Can You Use Egg For Shake ‘N Bake?

Can You Use Egg For Shake N Bake

Shake ‘N Bake, being a seasoned bread crumb– method coating for chicken and pork is a good way of enjoying chicken and pork. Shake ‘n’ bake is prepared by adding a coating to raw meat portions. 

The seasoned coating is put in a bag containing the coating and shaken together. The raw meat absorbs the coating, this happens when the ingredients attach to the meat. This is then baked in the oven.

QUICK ANSWER:Yes, eggs can be used for Shake ‘n Bake among other things. Eggs are nutritious and foam when whisked. That richness is a beauty for sore eyes and fantastic for shake ‘n’ bake. 

Shake ‘N Bake Egg Recipe

Shake ‘n’ bake is a happy meal for the household, quick and easy. Such a meal brings excitement to your house members. The function of the egg in this recipe is for the meat particularly. The meat is put into a beaten egg first before the breading mixture.  

Here are the Ingredients needed to make the perfect Shake ‘N Bake chicken.

A. Egg Combo/ Wash

  • Eggs
  • Mustard.

B. Breading mixture 

  • Coarse crumbs – A cup
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese- Half a cup
  • Chopped Parsley Leaves-  A tablespoon
  • Thyme, cayenne pepper, black pepper- Add as required, not more than a quarter of a teaspoon
  • Garlic Powder, onion powder, paprika- Add as required
  • Kosher Salt: as required.

C.  Sauce

  • Dijon mustard- Two tablespoons
  • Honey- Two tablespoons 
  • Mayonnaise: 2 Tablespoons – a quarter of a cup.

What To Do With The Ingredients

Heat the oven before baking to 400-425°F and place the rack in the middle position. While the oven is on, getting hot. Prepare your baking set. Place aluminum foil on a baking sheet covering all the edges on the sheet and put a roasting rack on it for baking the chicken. Set this aside. 

When the oven has reached the temperature and preparation is done, bake on the roasting tack on the baking sheet until it attains an internal temperature of 165°F 

Spice the chicken or pork with salt and pepper.  Submerge the meat into the egg wash and then the coating (breading mixture). Put the coating on a bag and shake. Ensure that you coat the meat fully. Place the meat on the baking rack. Do not overcrowd the meat on the rack, give some to avoid overlapping. Bake!

Prepare the sauce while the meat is baking. Put sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix. Check the internal temperature for doneness.

For Chicken, ensure the internal temperature is at 155°F -165°F. For pork, ensure it attains an internal temperature of 145°F when tested with a meat thermometer. This should be about 15-20 minutes of baking.  Boneless chicken should bake for 20-25 minutes.

Chicken with bone will bake for a longer time; 30-40 minutes.

Suitable Substitutes to Use

As abundant as eggs are, there are times of limited supply or a need to substitute for something else. Whatever the case, there is a suitable for eggs in shake ‘n bake without touching eggshells.  They are listed below:

1. Milk

Milk gives a thick covering for the breading combination to attach to chicken and pork. Any type of mill could be used. To add creaminess, use buttermilk. Due to its thickness, it adds a bit of chunkiness to the breading and eventually meat especially if the meat is thin. 

2. Water

While water may not produce any form of creaminess or richness, it will help the bread adhere to the meat surface for baking. This makes it a reasonable option. 

3. Yogurt

Using yogurt is a bit controversial. Exploring is not a bad idea. A small quantity of yogurt rubbed on the surface of the meat before breading will do the trick. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make shaking and baking crispy?

For easy preparation, moisten the chicken, shake it in the coating, and bake. Ensure to shake well for enough coating to adhere to the surface. Bake until it’s properly done and brown. Enjoy your crispy chicken.

How Do I Spice Up My Chicken For Shake ‘N Bake?

You can spice up your meat before shaking and baking. Marinate the meat using your combination of seasoning for some minutes or up to an hour before dipping it in the breading mixture. 

Can You Fry Chicken Using Shake ‘N Bake?

After garnishing your chicken in Shake ‘n Bake, you can fry the chicken. Ensure to fry carefully with a tiny bit of low saturated fat.

Can I Cook Shake ‘N Bake In The Bag?

It is possible to cook your chicken in your shake and bake bag. When you are done with the preparation, put the chicken in the bag, shake and cook. Ensure to cook in the bag, a resealable bag.

Final Thoughts

Shake ‘n’ bake can come with pre-mixed ingredients, one you can purchase and make; eases your stress of shopping for ingredients. It can also be homemade from scratch and made to your taste.

Who wouldn’t love homemade Shake ‘n Bake?  Eggs are so great a sticking agent for Shake ‘n’ Bake. You should not miss out on the goodness. The ingredients to make Shake N Bake pose no major food risk, proper storage will elongate the shelf life. These should be stored in a cool and dry place, with no moisture or heat.

You can serve it with whatever sauce you like.

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