Can Corelle Go In The Oven?

Can Corelle Go In The Oven?

Corelle dishes are a popular set of dishes consisting of beautiful plates, bowls, and sometimes cups in the household. They are believed to have been firstly manufactured in the 1970s.

Corelle dishes are usually purchased for their durability and sleekness in appearance. Over the years, questions about the versatility of this popular piece of the dish have been raised.

Asides from its function of serving food, what else can it do? Can it be put in an oven? Can it withstand heat? To find out, please follow closely. 

Yes, Corelle can be used in an oven. They have been attested to be able to tolerate up to about 350°F (176°C). This is because Corelle is made up of a material that has a good level of resistance to heat and strong impact and hence does not easily break or crack.

Corelle Dishes Explained

Corelle is a brand name for a particular type of glass tempered dish popularly known as” Vitrelle”. Corelle is made up of Vitrelle.

The structure usually consists of about two types of glass assembled into about three different thin layers. They come in various designs and sets of glassware. They are great table accessories when setting the table, especially for a party or a household dinner. 

More Notable Corelle Collections

The Corelle brand has sets of dinnerware in different collections with the common one being the Corelle Vitrelle. Corelle Livingware is another line of product collection that usually consists of dinnerware made of white frost.  Some have designs while some others are plain. 

Another type is the Corelle dish called the Corelle Coordinates. They are usually smaller.  They consist of either wood or glass and sometimes stone. They are used for serving appetizers, desserts, snacks, and sometimes soup. They are mostly suited for household use. 

There are other collections of this dinnerware, the brand keeps adding more and more products suitable for various purposes to their collections.

What Corelle Can Do For You

The different sets of designs of dishes add beauty to a table. They are mainly used for servings.

They can also be used to keep leftover food in a refrigerator. They can be used for reheating food as well. They are versatile kitchen pieces. They come in bowls, cups, plates, and more.

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How To Keep Your Corelle Dinnerware Safe

Corelle are durable products however should not be handled carelessly. Keep them in your cabinets or kitchen drawer, not on a high surface where they can easily drop. This is to avoid injuries and breakage of any sort. 

Corelle can go in the oven however they are not to be used on stoves, grillers, or any direct source of heat because of constant temperature changes.

Putting temperature changes into consideration will be not moving the dishes straight from different temperatures to another, not from hot to cold or cold to hot immediately. A Corelle being too hot makes it prone to breakage and crack which could shatter into tiny pieces.

As painful as that could be when these pieces hit someone, such a valuable piece is gone. What you can do instead is to allow the Corelle to come to the hot temperature with the oven.

This is better than putting it directly in a preheated oven or microwave. If it was in the refrigerator before then, allow it to reach room temperature before putting it in the oven. It’s better not to expose the Corelle to such startling temperatures almost immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Corelle the Same as Vitrelle?

Corelle is made up of a strong material called “Vitrelle”. They are also called Corelle Vitrelle. They can be referred to as “Vitrelle” or “Corelle Vitrelle” and popularly “Corelle”; however Corelle is more of a brand name than a dinnerware material. 

How Do I Spot A Fake Corelle?

The Correll set of collections usually (not always) carries a brand logo. Flip the plate over and check for the logo. It is also important to buy from reputable vendors. 

Can A Corelle Break?

Corelle dishes are usually strong and durable. They do not easily break or crack. The same cannot be said if a dish is hit with a really strong impact on a hard surface or intentionally punched or hit. Corelle can break if not handled properly. 

Is Corelle Safe to Eat From?

Corelle is assembled in such a manner that is safe for food to be in. Some tests have revealed this. It is believed to be free from elements such as cadmium and lead. There are contrary opinions that say not all are free from these elements asides from the dinnerware without decoration. 

Final Thoughts

Corelle are suited for home use and professional use except for the Corelle coordinates that are better suited for indoor use. They can be used at events to decorate a table.

They are durable dinnerware usually resistant to breakage however they should be handled with care

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