7 Ways to Make Prune Juice Taste Better

7 Ways to Make Prune Juice Taste Better

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  1. There are different ways you can make prune juice taste better.
  2. Combining it with other fruit juice is the most effective way to make prune juice taste better.
  3. Prune juice can be included in baking and cooking to avoid drinking it altogether.
  4. It has nutritional benefits that give it an edge over other types of fruit juice.

How do you make prune juice taste better? The prune juice is made from dried plums or prunes, which is the reason for its rich velvety taste with a little bit of natural sweetness, so it’s not exactly so friendly on the palate, luckily there are ways you can make them taste better.

Prune juice is just that perfect post-workout refreshment anyone can enjoy, it helps recover the potassium that can be lost when you sweat.

With prune juice, you can regularize your bowel movements and bypass some health issues, so there is quite a valid reason to include this juice in your diet. This juice can serve as a healthy breakfast or a refreshing snack. So, if you are fond of this juice, there are tips that can help you improve on it.

Drinking sole prune juice can be quite a struggle for many people, and the reason is that it can be quite tangy and tart, which is comparable to that of deep red wine. In addition, it has a caramel note in the most common form.

There is homemade and store-bought prune juice, and both offer the same health benefits, but with homemade prune juice, it is just prune and water, while store-bought ones might contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Prune juice can be quite impressive; this article talks about ways to make it taste better.

Prune Juice
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What Does Prune Juice Taste Like?

The perfect way to describe the taste of prune juice is that it is quite sweet and sour.

Prune juice is naturally sweet but slightly tart with a note of honey and caramel; hence kids find the taste unpalatable. Prune juice is a very versatile drink; it allows you to get creative with it and recreate your taste by adding it to your favorite fruit juice or diluting it with carbonated water.

Prune juice is a traditional drink, so some people think the taste is terrible. However, you make the juice taste better by soaking the fruit in a large bowl of water before juicing it, it makes the skin softer, and the juice tastes better.

7 Ways to Make Prune Juice Taste Better

Prune juice is the ideal versatile drink for anyone to add to their everyday diet, while some people consider this juice to be refreshingly delicious, some find the taste to be slightly sweet and tangy. Toddlers specifically find the taste of prune juice to be completely unpalatable. Luckily, there are ways you can mask the original taste and make it easy to enjoy.

 ways to make prune juice taste better
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1. Add Lots of Ice

One of the common ways you can make prune juice taste a lot better is to add lots of ice to it.

Ice is a good option whether you want to make it taste better for yourself or your toddler, since prune juice has a thick chunky consistency, diluting it with cold water or ice gives a smoother runny texture that will be lots easier to drink.

Also, diluting it with ice on a hot day is the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing prune juice. You can have fun with your kids by using shaped ice cubes such as bear or cartoon-shaped characters. This can influence them to enjoy and even drink prune juice more.

2. Blend With Smoothie

Another exciting way to make prune juice tastier for you and your kids is to blend it with a smoothie. So, rather than make your smoothie with water or milk, you should use prune juice instead; luckily, you can incorporate lots of prune juice.

Plenty of prune juice recipes are out there, and you can also add some milk or sugar-free yogurt. Prune juice is pretty versatile, so find a smoothie recipe you like and have it blended with prune juice to make it delicious.

3. Combine With Different Fruit Juices

Need a process that is less time-consuming? Add a little lime juice, orange juice, or apple juice to your prune juice, and it will help take away the overbearing sweet taste of prune juice.

Combining prune juice with fruit juice will give you a more enjoyable and delicious prune juice.

4. Dilute With Carbonated Water

Mix it with carbonated water or another fizzy beverage to give it a different edge and get a different taste and texture. This method is great for kids and is also recommended for relieving constipation; it gives a fun, subtle twist of flavor to your prune juice.

5. Add to Your Favorite Mocktail

Ever heard of prune mocktail? This is a simple recipe where you incorporate your favorite mocktail with prune juice. Mocktails are the perfect way to take a break from alcohol, and since it’s a fun non-alcoholic flavorful drink, your kids can still enjoy it with you.

Common recipes for prune mocktails include adding chopped fruit to prune juice and refrigerating overnight, then stirring in lemon time soda or sparkling water before serving.

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6. Use Sweetener

Prune juice has a type of sweetness that can be hard on the stomach, which is why adding sweeteners such as honey can make it taste much better. Using sweeteners is not for everyone but it’s a method that can work for those who have sweet tooth and love the sweetness of honey as well.

The common complaint with prune juice is that it is too sweet, so the idea of adding a sweetener might sound confusing, honey is however a well-welcome sweetness and gives you a more natural flavor. It combats the bitterness associated with prune juice as well.

7. Make Prune Juice Dessert

Prune juice might not taste so bad for some people, but it is an acquired taste, and many of us would agree that it can taste better.

So another way to make your prune juice easy to consume is to make it into a dessert which means baking with it. This drink’s natural sweetness and thicker texture make it viable for baking and cooking.

Also, you can pour some prune juice over vanilla ice cream and have a delicious dessert. There is also prune juice cake, smoothie, and apple bread.

Final Thoughts

Prune juice has nutritional benefits that have the edge over other types of fruit juice, which can explain its popularity.

Prune juice is a staple in many people’s diets, luckily it’s not only meant to be enjoyed as juice, but it can also be used as ingredients in smoothies, and if you prefer savory, it makes a great addition to sauces and salad dressings.

You can also take certain steps like washing and soaking in water for 10 minutes before juicing to minimize the tart and bitter flavor. That being said, prune juice is a great drink for kids and adults. Be careful not to drink too much prune juice, and do drink plenty of water with it as well.

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