pioneer Woman

Need a cozy heartier side dish that gets the attention on the menu? Stuffed Acorn Squash can double as an alternative to turkey thanks to the rice and sausage filling. This is one of the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner side dish recipes to try, it is deserving of the spotlight.

Get the stuffed acorn squash recipe.

8. Easy Corn Pudding

Easy Corn Pudding
Source: An Edible Mosaic

This is another sweet and savory side dish that will have your guests and family coming for more and more. Easy corn pudding has a rich custardy texture, sweet corn, and a slight hint of vanilla aroma. Even if you have all your side dishes picked out, this recipe is still very quick and should still be on your Thanksgiving table.

Get the easy corn pudding recipe.

9. Sauteed Mushrooms in Garlic Butter

Sauteed Mushroom
Source: Dinner at the Zoo

Here is another delicious side dish we are totally in love with. Sauteed mushrooms have rich umami and meaty flavor so they are always a hit on Thanksgiving. This only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to come together, it is an easy side dish that pairs nicely with any protein.

Get the sauteed mushroom recipe.

10. Sweet Potato Casserole With Marshmallows

Sweet Potato Casserole With Marshmallows
Source: I Heart Eating

Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is a delicious treat you do not want to miss out on and considering potatoes are staple dishes on Thanksgiving, you should try it. This recipe is a popular one for the holidays, it is easy and delightfully delicious.

Get the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows recipe.

11. Brown Sugar Honey Glazed Carrots

Brown sugar honey glazed carrots
Source: Crowded Kitchen

Honey-glazed carrots are defined as perfection. This recipe is an easy delicious side dish for Thanksgiving that everyone can enjoy, it is roasted to crispy, caramelized perfection, and the ingredients used are parsley, thyme, and a pinch of cinnamon for fall flavor.

Get the brown sugar honey glazed carrot recipe.

12. Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole
Source: Salt & Lavender

This Green Bean Casserole is made from scratch and it’s a must-have on the dinner table for Thanksgiving feast. This green bean casserole is crisp and has a super bright flavor, it is also made with fresh additions to make it very special and give it a more classic look as well.

Get the green bean casserole recipe.

13. Chewy Italian Dinner Rolls

Chewy Italian Dinner Rolls
Source: Karen’s Kitchen Stories

You can have lots of fun baking and eating this on Thanksgiving Day. These chewy Italian dinner rolls are mini ciabatta and it is airy, crunchy, and perfect for soaking up sauces. This is delicious and it’s the perfect one to bring if you ever need to bring dinner rolls to a potluck.

Get the chewy Italian dinner rolls recipe.

14. Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic Herb Butter

Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic Herb Butter
Source: Ahead of Thyme

Instead of the mashed potatoes that are often made for Thanksgiving, try this Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic Herb Butter, it features signature cuts that make it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This is infused with garlic butter which makes a fast but fancy side dish and it completes any meal.

Get the hasselback potatoes recipe.

15. Southern Mac ‘n” Cheese

Southern Mac 'n'' Cheese
Source: Food & Wine

Thanksgiving dinner is all about balance and indulgence which is why mac and cheese should always be on the menu. Southern baked macaroni and cheese recipe is an ultimate comfort food, this dish is more simple to even be considered as a side dish. This is one version of mac ‘n’ cheese to enjoy with family, it is quick and incredibly delicious.

Get the mac ‘n’ cheese recipe.

Wrapping Up

Thanksgiving side dish can be a classic while also being very simple to prepare. Take your side dish to a new upgraded territory with the roundups above, we have compiled a mixture of healthy, comfortable, and traditional, side dishes.

You should consider expanding your idea of what Thanksgiving side dishes should be all about.

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