Can You Use A Baking Sheet On A Stove?

Can You Use A Baking Sheet On A Stove?

The baking sheet is a popular kitchen cookware choice. It usually looks like a tray with handles. It is popularly used in the oven for baking or cooking. 

Cupcakes, cakes, bread, and food can be arranged on the baking sheets to be cooked in an oven. 

Since they are often used in an oven and, or the microwave, one might wonder if they can be used on a stove. So, the questions on curious minds could be: Can a baking sheet be used on a stove? What if an oven is not available? Is this a cheap substitute? 

Yes, a baking sheet can be used on a stove. The baking sheet works on the stove just like in the oven. Heat is generated from the stove, spreads through the sheet, and is transferred to what is placed on the tray. 

How To Handle Baking On A Stove

While it has been ascertained that you can use a baking sheet on a stove, it has to be cautiously done. You have to ensure the heat generated can be tolerated by the baking sheet. Too much heat will damage the sheet and burn the food, causing chars; too little heat will not give the desired effects. 

In handling, avoid putting the baking sheet directly on the stove. In a stove, the heat is usually localized as opposed to an oven, it is better to use a tray holder to put it in place and keep it a few centimeters away from the stove flames or heat. 

It is also paramount to use the correct size baking sheet, so has to avoid an escape of the flames on the sides of the baking sheet. This could result in an injury. 

The Correct Type of Baking Sheet to Use 

If you have opted to use a stove, ensure to use a baking sheet big enough. A big size will ensure that the flame is just at the center of the sheet and not spreading across the baking sheet. If this happens the baking sheet will be burnt by the sides and also burn your hands. This also depends on the type of stove being used.

An electric stove is a safer option to avoid flames. Your baking sheet is only exposed to heat, not flames. This partly ensures your safety not necessarily that of your baking sheet. Some baking sheet companies could state on their products that they could be used on the stove.

This is what it means when you see a stove-proof label on your baking sheet.

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Baking sheets are made from different materials based on how their heat conductivity and durability.  One of such materials is Aluminum. This is the most common material used for making a baking sheet. The other common materials are glass, ceramic, and iron.

This implies that depending on the type of baking sheet, reaction to flames or heat differs.  This is why you will sometimes hear a “bending” sound produced when you introduce some cookware to heat especially if they were not manufactured for the intention of cooking but for dishing.

Types of Baking Sheet vs Your Best Option

The purpose of using a baking sheet on a stove may not be as important as arriving at the same result as though an oven was used. 

In order to achieve this, care must be taken. You have to be able to ascertain that your baking sheet can actually withstand the condition. An aluminum baking sheet might not be a good option for this as they are flammable and usually lightweight.

Aluminum works fine in an oven because of its ability to transfer heat quickly. This type of heat is not direct. Heating Aluminium baking sheet directly is problematic. Glass and ceramic baking pans are also not recommended to be used on stoves. 

A good option will be to use a metal baking sheet made of iron. Iron Baking sheets are able to withstand heat and also conduct heat steadily. They are able to give your food a “golden-brown” appearance.

It is also possible to cook partly on a stove and transfer to an oven using an iron baking sheet or metal baking sheet especially when searing meat. These can withstand the heat. 

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Can I Use Glass Baking Sheet On The Stove?

A glass baking sheet does not readily transfer heat, it heats up slowly. If heated directly, it will take a longer time to get hot. This will expose the baking sheet to prolonged heating and could cause the glass to crack and eventually shatter.  This is not a cheap option; it could be time-wasting and underachieving. 

What Can I Cook With A Baking Sheet On The Stove?

With a baking sheet, you can bake a cake, bread, cupcakes, and some other type of pastries. You can also cook lasagnas, casseroles, meat, and a variety of dishes on a stove.

Is Using A Stove A Cheap Substitute?

While baking sheets should be used in the oven, a stove is a fair substitute in the case of the unavailability of an oven. In doing this, one might need to consider the strength of the baking sheet and also the type of stove. The cost of using a stove depends on the type of stove whether it is an electric stove or a gas stove. An electric stove might be costlier to use than a gas stove. This also depends on your state’s utility services.  

Is it Safe to use A Baking Sheet?

It is generally safe to use a baking sheet on a stove. Despite this, caution has to be exercised. Be sure of the time it will take to properly cook or bake and be watchful. It is not advisable to do this absentmindedly. Always use cloth gloves to lift the baking sheet gently from the stove.

How Long Can I Use A Baking Sheet on the Stove?

The duration of cooking depends on what is to be cooked or baked, the material of the baking sheet, and the quantity. It is to be determined appropriately. A small quantity need not take as long as a large quantity. The type of baking sheet also determines duration; some materials respond to heat faster than others. It is recommended to not cook with a baking sheet on a stove for far too long. 

Final Thoughts

Baking sheets are necessary tools in a kitchen. They come specially manufactured for the oven. Baking sheets can be used on stoves with great caution.

While they are being popularly used in the oven, some come with stove-proof labels.

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