Krups Coffee Maker Won’t Brew (FIXED)

Krups Coffee Maker Won't Brew

Has your Krups coffee maker suddenly stopped brewing? This can be quite frustrating, but fortunately, it can be fixed. The Krups coffee maker is well built, but just like every other appliance, it can occasionally encounter some problems, luckily fixing it might only require some basic tools and guidance.

The coffee maker also tends to have safety settings that might prevent it from brewing, so that might be the first place to look. The Krups coffee maker is an automatic drip machine and happens to be one of the best options in the market.

Most of its models are activated by switches and timers in the control panel; the process of heating water and pumping it up to drop through the coffee basket is controlled the same way. Understanding how your coffee maker works can limit how often it gets into trouble.

An early morning cup of coffee can be quite invigorating, and the frustrating sight of your coffee maker is not a way any of us would want the day to start. But before you toss your coffee maker to a repair shop, let’s talk about simple ways you can fix this with no relevant experience needed.

Understanding How The Krups Coffee Maker Works

To properly understand your Krups coffee maker works and be able to attend to some issues that might pop up immediately. Krups is a German espresso and coffee machine; it was founded in 1846. This coffee maker’s construction is of high quality and is also well-designed. There are so wide varieties of Krups coffee makers you can choose from; some are automatic, while some are manual.

The common krups coffee maker is the ProAroma Coffee Maker, it is an automatic drip machine that makes coffee by running hot water through the coffee grounds. To brew coffee, make sure the carafe is back on the warming plate, and press the on/off button to begin the coffee brewing process.

Krups coffee makers are the perfect ways to make the delicious way of making coffee, it comes in different sizes and styles. You can always find a krups coffee maker that suits your preference; this coffee maker is highly recognized for its high quality and modern design. This coffee maker is an unmistakable asset, but just like every other coffee maker model, it is prone to malfunction.

Krups Coffee Maker Won't Brew (FIXED)

Krups Coffee Maker Won’t Brew (FIXED)

If your krups coffee maker is turned on but not producing any coffee then there is a reason this is happening. Some krups coffee makers are automatic while some are manual however both can be fixed with some basic services such as the on/off switch, heating element, thermostat, and warming element. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix a Krups coffee maker that won’t brew.

1. Servicing The On/Off Switch

The first step to fixing a coffee maker that won’t brew is to check whether it is well connected to mains and also check the voltage in the house if this is not the issue then the on/off switch needs to be tested.

The switch is a device that controls the control heating unit and it can sometimes be faulty, fortunately, that can be easily fixed or replaced. A test probe will be needed to see if it’s the issue.

  • Unplug the coffee maker from the power source
  • Next, remove the base or shell to access the back of the switch
  • Place the test probe across the terminals and activate the switch; there should be a continuity indication that it still conducts electricity, if that is not the case, then it has to be replaced.

This process can also be used to test other controllers such as the timers, they all work as the switch sometimes and might not be conducting enough heat to brew your coffee maker.

2. Reservoir May be Overfilled

This is actually the common reason why krups coffee makers might turn on but not brew any coffee. So, if you have come to realize that the reservoir is overfilled, pour out the water and fill it only to the level specified in the manual. Do not use more than one thermal carafe.

3. Heating Elements

The next place you want to check if it still won’t brew coffee is the heating elements.

The heating element is an important part of a coffee maker since no one really wants cold coffee then ensure to access it. The heating element is accessed through the base of the appliance, this applies to a drip and percolator coffee maker. Here is how to test and replace the heating elements.

  • Empty the coffee maker of all liquids and coffee grounds, then turn it over to the base
  • Next, access the heating element by testing with a continuity tester as mentioned above, or multitester. Disconnect the unit from the circuit and place a probe at each element to check if it conducts electricity.
  • If no electricity is being conducted, the heating unit has to be replaced. The components and wires have to be loosened to replace them; make sure to mark the location of each of the components removed to locate it easily or get a professional to look at it.

4. Warming Elements

The warming elements on some coffee makers tend to remain all day long to keep your coffee warm; hence it’s often the first component to get faulty.

Also, water or brewed coffee may leak into the warming element, thereby causing it to fail. Check the warming unit by testing it with the method above, and if it’s faulty, you should replace it if necessary.

How do You Descale Krups Coffee Maker

Often times when the krups coffee maker won’t work, it has been discovered that it needs cleaning.

This is why descaling coffee makers at least once a month is highly recommended. Taking care of your coffee maker will keep it in good working order and improve the flavor and freshness of your coffee. Below is how to maintain a krups coffee maker.

  • You can descale your coffee maker using vinegar or baking soda. Remove the filter cartridge and pour in the descaling solution or a solution of white vinegar and part water into the Krups water tank
  • Next, press the clean button and the brew control as well to descale it for 30 minutes.
  • If the water tank is empty at the end of the descaling process, start another cycle again by pressing the clean button.
  • When this is done, rinse the coffee maker by running two complete 12-cup cycles using water and not coffee, then replace the filter cartridge when it’s done and brew a cup of coffee.

Wrapping Up

With krups coffee maker, there is a wide range of performance levels and prices you can choose from, it’s a high-quality coffee maker built to last a very long time hence issues such as not brewing should not deter you.

There are not the highest quality in the market, but they offer good value for their money, to keep it in top shape, ensure to clean and maintain it regularly.

Lastly, you should be sure to reprogram the clock if you reset it, so the scheduled time can work. This is an important step if there has been any recent power surge or power outage, it’s the perfect way to troubleshoot your krups coffee maker and get it back to brewing coffee efficiently.

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