26 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

Debra Morrison
Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

How do you decorate walls with plants? Plant wall decor has recently been circulating in trend, hence what prompts this question. The indoor plant wall decor idea is not new, it has been around for centuries now and was known as the ”living wall” which dates back to today. If you are on the lookout for ways to decorate your bare wall, plants are worth considering. Whether you are a longtime plant parent or a beginner, check out different plant walls that can help liven up your space.

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

Indoor wall plant decor is a way to personalize fresh ideas in your home and if you are not sure how to display them, we have compiled 26 indoor plant wall decor to inspire you.

1. Farmhouse DIY Wall Planter

Farmhouse DIY Wall Planter
Image: @simply.stephani // Instagram

Farmhouse DIY wall plant decor such as this is an excellent choice when you are adding character to your living room. Also, if you have a beginner gardener, this is a great way to start as you can work with plants that are hard to kill. Simply have some planters hung on an artboard and hang them on any part of your living room wall.

2. Open Shelf Boho Wall Plant Decor

Open Shelf Boho Wall Plant Decor
Image: @potifiv // Instagram

To brighten up your bedroom with plants and also introduce chic boho decor, here is a fitting plant decor idea for that. This plant decor method is believed to not only refresh the living room design but also purify it as well.

3. Minimalist Succulent Wall

Minimalist Succulent Wall
Image: @umbra_design // Instagram

We all know how wonderful and easy to care for succulent plants are which is why this wall is a perfect fit for any gardener. It allows you to keep your succulents happy and update your room decor as well.

4. Terracotta Pot Wall Plant Decor

Terracotta Pot Wall Plant Decor
Image: @_forthehome // Instagram

Here is another cute wall garden made using terracotta pots. Wall plant decor like this is easier to replicate and it’s also one of the best ways to introduce greenery into your home decor without altering anything.

5. Wall Mounted Plant Wall

Wall Mounted Plant Wall
Image: @luxedecorforhome // Instagram

Looking for the perfect spring decor idea? Wall plant garden is a cute spring decor idea as you grow some lovely plants and update your living room decor to welcome spring.

6. Living Plant Wall Art

Living Plant Wall Art
Image: @foliageconcepts // Instagram

Wall art decor like this is crafted using living plants, which makes it look like a work of art. Combine plants that can survive together on this plant art and ensure to choose plants that won’t grow too tall and they should be easy to maintain.

7. Nordic Indoor Plant Wall Decor

Nordic Indoor Plant Wall
Image: @plantsindecor // Instagram

Here is a cool wall plant wall when you are going to be hanging lots of plants such as ferns or any trailing plant that can easily add softness to your vintage home decor.

8. Rustic Shelf Wall Plant Decor

Rustic Shelf Wall Plant Decor
Image: @stephbplants_ // Instagram

Rustic shelf decor is another way to update your home decor with plants. It is an excellent indoor plant wall idea for your office or library.

9. Trailing Plant Decoration

Trailing Plant Decoration
Image: @isis_little_jungle7 // Instagram

The contrasting colors that come from having trailing plants in your living room can be really exciting and also a great choice for small studio apartments as it can help the room feel more spacious.

10. Colorful Craft Plant Wall Decor

Colorful Craft Plant Wall Decor
Image: @lankavayarnhouse // Instagram

To create a simple dramatic effect in your room using plants, here is the perfect wall plant decor to go for.

11. Mug Plant Wall Decor

Mug Plant Wall Decor
Image: @the_kalpa_tree // Instagram

Mug plant wall decor gives another level of classy. It is quite fresh and easy to customize to suit your plant design ideas.

12. Boston Fern Hanging Plant Wall

Boston Fern Hanging Plant Wall
Image: @indoorjungledecor // Instagram

Using hanging pots to decorate plants on your wall is one of the easiest indoor gardens for any beginner. It allows you to display any plant of your choice without compromising on space.

13. Country Style Window Hanging Plant

Country Style Window Hanging Plant
Image: @countrystylemag // Instagram

Here is another wall plant decor idea that involves using a hanging plant. This is a modern design that is perfect for the bathroom and it is also easy to customize.

14. Vertical Wall Plant Design

Vertical Wall Plant Design
Image: @dsigned_cz // Instagram

You really can’t go wrong with a vertical plant wall even as a busy gardener. Vertical gardens can provide insulation for your home and help your space feel cozy as well.

15. Minimalist Urban Wall Plant Idea

Minimalist Urban Wall Plant Idea
Image: @wallygrowplanters // Instagram

Want a warm minimalist plant wall decor that will organically fill the room? This is pleasing and the simplicity of the lush green design ensures the planter stands out on your wall.

16. Ladder Shelf and Basket Wall Plant

Ladder Shelf and Basket Wall Plant
image: @perky.plants // Instagram

Make a ladder shelf and have your variety of favorite plants adorn it. If you want more plants, add a basket hanging plant. These are great options when you are trying some floor space.

17. Modern Headboard Plant Wall

Modern Headboard Plant Wall
Image: @popsugar // Instagram

Plant wall decor ideas are not only fascinating in the living room, they make cool headboards. You can go ahead and add as many plants as you want to replicate a boho look or keep it simple with a few of your favorite plants.

Plants Gallery Wall Decor
Image: @wallygrowplanters // Instagram

This gallery wall features well-spaced plants, and it is an authentic way of bringing a garden into your living room without giving up too much space.

19. Classic Natural Plant Wall

Classic Natural Plant Wall
Image: @TheSpruce

A natural plant wall like this shows that you do not have to compromise on style. Add containers of plants or herbs on these curtain rods but ensure to leave enough space for each one to grow.

20. Wall Wood Garden Planter

Wall Wood Garden Planter
Image: @arq_designer // Instagram

For a stylish take on the plant wall using wood planters, this is quite a unique idea to go for. This wall plant idea gives you plants enough room to grow and there is also the option of as many plants as you want.

21. Linear Plant Wall

Linear Plant Wall
Image: @inmydomaine // Instagram

Using a trailing plant to create a linear wall decor brings a touch of the outdoor indoor and if you are into trailing plants then here is how to introduce it into your living room effortlessly.

22. Indoor Plant Boxes Wall Art

Pallet Indoor Plant Wall
Image: @flowbylara // Instagram

Using pallet boxes for creating plant wall art is another way to get creative with plants and have fun while at it. This type of plant box provides you with sectioned areas where your plants can easily go.

23. Cozy Green Tv Wall Decor

Cozy Green Tv Wall Decor
Image: @sy_life4 // Instagram

Decorating around your TV is another interesting way to display different plants, enjoy some greenery decor, and also infuse warmth into your living room decor.

24. Sophisticated Plant Wall Decoration

Sophisticated Plant Wall
Image: @bijmargrietinhuis // Instagram

Another flexible DIY plant wall that wouldn’t stress you to maintain is this. The design is minimal and it allows you to display different potted plants.

25. Wall Plant Decor Frames

Wall Plant Decor Frames
Image: @aparnadecors // Instagram

Go for a plant frame just like this to enable you to display plants in a neat and sophisticated way. The neutral living room decor can easily blend with wall plant frame decor, and it prevents messy living room greenery too.

26. Sectioned Indoor Wall Plant

Sectioned Indoor Wall Plant
Image: @ecovibestyle // Instagram

Arranging your hanging pots in a pallet form on the wall is another way to create a greenery wall without having to give up any floor space. Go for amazing colors of hanging plants to give your wall a colorful look. This simple design can easily complement any type of living room interior.

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