The Best Cheese Types For Salads, Ranked

The Best Cheese Types For Salads

What kind of cheese are best on salads? If you are a true cheese lover, then this is a question you have asked once or twice. Choosing cheese that pairs nicely with your salad might seem like a daunting task as they are so many options out there. When you need to change things up in your salad, cheese is the ideal ingredient to switch up, it can help balance the overall flavor of your salad while adding a lot of nutrition to it as well.

No rule specifies the type of cheese you have to use for an assortment of greens, but we have to agree that some cheeses are better than others. Many of us are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy cheese in our salad, and it is not surprising that even the ardent foodies are also finding the best cheese for salad. The right cheese will no doubt transform your salad into a mouthwatering dish.

While exploring the best type of cheese for salads, lots of experiments were done and each has its way of enhancing salad flavor. One basic rule of thumb is to pick a cheese that can enhance the overall flavor, and the texture has to fit your salad combination as well.

The salad and cheese combo goes centuries back and if you are looking for the best types of cheese to make further your salad a classic favorite, you are in the right place. So, now for cheese lovers, we have rounded up lists of the best cheese types for salad ranked by cheese connoisseurs.

12 Best Cheese Types For Salads, Ranked

There is no size fits all when it comes to cheese. Salads and cheese make a refreshing combo during summer and also cheese adds a bit of texture, nutrition, and flavor to the simple bowl of diced veggies.

A food adventure does not lie in the next big thing on the dinner table alone, choosing the best cheese to pair with your salads is also an adventure worth taking on. To enrich your salads creation whether you are going for simple or sophisticated, here are lists of best-ranked cheese to try below.

1. Mozarella – Best Overall

The Best Cheese Types For Salads, Ranked
Image: Jon Sullivan // Wikimedia Commons

Do you need a cheese that is world ranked and works with salad and sauces? Mozzarella cheese is mild and delicate so if you are quite picky then you are likely to love this cheese. Also, it is accessible and readily available to be used in any kind of salad. Mozarella is the world’s most popular cheese and after trying it, you won’t need to ask why.

One of the reasons mozzarella makes the best choice of cheese is that it is healthy and some of the benefits are that it has a low heating point, which means you can add it as a fatty and gooey layer.

Mozzarella cheese gives you an irresistible, when melted it acts as an excellent binding agent. It pairs well with crunchy salads and the delicate soft texture won’t overpower it. This cheese adds the right amount of depth and it is perfect for enhancing Panzanella. The delightful burst of flavor is one you will enjoy.

2. Parmesan – Best Cheese For Sophisticated Salads

Parmesan - Best Cheese For Sophisticated Salads
Image: Amin // Wikimedia Commons

Parmesan is another popular cheese that comes highly recommended by cheese lovers. POarmesan is classic Italian cheese and pairs nicely with Ceaser salad or use in your all-time favorite chicken parmesan. This cheese lends your salad a refined Italian vibe and it is also quite versatile. Parmesan has a nutty and salty flavor with a lower melting point compared to Mozarella.

In addition to its amazing flavor, parmesan can be paired with other types of cheese and to get a more pronounced flavor, you can bake it in the oven. Parmesan also works perfectly in cold salad pasta salads and its versatility makes it ideal for enhancing a wide variety of salads.

3. Feta Cheese – Best Garnish Cheese For Salads

Feta Cheese - Best Garnish Cheese For Salads
Image: Silar // Wikimedia Commons

Feta cheese is a Greek brined white cheese that is made from sheep’s milk, it can also be made from a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. You can easily enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, it tends to add a salty, tangy, and creamy flavor and pairs well with ingredients like olives, cucumbers, watermelon, and other fresh salad produce. This cheese has a unique taste that sets it apart and with the bold flavor, it can be used in different ways.

In addition, this iconic cheese can create a harmonious balance between the acidity of the dressing, vegetables, and kalamata olives. This works well in Greek salad and to elevate any kind of salad, it is best to go with the slightly aged feta cheese.

4. Swiss – Best Classic Cheese

Swiss - Best Classic Cheese

Swiss cheese might not come to mind when choosing cheese for salad but surprisingly, the mild, mellow, and nutty flavor works in many salads. Swiss cheese has the nutty flavor characteristic profile of hard Italian cheese and it is the perfect companion for crunchy toasted walnuts, sweet dried cranberries, and crisp greens.

You can choose to go with soft, hard, or extra-hard Swiss cheese. This cheese offers a delicate balance of flavor and although it’s an odd pairing, you can enjoy it with meat-based salads and it is a combo you did realize you should have tried sooner.

5. Goat Cheese – Best Creamy Cheese

Goat Cheese
Image: Coyau // Wikimedia Commons

A cheese with a high flavor profile to complement any kind of salad is Goat cheese. Goat cheese popularity has soared in popularity among chefs and it is a great choice for garnishing salads. Aside from its incredible taste, the hard soft texture adds a lot of appeal to a bland bowl of vegetables. Whether you choose to fry it or not, it is a great cheese to enjoy.

Furthermore, goat cheese can be grilled to add an even deeper and more developed flavor to your salad. Goat cheese is a creamy choice and with its distinct tangy taste, it pairs with strawberries, figs, and fruit slices.

6. Cheddar – Melting Cheese For Everyday Salads

Cheddar Cheese
Image: J.P.Lon // Wikimedia Commons

Here is another well-known and beloved cheese that will have you enjoying salads every day. Cheddar is a type of cheese with a sharp flavor and can be used in making pasta salads. Cheddar might not be a great choice if you do not like the sharp tangy taste but you will love it in macaroni and pasta salads. Also, so it does not overpower your salad ingredients, it is best used sparingly.

Cheddar cheese is a popular type of cheese and to get the most out of the string flavor, enjoy it with peppers, eggplants, baby carrots, broccoli, and many more. you can also enjoy sweet cheddar cheese as desserts accompanied by fruits and figs.

7. Ricotta Cheese – Best For Delicate Finish

Ricotta Cheese - Best For Delicate Finish
Image: Paoletta S. Wikimedia Commons

Ricotta cheese is an Italian whey cheese that is made from cow, goat, or Italian water buffalo. This cheese is another Italian classic with a crumbly texture and rich flavor that made it an Italian staple. This cheese type can be mixed with other ingredients like spices and herbs. Herbed ricotta specifically makes the best cheese for salads and comes ranked by cheese connoisseurs.

The delicate nature of ricotta makes it ideal for your grilled veggies and it is also an exceptional choice for cheese lovers who prefer subtlety. This cheese is well known for the melty sensation it gives in your mouth.

8. Blue (Bleu) Cheese – The Best Bold Flavor For A Robust Salad

Blue (Bleu) Cheese - The Best Bold Flavour For A Robust Salad
Image: smial // Wikimedia Commons

Blue cheese is one of the oldest cheese discovered and it is also a much healthier choice. Blue cheese is a flavorsome fermented cheese and if you are looking for a healthy cheese option then here is the perfect one. Blue cheese has a pronounced distinct flavour and it also features a unique aroma that brings an unexpected depth to your salads.

With blue cheese, you can make a masterpiece out of your salads. This unique cheese adds a punch to salads and you can use it in enhancing the flavor of any meat-based salad. In addition, you can cut them into small cubes and toss them in to create a well-balanced delicious salad.

9. Cottage Cheese – Best Cheese For Health And Light Salad

Cottage Cheese - Best Cheese For Health And Light Salad
Image: Midwest Living

Another amazing cheese that happens to be highly ranked is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a curdled milk product with a mild flavor, it is another healthy choice of cheese with incredible taste. This type of cheese is excellent for salads and happens to be a simple favorite choice for many cheese lovers.

Cottage cheese is a low-calorie option and it has a distinct curd-like texture that can add volume and creaminess to your salads. Based on how versatile and healthy cottage cheese is, it can be included in any kind of salad.

10. Gouda – Best For Pasta Salad

vegan Creamy Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Source: Simply Quinoa

Gouda is a semi-hard cheese with an earthy sweet flavor and you can be sure it pairs nicely with your salads, especially pasta salad. For adventurous salad enthusiasts, gouda has the perfect smoky profile flavor and it melts well thereby adding a creamy texture to your salad.

Furthermore, it is a well-rounded cheese with a unique aroma and flavor. This is one of the most popular cheeses for sale and it is loved for its yellow attractive light golden color it adds to a bowl of greens. Enjoy pairing it with ingredients like roasted vegetables and prosciutto.

11. Burrata – Best For Creamy And Luxurious Salad

Burrata - Best For Creamy And Luxurious Salad
Image: Olive Magazine

Burrata is a lot similar to mozzarella, it is essentially a shell of mozzarella wrapped around a lush mixture of cheese curds and cream, all formed in one malleable ball. Want cheese with a heavy note of creaminess? Burrata has a sumptuously creamy flavor and comes in handy for creating a decadent appetizer or side dish.

Burrata introduces a touch of extravagance to your salad so it’s the go-to option for when you want to impress your guests or treat yourself.

12. Halloumi – Best For Veggies Barbecues

halloumi cheese
Image: Midwest Foodie

There is always a halloumi cheese recipe for every occasion. This is a pretty versatile cheese but highly recommended for making deliciously hearty salads. Once grilled or pan-fried, halloumi cheese has a crispy exterior and soft center that can easily bring warmth to your veggie bowl.

You can enjoy this cheese type with spinach, watermelon, and cherry tomatoes. This cheese has a slightly squeaky and chewy texture and grilling it also elevates the taste, giving it a delightful and impressive twist that suits your buds.

Wrapping Up

Cheese is an ancient food that happens to predate recorded history and when it comes to pairing it with salads, it stood out centuries ago. Your salad can go beyond just a pile of lettuce if you pair it with the right cheese. When choosing a cheese for your salad, it is important to recognize if you have any dietary preferences or needs, such as lactose tolerance or a preference for lower-fat cheese.

To ensure that your choice of cheese complements the flavor of your salad, you should first get a grasp of your salad profile and consider if your ingredient leans toward delicate or bold. However, do not hesitate to be creative and enthusiastic in finding the best cheese for making the perfect salad.

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