The Best Pizza Dough Roller 2024: Based On Research

The Best Pizza Dough Roller

One way you can maintain a comfortable grip while rolling pizza dough is to have a handy roller pin. The pizza dough roller has an excellent grip while eliminating the time and work it normally takes to make pizza loaves and pie crusts. After spending hours in the kitchen and narrowing down inputs from our pro bakers, our favorite was the Norpro Wood Pastry/Pizza Roller. It is perfect for anything from signature pizzas to scratched pastries. We had no reservations about this pizza dough roller; it has an incredibly stylish appearance and wonderful balance. While Norpro wood pizza roller has our top spot, we tested 4 others, and we find them to be excellent and classic choices for any kitchen as well. Read on to see how we tested them and what made each pizza roller stand out. Discover our three picks below;

Best Overall
Norpro Wood Pastry/Pizza Roller
  • Measures: 7.25″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″ / 18.5cm x 11.5cm x 3cm. Large roller: 4.125″ / 10.5cm.
Best Value
KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin
  • Ideal for rolling dough.
  • Non-stick coating.
Best Combo
Rolling Pin with Adjustable Thickness
  • Food-grade Materials & Save at Least $20
  • Great for combo lovers.

One of the keys to making the best pizza dough is using the proper pizza roller. It can take a lot of labor to prepare pizza dough, but if you have and use a great pizza dough roller, it will be simple for you.

Finding the finest pizza roller for you can be challenging because there are so many different varieties on the market. Many people faced this difficulty, so we thought we’d make your search simple.

We have compiled a list of the best pizza dough rollers and all other relevant information.

Tips For Choosing The Right Pizza Dough Roller

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a new pizza dough roller.

1. Weight

You might find it difficult to operate a heavy pizza dough roller when you need one. For those who are still learning how to use the dough roller, this can be more challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a lightweight pizza roller to make it easier to operate. However, if you enjoy using a heavy roller, then you should go for it. Make sure your choice is based on your preferences.

2. Size

Although it’s crucial to think about, your pizza dough roller’s size should be determined by personal preference. While some people find it difficult to use long rollers, others have no trouble using pizza rollers of modest size. Therefore, make sure the rolling pin is available in your selected size before choosing it.

3. Material

Since pizza, rollers are made in different materials; wood, marble, steel, etc. it may be confusing on which one to pick. While they all work well for great pizza dough-making, they all come with pros and cons. We advise that you try your hands on some of the materials to determine which one you love to use. 

4. Easy To Clean

Working on dough can get the dough roller messy. Purchasing a pizza dough roller that is easy to clean will make your work easier and faster. You will not have to spend a long time getting the dirt off.

5 Best Pizza Dough Rollers 

There are lots of pizza dough rollers in the market and choosing the right one can be quite challenging. If you need a bit of assistance to roll your pizza with the best dough rollers, then let’s dive into our top picks!

1. Norpro Wood Pastry/Pizza Roller – Best Overall

Norpro Wood Pastry Pizza Roller
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 7.25” x 4.5” x 1.25”/ Large roller: 4.125”/ small roller: 2.5”.

One of our favorites is the Norpro wood pizza roller. It is a two-in-one rolling pin that is ideal for people who bake all day. You can roll dough for various pastries in addition to pizza dough when you choose the 2-in-1 option. The larger side can accommodate your pizza dough and yield the ideal crust.

The Norpro gives your pizza dough a smooth work because it is made of wood material. We adore how user-friendly this pizza roller is, even for novices. Your dough will come off the Norpro wood pastry/pizza roller with flawless edges and sides.

For customers with constrained kitchen space as well as those who frequently bake, the Norpro wood pastry/Pizza roller is ideal. You don’t need to purchase various rollers for your various pastries. You should use Norpro because of its versatility.

2. KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin – Best Value

KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimension: 2.5 x 2.5 x 22 inches.

The gourmet rolling pin is another outstanding culinary tool from the KitchenAid brand that never ceases to astound us. This pizza roller is composed of carbon steel and has a non-stick coating, both of which are to enhance the functionality of the rolling pin. Dough sticking on the roller is a thing of the past thanks to the KitchenAid gourmet roller.

If you frequently create huge pizzas, this roller is ideal for you because it has an extra wide rolling surface that aids in flattening down large pizza bases. The KitchenAid gourmet pizza roller will ensure that the edges of your pizza dough are smooth.

We appreciate how well this roller is made with two offset nylon handles that let you keep a solid grip while handling your dough.

Additionally, it features a tiny hole that facilitates hanging. The KitchenAid roller is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze. This roller can be heavy and is not lightweight, especially if you are just starting.

3. Muso Wood Decorative French Rolling Pin – Best French Wood Rolling Pin

Muso Wood Decorative French Rolling Pins for Baking
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimension: 15.75 x 1.38 X 1.38 inches.

In need of a French rolling pin? The Muso wood decorative French rolling pin is one of our favorite French rolling pin collections. If you love to have your roller in the French style then we guarantee that you will love this.

The Muso wood decorative French pin is designed with strong solid wood. It is also treated and coated with mineral oils to ensure that the surface is non-sticky.

This roller is perfect for you if you love long rollers, and is recommended for makers of large pizza dough.

This roller is versatile and is suitable for making other pastries’ dough, i.e., you do not have to worry about your small-sized pizza and other pastries, the muso wood rolling pin is versatile and all you need to do is adjust the guide rings, and it is suitable for your small-scale dough.

4. Rolling Pin With Adjustable Thickness Rings – Best Combo

Rolling Pin with Adjustable Thickness Rings Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 18 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches.

Who doesn’t love buying combo packs? We certainly do, and we know a lot of people feel the same. This pizza roller is what you need to purchase to get your combo pack. Not only do you get a pizza roller, but you also get a pastry baking mat, 2 In 1 scraper butter, and five cake scrapers.

A good deal for your money! Our favorite of this combo is the rolling pin and this is for obvious reasons. The roller comes in 304 stainless steel alongside detachable rings which allows you to adjust your pin to different sizes, to suit your dough. this means this pin allows you to work on different sizes of dough, from small to a large dough.

All the equipment in this combo is easy to use, they are non-stick and easy to clean. What do we love about this combo pack? You are set to save money when you purchase this combo!

5. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Double Dough Roller – Most Versatile Roller

Mrs. Andersons Baking Double Dough Roller
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimension: 7 x 4.75 x 2 inches.

Mrs. Anderson Baking double dough roller is one of our most loved versatile rollers. This rolling pin is suitable for everyone, whether you are just learning the art of pizza dough making or you’re a professional, the Mrs. Anderson dough roller is excellent for you.

It is handy and can be used for other types of dough, asides from the pizza dough it comes in two sides and this makes it possible for it to be used for different purposes.

It is easy to use and dishwasher safe, you don’t have to worry about getting dirt off it. It comes with a metal frame that assists it when rolling dense dough. it is lightweight and durable. The wood body is strong and unbreakable, letting you use your dough roller for a long time.

How We Tested The Best Pizza Dough Rollers

If you are into classic dough rollers for your pizza, we have tested and decided on the 5 best options for you.

This is a comprehensive list that evaluates the features of pizza dough rollers on their weight, material, ease of cleaning, and durability which is an important factor. We have also taken the time to ensure that these dough rollers are top in line top honest customers review and key features a dough roller should have.

When choosing dough rollers, there is no gimmick or fancy appearance you should be going for, simplicity is key if you are looking to get the best. This has been tested on their results on pizza dough, and they have been discovered to produce a thick consistency.

In retrospect, these pizza dough rollers are lightweight, versatile, and have the perfect easy-to-use heads. The Norpro Wood Pastry/Pizza Roller and KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin are suitable for both beginner and professional use. You will love these rolling pins we have picked as they are designed with extra wide heads that let you roll both big and small pizza dough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Stretch Or Roll Pizza Dough?

As regards either stretching or rolling pizza dough, there are different opinions on which one is better. Regardless of the different schools of thought. Rolling or stretching pizza dough each comes with its advantages. Hence, the choice of which to do is dependent on the pizza maker.

How Thin Should I Roll The Pizza Dough?

How thin you should make your pizza dough is dependent on your preference as a pizza maker or client. While some people enjoy crispy, thin crust, others want their pizza to be thick and chewy. Hence, you should roll your pizza dough based on your preference or that of your client

What Material Of Pizza Roller Should I Purchase?

Your pizza roller material is highly dependent on your preference and what you find easy to use. The different materials have advantages and disadvantages; however, you should go for what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that the hassle is over, you can obtain your pizza roller. it is now easy to pick your favorite roller among the best pizza rollers listed above.

It’s crucial that you choose what works for you and is simple for your use. If you’re just getting started, we suggest only purchasing pizza rollers that are lightweight for ease of use. 

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