HexClad vs All-Clad: The Right Cookware For You

HexClad vs All-Clad

Are you shopping for new cookware? Or can’t you make up your mind on the better choice between hex-clad and all-clad? These two brands increasing popularity is not surprising as every home cook and chef finds their cookware to be durable and of premium quality. To choose the right cookware, you must consider how frequently you cook and, most importantly, what brand offers the best option.

Choosing a brand will significantly influence the type of pots and pans you buy. Also, if you are planning to equip your kitchen fully, you will need to decide on your material, do your research, and mainly consider brands. The right range of cookware will always be worth it.

Hex-clad cookware is known for its unique design and functionality, all-clad, on the other hand, is also known for its premium high-end design and durability. Every piece of all-clad is made in the US, and the pots made of solid construction make it quite pricey while hex clad is special for its nonstick surface.

We do have to agree that deciding which is better between Hexclad and All-clad cookware will be a bit tricky and confusing. However, we have done some research and read on to learn which of these cookware is of more top-notch quality.

All-Clad Cookware Overview
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Hexclad Cookware Overview

The hexclad cookware was introduced in 2017 hence it’s a newish type of cookware however it is quite popular for its claim to have an actual nonstick surface that won’t succumb to wear or tear as most nonstick pans and pots do. Although this cookware is very expensive, chefs find it to be easy to use and it does have high heat retention.

Cookwares from hexclad is great for cook for all sorts of food, and the hexclad hybrid pan after being tested is discovered to do the work of three pans, it is also built to last. One of the perks of owning nonstick cookware is that it boasts of the ability to impart a searing surface that is similar to that of cast iron and stainless steel.

Hexclad products are designed in Los Angeles and South Korea. Their kitchen sets are considered really special and high-end quality. Their cookwares are hybrid however the pan might still require little oil. They are oven and dishwasher-safe.

Overview of All-Clad Cookware

All-clad has been around longer than hexclad, it was founded in 1967 and every piece of all clad is made in the US which can explain why it’s expensive. The cookware from this brand is known to offer benefits that are not so common with other cookware brands, it is one of the leading US kitchenware companies.

The D5 stainless brushed cookware set happens to be their selling kitchen tool, and this is due to their unique patented process. This cookware sets features 5 layers which include premium metal, stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel again.

The design of this cookware is unique and they produce all that you need to make cooking a fun experience. It is a truly unique kitchen staple; the fry pans and skillets are also one of a kind; they are ideal for searing, frying, and stir fry

Differences Between HexClad And All-Clad

Hexclad and all clad are both known for their durability and high performance however there are still things that set these two cookware brands apart.While you can always enjoy picking from the wide range of hexclad nonstick collections and all-clad stainless steel pots, it will still be great to know their differences and know which will dominate your kitchen.

Hexclad CookwareAll-clad Cookware
Seven-layer construction in which the main layers are 3 different stainless steel and nonstick coating in between.Several single layers of stainless steel with a nonstick interior coating.
Hexclad cookware is more affordableAll-clad prices vary depending on the variety of cookware, but it’s a bit pricier.
Hexclad features a hexagonal pattern for all its cookware but the handles are comfortable to hold and it makes cooking and cleaning easy.All-clad offer the same design, but they have a higher angle than the hex clad cookware handles and are not as comfortable as hex clad.
Hexclad is fully induction readyIts essential cookware line is not induction ready but the stainless steel cookware range, ceramic collection, and HA1 hard anodized cookware are compatible with induction cooktops.
Hexclad is 500 degrees F oven safeAll clad is 500 degrees F over safe but the lids that come with the cookware are not.
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HexClad vs All-Clad: The Right Cookware For You

Finding yourself in the middle of a kitchenware battle can be pretty daunting and it’s always going to be a constant battle between hexclad and all-clad, as there might not be a clear winner. Let’s analyze their features to get the final verdict on which offers the best cooking experience.

1. Design And Construction Comparison

Hexclad and all clad cookware do have similar designs, and when comparing the two in terms of their aesthetic designs, hexclad offers a more unique option. Hexclad offers a unique seven-layer construction and features a fully clad premium tri-ply construction, while all-clad, on the other hand, uses an aluminum core that rests in the middle and delivers excellent heat conductivity.

The interior and exterior construction of hexclad is achieved through a process called laser etching, which creates bumps and dips inside the cookware, making it more suitable for deglazing, searing, and browning.

All-clad has a unique appearance as well; it offers multiple sizes of rectangular roasting pans and has multi-layered construction.

2. Durability

In comparison in terms of durability, all clad is renowned for its long-lasting use and this is thanks to its three-ply construction which are aluminum core, stainless steel, and magnetic stainless steel exterior.

Hexclad is also extremely durable and long-lasting, it is made with a revolutionary hexagonal raised pattern on its stainless steel surface and this adds some extra strength and a scratch-resistant surface that will last years.

3. Heat Retention

The next factor to consider is the heat retention of each brand. Heat retention is how well your pots and pans can retain or maintain their heat level. Hexclad nonstick cookware is discovered to stay warm longer than that all-clad; however they have similar heat retention levels when it comes to stainless steel cookware.

4. Oven Safety And Stove Compatibility

When it comes to oven safety and stove compatibility, this is an important feature you want to ensure your cookware has.

Both hexclad and all-clad are ovens safe, but the heat threshold tends to differ. Hexclad is oven safe for up to 500 degrees F while all-clad is safe up to 500 degrees F and the stainless collection is up to 600 degrees F however; the lids are not oven safe.

All hexclad is entirely induction ready, so they are perfect for use if you own an induction oven, and this is because each of its cooking ware is equipped with a magnetized steel layer at its base.

All clad stainless steel range, the Fusion ceramic collection, and the HA1 anodized cookware are fully compatible with induction stoves but the Essentials cookware line is not.

Pros And Cons of Hexclad And All-clad

Hexclad and all clad both offer superior quality and are the two most popular cookware in the market now. Another way you can decide on the excellent one is to look at the pros and cons.


Has durable and long-lasting constructionExpensive
Hybrid 3-ply stainless steel and nonstick material for excellent heat distribution/conductivityLack of variety
It comes with a Nonstick coatingPoor heat retention
Safe to use with utensils


The variety includes the stainless, copper core, and nonstick rangeLids are not oven safe
AffordableNot all the cookware is induction ready
Most of its cookware is oven safeThe essentials cookware line is not oven safe
Durable construction
Dishwasher safe

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do HexClad pans last?

Hexclad pans are estimated to last 20 to 30 years if they are taken care of properly, and the right precautions are taken.

Can all-clad go into the dishwasher?

Yes, all all-clad cookware is dishwasher-safe.

Is hexclad good for searing?

Hexclad is good for searing; it boasts the ability to impact searing surfaces in a way similar to stainless steel or cast iron.

Can you use high heat with HexClad?

Yes, the hexclad cookware sets can withstand high heat, they are free of PFOA acid, and they are also made with stainless steel and contain aluminum for even heating.

How long will All-Clad last?

All-clad cookware is highly durable and designed to last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

After the various tests that have been done to compare the two brands, choosing the right one for you is still going to be down to a matter of preference.

So, it is a bit difficult to have a definitive answer on the right cookware between all-clad and hexclad but hexclad comes out as the leading brand, but this does not mean all-clad is not worth investing

All-clad offers you a more extensive variety of cooking pieces made with different materials and it’s also more affordable. Hexcvlad, on the other hand, is durable and heat and scratch resistant, so it can withstand tough everyday use.

So, you can pick any of this cookware that suits your cooking style.

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