Loco Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit Causes (FIXED)

Loco Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit Causes

It is frustrating to plan a meal only to discover at the last minute that your Loco turkey fryer won’t stay lit. This issue means your plan to enjoy a delicious meal may never fly.

Several factors can explain why your Loco turkey deep fryer is not lit. These reasons include an empty propane tank, a damaged gas hose or valve, a poor connection, clogged burners, or improper burner installation.

Some of these issues can be resolved independently, and certain parts can be easily replaced, while others may necessitate consulting the manufacturer or a technician.

Dig in to discover how to identify and fix these issues.

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Reasons Loco Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit and Solutions

Here are some reasons your Loco Turkey fryer may not stay lit, along with solutions to them:

1. Empty The Propane Tank

An empty propane tank will prevent your Loco turkey fryer from staying lit because the gas powers the heating element and ensures the turkey is properly fried. It is easy to determine if you have run out of gas; the primary method of confirming if you are out of gas is to check the content gauge.

If you don’t have a content gauge, you can pour warm water on the side of your tank and check for where the cold area starts (this indicates the level of your gas).


  • Fill up your gas tank.
  • If you have a centralized gas system, you may be required to pay your gas bill.
  • Contact your technician if the propane tank is leaking.

2. Damaged Gas Hose or Gas Valve

A faulty gas hose or valve will make it challenging to keep your Loco turkey fryer lit. A defective gas valve will empty your propane tank faster than usual. The function of the gas hose is to transfer gas from the propane tank to the turkey fryer. It may be faulty due to wear and tear or pest damage.

A damaged gas hose and gas valve pose an explosion risk that can be fatal. Check for the smell of rotten eggs, and hissing sounds, or use a gas leak detector to determine if your gas hose or valve is faulty.


  • Stop using the propane tank immediately.
  • Replace the gas hose or gas valve.
  • If you lack knowledge or skill in changing propane tank parts, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or a technician.

3. Poor Connection 

If there was a bad connection during setup, your Loco turkey fryer will not stay lit. If you connect the gas hose to your fryer or propane tank incorrectly, it may not stay lit. Furthermore, if the gas valve is not properly turned on, the fryer will not be ignited or will not stay lit.


  • Examine the hose connection between the propane tank and the Loco turkey fryer.
  • Check to see if the gas valve is turned on or off.
  • If neither of these options works, contact the manufacturer.

4. Clogged Burners

A clogged burner will make it difficult for your Loco Turkey fryer to stay lit. Clogged burners are caused by a buildup of debris, such as food particles, fat, or grease. If your burner is only used for deep-frying turkey, there is little chance of debris accumulation.

However, if you use the burner to cook a variety of dishes, there is a good chance that debris will accumulate. Clogged burners can be avoided by cleaning them regularly, preferably after each use. This is because some debris may have dried out and become difficult to remove.


  • Remove and clean the clogged burner. You can clean out debris from the burner with a dry brush or warm, soapy water and a towel.
  • Clean the burner once you notice a buildup.

5. Poor Installation of a Gas Burner

Your Loco turkey fryer will not stay lit if your gas burner is not installed properly and is loose.

Your gas burner should be tightly attached to the propane tank. Note that loose gas burners can cause gas leaks, which is hazardous to lives and properties.


  1. Check for a hissing sound or gas smell.
  2. Fasten the burner on the tank until it is firm.

Tips For Maintaining and Using Loco Turkey Fryer

You should consider these maintenance tips for your Loco Turkey Fryer:

  • Ensure you boil out your deep fryer at least once a month. To boil out your deep fryer, remove the oil and replace it with water. Boil the water inside the fryer to eliminate debris. 
  • Clean the burner regularly to prevent debris buildup.
  • Ensure your deep fryer gets periodic inspections to keep it functioning effectively.
  • Change the oil in the fryer, so it does not alter the flavor of your turkey meal. Fresh oil is best for producing a new turkey flavor.
  • Avoid using your deep fryer when a fault has been detected. If you cannot resolve the problem, contact the manufacturer or a technician.

Final Note 

There are several possible causes for your Loco Turkey Fryer not to stay lit.

Examine the list we provided above to find the problem. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, contact the manufacturer or a technician to avoid further complications.

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