Is Adding Baking Powder To Expired Cake Mix Safe?

Is Adding Baking Powder To Expired Cake Mix Safe?

You will agree with us that purchasing cake mix makes work easier when you intend to bake.

A lot of people believe that it is reliable, fast, and convenient, and we agree. One good thing about cake mix is that you can buy as many as possible and keep them in your home until you need them, however, the downside of this is that a lot of people forget them in the house until they are expired.

There is various information out here, on how to revive an expired cake mix and one of them is adding baking powder. One thing we know for sure is that many people are skeptical about the use of this. Is it safe? Here’s what we discovered.   

Adding baking powder to expired cake mix is safe and although it is not recommended by manufacturers of cake mixes, it has been discovered that adding baking powder or baking soda can help revive the cake and make it good again.

Cake mix contains dry ingredients required to bake a cake, this mix includes baking soda and powder which are leavening agents and are supposed to make the cake rise. If your cake mix is well over its expiry date, then it can be assumed that the leavening agents in it have lost their potency.

This means that when you make such a cake, it will turn out flat. However, a notable way to turn it around is to add fresh baking powder and soda to it and your cake is revived.

How Long Is Cake Mix Good?

The date of expiration for most cake mixes is usually 6 to 1 year, after production. However, the expiration date isn’t the date it goes bad.

Manufacturers provide expiry dates, to tell you when the cake mix is best to be used, you can be sure your cake mix is still good, even after this date provided. Your cake mix is still very good and can be used within 4 to 6 months after the provided expiry date.

Is Adding Baking Powder To Expired Cake Mix Safe?
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How To Use An Expired Cake Mix

As this is not highly recommended if it is an emergency situation, here are the steps to take:

  • Find out if your mix made use of baking powder or soda. Although the baking powder is mostly used, it is best to confirm and not assume
  • Find a cake recipe that is the same as the size you intend to bake with your cake mix and check how much baking powder is used. i.e., 1 tablespoon of baking powder per 4 cups of the mix.
  • Add the baking powder to your dry cake mix. The amount of the baking powder is dependent on how old your cake mix is. If it’s 6 months, after its expiry date, you can use ¼, and if it’s 1 year, ½ tsp, and so on.  

How To Tell If Cake Mix Is Bad

Although cake mix can be used long after its expiry date, this doesn’t negate the truth that your cake mix can go bad. The following are things that indicate that your cake mix is bad.

  1. Mold: If your cake mix has been exposed to moisture, there will be mold in it and once you find mold in your cake mix, you should discard it as it is no longer safe to consume.
  2. Pests: The presence of holes or dead insects in the mix is a sign that your mix is no longer safe for consumption.
  3. Foul Smell: If your cake mix no longer smells the way it ought to, then you should dump it in the trash, it’s not usable anymore.
  4. Off Taste: If you bake with your cake mix and it has a funny taste, chances are the cake mix has been contaminated and is not safe for consumption anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my cake mix?

The best way to store your cake mix is to place it in a cool and dry place. Ensure that the cake mix is kept at room temperature and is not exposed to heat. When opened, keep the leftover sealed, and protected from moisture and mold growth.

Can I add baking powder to make my cake mix rise more?

Yes, you can add a little baking powder to the dry ingredient to make your cake rise. The best time to make this addition is before you add the liquid ingredients.

Can expired cake mix hurt me?

No, consuming cake made from expired cake mix poses no danger to you except you are allergic to mold.  

Does baking powder affect cake?

Baking soda is a leavening agent that helps the batter to rise, it also lightens the texture of cakes and this is done by adding air bubbles to the batter. The only way baking powder can affect your cake is if it is too much in it.

Final Thoughts

If you have been throwing your cake mix away when it is past its expiry date, chances are you’ve been wasting your cake mix. Your cake mix is still good even after its expiry date.

If you are in doubt, add some baking soda to revive it.

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