Creme de Cassis Substitutes: 9 Similar Reds to Try

Creme de Cassis

What can I use in place of crème de cassis? Creme de cassis is a type of liqueur made from blackcurrants, and it has an interesting, in-depth red color that makes it an ideal choice for flavoring all sorts of dishes.

It has a sweet, rich dark berry flavor and a fragrant, lush, and fruity aroma. While you can enjoy drinking this straight or on the rocks as an aperitif or digestif, it can also be used in cooking. But what if you run out of creme de cassis or it is not in your area?

Creme de cassis given the name sounds like a fancy liqueur but do not be deceived by this, you can always get your hands on it at the supermarket or in liquor stores. However, in case you can’t find it then there are amazing substitutes that work perfectly and give a similar distinct red color.

This sweet red wine has 15% alcohol volume, which is why it is an easy choice for alcoholic beverages and can also be used as a digestifier after dinner. Many people enjoy drinking it on its own; hence it’s considered difficult to find a similar substitute, but that is not the case as there are other types of liqueur with the same rich history and sweetness.

Not only is this liqueur classic and versatile but it has a distinct flavor which is why it is widely used in various culinary creations. The key is always to use a small amount of it in order not to overpower your dish or drink. However, when you can’t get your hands on creme de cassis, below are lists of substitutes that work perfectly as well.

Creme de Cassis Substitutes: 10 Similar Reds to Try

It can sometimes be difficult to find a substitute for the creme de cassis due to its unique and rich flavor. It is also a type of liqueur that is characterized by its thick consistency and dark red color. Creme de cassis provides you with the chance to experiment whether you are looking to spice up your dish or try something new with your usual cocktail recipe. So, we have listed below other amazing substitutes with similar reds you should try.

1. Raspberry Syrup/Liqueur

Raspberry Syrup/Liqueur
Image: Veggiedesserts

You can easily replace creme de cassis with raspberry syrup. Raspberry syrup is a great alternative to creme de cassis especially when making drinks or desserts and wanting the red distinct color. The fruit sweetness of raspberry syrup would pair nicely with vodka, gin, and champagne.

It is a substitute that is quite popular in the United States and it is often used in homemade recipes and commercial brands. To replace creme de cassis with raspberry syrup, use an equal measure and ration

A raspberry liqueur is made from other liqueurs such as vodka and brandy. The taste will vary though depending on the fruit flavor and liqueur used. However, it is an excellent substitute for creme de cassis.

2. Red Grape Juice

Red Grape Juice
Image: Total organic

Another excellent substitute that still maintains the redness of your recipe just like creme de cassis is red grape juice. Red grape juice has lots of health benefits and it is packed with lots of nutrients, especially Vitamin C and K. Red grape juice is a great alternative to creme de cassis as it has a similar red color and the juice is more than sweet enough not to use any added sugar.

Also, red grape juice is a combination of grape and lemon juice so you can expect to get a natural tartness that is balanced with a sugar sweetness. It is also the perfect mocktail drink for non-alcoholic drinkers. It is excellent for making cocktails like the Kir Royale.

3. Blackcurrant Syrup

Blackcurrant Syrup
Image: hedge-combers

Black currant syrup is another substitute that is similar to creme de cassis and also has a similar flavor profile although slightly sweeter. Blackcurrant syrup is made from concentrated black currant juice and sugar, you can also add lemon to it for a blend of tart and sweetness. If you are looking for non-alcoholic substitutes, this is a great option.

To replace creme cassis with blackcurrant syrup, use only a few drops when making mocktails, baking, or for fruit desserts. This substitute adds flavor and not moisture so you might have to add water or juice to make up the necessary liquid.

4. Chambord

Chambord Liqueur
Image: Maria Rantanen Wikimedia Commons

Chambord is a delicious substitute for creme de cassis and an ideal choice when you are looking to use it to flavor desserts. Chambord is a famous brand of French raspberry liqueur based on a recipe that dates back 500 years. This raspberry liqueur is usually used in cocktails but its sweet flavour profile makes it perfect for desserts and sweet snacks.

This is an ideal replacement for creme de cassis, it has an intense berry flavor with a similar tart profile so you can also enjoy it over ice as a digestif. Use Chambord in equal measure with creme cassis.

5. Kirschwasser

Image: whereismyspoon. co

Kirsch is another easy substitute for creme de cassis. This is a very delicious alternative which is produced in Germany and Switzerland. Kirsch is a traditional German cherry brandy and the alcohol content is around 40% but it can be higher or lower depending on the brand.

In addition to the delightful texture, it has an acidic sour flavor with an intense aroma. It is not that similar to creme cassis in color but it is a great choice in baked goods especially in fruit cake. Kirschwasser is a clear colorless brandy with a sour taste but surprisingly great in desserts and to get that red color, you will have to infuse some cherry.

6. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice
Image: Ella Olsson // Wikimedia Commons

Pomegranate juice is easy to get your hands on and since they are more associated with lots of health benefits, they seem to be a great replacement. Pomegranate juice allows you to get creative, it has a rich flavor and a deep dark red color that is just like creme de cassis, and in addition, it has a sweet tangy taste that works in lots of Mediterranean recipes. Substitute creme de cassis with an equal measure of pomegranate juice.

7. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice
Image: Wikimedia Commons

We all recognized cranberry juice for its tartness and unmissable bright red color. This juice makes an excellent substitute for creme de cassis as it mimics the sweet-tart flavor perfectly and it’s a great option for non-alcoholic drinkers. This can be used to replace creme de cassis in desserts, sauces, and cocktails. You can pair it with orange juice or for an extra touch of citrusy zing, add some lime juice.

8. Creme de Mure

Creme de Mure
Image: atipsygiraffe

Another excellent substitute that will give you a similar flavor and color profile just like creme de cassis is Creme de mure. This is a French berry liquor that is made with blackberries rather than black currants. Creme de mure has a similar berry flavor and it is one of the great modern gin cocktails, simply drizzle with lemon and gin to get a lemony candy blackberry sweet stunning drink.

Simply replace creme de cassis with an equal amount of creme de mure and it can be used in marinades, desserts, or sauces.

9. Creme de Cerise

Creme de Cerise

If you looking for a sweeter alternative, creme de cerise is the ideal choice. Creme de Cerise is a French sweet tasty cherry liqueur, it is also known as the creme brandy and it is made the same way as the creme de cerise. This French liqueur can be flavored with sour or sweet cherries depending on the variety of cherry liqueur you are looking to create.

We recommend using the sweeter creme de cerise when replacing creme de cassis. It is an excellent choice when making Cocktails or used as a baking ingredient, especially in cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, and trifles.

What to Consider When Choosing Substitute for Creme de Cassis

Creme de Cassis is a sweet French liqueur that originated in Burgundy, France 200 years ago and while it makes it the best option in making delicious digestif and aperitif, there are occasions when you run out of it. It gives you a truly unique experience when making cocktails so the unique flavour is a bit difficult to replace. So, when choosing a substitute for creme de cassis, below are factors to consider to make it easier.

1. Taste And Sweetness

You must consider the taste and sweetness of the drink or recipe you are making and that of the substitute you are choosing as well. Make sure the substitute you are choosing has a taste and sweetness profile that matches the desired sweetness in your recipe.

2. Intensity

The intensity of the substitute is another important factor to consider. Choose a substitute that can match the tanginess and sweet characteristics of creme de cassis and lets you adjust accordingly as well.

3. Recipe Adaptation

It is best that you conduct a taste test with different recipes so you can easily choose one that suits your recipe. Also, start with a small quantity, taste, and adjust accordingly till you get the exact flavor you are going for. Consider the strength of the substitute as well and ensure it suits your recipe before using.

4. Color

If you are after the red hue that accompanies creme de cassis liqueur then it’s vital to choose a substitute that fits that profile. Choose a substitute that offers similar color and delivers the black currant color to cocktails or recipes.

Final Thoughts

Creme de cassis surely comes in handy when creating a refreshing drink or looking to spice up your dessert or make sweet snacks. This French black raspberry liqueur lets you create a delicious recipe and drink effortlessly but you can easily run out of it and having a substitute can make it easier to still serve a dish or drink without anyone noticing.

While creme de cassis has a flavor that is quite challenging to replicate, the substitutes listed above are the perfect alternative to give you similar flavor and color without missing a beat. In addition, these creme de cassis substitutes give your dish the same delicious taste and aroma.

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