Can Canola Oil Go Bad? Here’s What to Know


Canola is one of the most versatile cooking oil and do you know canola is one of the best oils for heart health? This oil was discovered in the 1970s and has gone ahead to become one of the most used oils in many households.

There are lots of exciting uses and reasons you should have canola oil in your kitchen, this oil is not just for cooking but can be used in cleaning your pearls or unzipping stuck zippers too. Canola has a high smoke point and like all cooking oil, it can go rancid after a while.

Quick answer: Yes, canola oil will eventually go bad just like every other type of cooking oil. Oils are not exactly known to go bad but can go rancid after a while using them. Canola is one of the oils that can go rancid easily compared to other types of oil and this happens due to exposure to air or lack of proper storage.

If you do often cook, you are unlikely to have a spoiled bottle of canola oil but if you enjoy combining different cooking oil for your dish then it’s quite likely to have a bottle you want to preserve.

Canola oil is one of the most affordable and versatile oils you can have in your kitchen today so having a bottle that can go bad is not something you are sure to be looking forward to. So, if you are quite worried about your canola oil, we have a couple of preservation tips for you, and all you need to know about canola going bad as well.

Can Canola Oil Go Bad?

Can canola oil go bad?
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Canola oil might be a healthy replacement for vegetable oil, but it goes bad eventually just like every other type of cooking oil. Canola oil has a limited shelf life, and it can go rancid even faster if it’s exposed to air, light, or heat. Unlike other types of oil, putting canola in the fridge will not enhance its lifespan, but it needs to be stored properly to last long.

If your canola has gone rancid then it’s time to chuck it away. Rancid oils generally are not ideal for consumption, this process occurs when the oil molecules become oxidized and health experts frown against consuming any dish with rancid oil in it.

Canola oil will give you an unpleasant smell when it goes rancid, unfortunately, you can’t predict how long canola oil will last before it goes bad. It will come with an expiry date but they often last past these dates or go rancid before that date if they are exposed to air or heat.

Cooking with rancid oil canola oil will not lead to food poisoning but is sure to ruin the flavor of your food. Canola oil is a clear transparent oil so when it goes bad, the signs are really obvious. There is the presence of mold and a change in texture and color.

Your canola oil is prone to bacteria just like every other type of oil, so the right storage method is vital. Here is a table showing how canola oil is meant to last in the pantry.

Canola oil (opened)6-12 months
Canola oil (unopened)lasts 6-12 months after the expiration date

How Do I Know If Canola Oil Has Gone Bad?

There are visual changes that will let you know whether canola oil has gone bad or rancid. You need to know when to discard your Canola Oil, although no food poisoning is linked to it, however, it is likely to create trans fat and ruin your food.

Below are signs that will tell you that canola oil has gone bad and should be chucked away.

1. Mold

This is a common sign that shows canola or another type of oil has gone bad. There can also be some microbial growth on the oil to indicate there is no way it can be salvaged.

2. Smells Bad

The bad smell should be enough reason to toss your canola oil out. When canola oil goes bad, it is known to smell like paint, detergent, or have a harsh smell.

3. Taste

You can drink a bit of your canola oil if there is no visible sign and if it tastes off then it’s time to have it discarded.

4. Visual Changes

The appearance of canola oil is pale golden and clear so when it changes color then it has definitely gone rancid. Slight cloudiness or crystallization then this should be ignored especially if it was placed in the fridge, but any other visual changes should indicate your oil is bad.

Preservation Tips For Canola Oil

Canola oil is very easy to store unlike other types of oil. You can simply have it stored in a cool dark cabinet opened and unopened.

You don’t have to keep canola oil in the refrigerator unless you want to. The longer you keep a canola oil, the faster the flavor and heat will gradually fade, so it is still best to use it up as fast as you can.

Some studies show that canola oil lasts longer in the fridge than they do store at room temperature. Keep it sealed tightly when not in use and stored away and note that if it is kept in the fridge, it will start to crystallize. You can simply warm it up to clear that, but this process can also cause the oil to go rancid.

In conclusion, store your canola oil in the cabinet kitchen, and you have to keep it sealed when it is not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if canola oil has gone bad?

The smell is the first thing that will tell you that canola oil has gone bad. Canola oil gets an unpleasant smell when it goes bad so that should be the first thing you should watch out for. It can start to smell harsh or like detergent.

How long after the expiration date can you use canola oil?

Unopened canola oil will last 12 to 24 months after the expiry date on it and will keep its quality if it is stored in a cool dry place. However, once it is opened, canola oil can last 6 to 12 months but has to be stored properly, keep in the fridge, or in a cool dry place.

Can you get sick from rancid canola oil?

Rancid canola oil is unlikely to make you sick right away but not enjoyed continuously, and it can ruin your dish and give your food an unpleasant taste. Rancid oil can compromise the cells in your body and potentially lead to chronic diseases if eaten every day.

How do you know when oil has gone bad?

Oil has completely past its expiration date if it tastes sour and has an off smell. If your canola oil is past its date, pour a little into a spoon and check how it smells, if it is off then it has gone bad.

Final Thoughts

Canola oil doesn’t exactly expire but when it goes rancid then this means the quality has degraded.

Refrigerating is another perfect way to ensure your opened canola oil stays intact for much longer but if it hasn’t been opened then you can simply have it kept on the shelf in a cool dry place. An opened bottle of canola oil in the pantry should also last a year without going bad.

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