How to Get Mod Podge Out Of Carpet

How to Get Mod Podge Out Of Carpet

Key Points:

  1. A spill of mod podge can quickly be wiped clean with a rag and rinse the rag off properly as well
  2. The best way to remove dry mod podge is the use dish soap and then scrub with a brush to remove as much as possible
  3. How fast mod podge dries depends on the environment, it can take about 15 to 20 minutes, but humidity can make it dry even faster.

Mod Podge is a magic craft that can be used for quite a lot of things but the exciting feeling of using this can easily go away if you spill this on your carpet.

Mod Podge is ultra super strong glue which is why it is often used for lots of fun projects however this tends to create a sticky gooey mess on surfaces and you will need to learn how to get it out to maintain the look and durability of your carpet.

There are lots of methods that claim to guarantee the removal of mod podge from carpets and while some are true, you have to be careful as most include chemicals that can damage your carpets. Mod Podge dries fast which is why you have to get it out as soon as possible.

Mod Podge is water soluble so if spilled, you can immediately try to scrape as much as possible using a putty knife but you might have to do more than that if it happens to be dry. Can you get the mod podge out of the carpets? Can hardened mod podge be removed? Find out how to get mod podge out in both of these scenarios.

Can You Remove Dry Mod Podge?

You can remove the dry mod podge although it might require time and effort. To remove the dry mod podge, you will have to soften it first, and one of the ways you can do this is to put it in the hottest water possible, then scrape off as much as you will with a butter knife.

Mod Podge also will wash off with water, if it is found on fabric, there is no reason to worry as it is machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle or by hand after 72 hours and line dry.

Dry mod podge is definitely difficult to remove but you can get it spritzed with water and remove it however the surface it gets stuck on will also determine how fast you can remove it.

Mod Podge is a craft supply and it’s made with lots of ingredients, one of which is vinyl acetate. Mod Podge is somewhat water-resistant but it is not waterproof. Mod Podge is waterproof when dry but when it’s on fabrics, you should let it dry completely so you can gently peel it away from the surface.

How to Get Mod Podge Out Of Carpet

Discovering we have spilled mod podge on the surface happens to the best of us. If you act quickly on the wet stain, Mod Podge is very easy to get out but it becomes challenging once it dries. If mod podge is stuck to your carpet, first you have to spritz it with water, this should soften it up and you can gently remove it using a scraper or plastic brush but be careful not to damage your carpet.

Mod Podge is a lot easier to get rid of on glass or ceramic but with carpet, you have to be careful so you do not lose the painting on it or cause further damage. Here are simple steps that can help you get mod podge out of the carpet.

  • If the mod podge is still wet, use a washcloth and get as much as possible out of the surface
  • If the stain is large or has dried completely, first soak the carpet in warm water to soften the mod podge and let it get soggy
  • Spritz some liquid dishwasher on the affected area and let it soak in for a while
  • Then scrub off using a plastic scraper or brush, do not use a razor blade as that might damage your carpet
  • If there is still mod podge left, apply petroleum jelly/Vaseline to the mod podge then scrape off as much as you can
  • Apply the petroleum jelly/Vaseline to the area again and then you can easily get the rest of the mod podge out.
  • Repeat the process till the stain is all gone.

Does Mod Podge Come Off Easily?

While mod podge is somewhat water-resistant, it is not waterproof hence a few drops of water might wipe it off. Mod Podge will come off easily if you act on it quickly and since it’s not waterproof, it should be easy to get rid of after putting in warm water. Also, mod podge is lots easier to remove if it spilled on glass or ceramic surfaces.

A combination of ammonia and dishwasher is known to be the best and fastest method of getting mod podge out of surfaces such as tumblers, the ammonia needs to be diluted with water. To get it out of the woods, you can scrape it off using a scraper.

To remove mod podge from stainless steel, you can also remove as much as possible using a scraper then apply petroleum jelly/Vaseline to it, let it work its way into the stain then wash it off using liquid soap. The surface where the mod podge spilled will determine how easily it will come off but ways of getting it out are often similar.

Wrapping Up

Mod Podge is a popular adhesive meant for sealing or decorating objects, it is non-toxic and dries clear but it is also a water-based sealer so it should come out easily from your carpet with just soap and water.

Mod Podge can only become difficult to remove when it has hardened completely, do not attempt to remove it with harsh chemicals or hot water as that will only damage your carpet. Follow the instructions above to get the mod podge out of your carpet and have it look good again.

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