Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Flashing Explained

Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Flashing Explained

One of the most important and frequently used pieces of equipment in a kitchen is a refrigerator. You can be sure that your food will stay fresh as long as a refrigerator is present in the house. One of our favorite manufacturers of kitchen appliances is Whirlpool.

The refrigerator from the company is our all-time favorite item. Regardless of the model bought, Whirlpool refrigerators are constructed with highly advanced technology, hence, buyers and users are assured of high quality.

Recently, we discovered that some Whirlpool refrigerator owners have a complaint that their whirlpool refrigerator’s light is flashing. This article will provide you with all the information you need on the possible problems and how to fix them.

There are many explanations for why the interior light on your refrigerator is flashing. So, to find a remedy, you must first figure out what’s wrong.

What Causes Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Flashing Issues

These are a few potential causes of your refrigerator’s light flashing. See them down below.

1. Refrigerator Bulb

Oftentimes, the cause of your whirlpool light flashing is the bulb. Light flashing could be an indication that the LED bulb is faulty or is not properly installed. If the bulb is old, then you can change it to a newer one.

If the bulb isn’t old, then it is loose. An improperly installed bulb will become loose and this can affect the power that gets to it. The amount of power that gets to it can affect the light it gives. The bulb can also be loose because it is old.

To fix this, tighten the bulb and observe the light if the flashing stops.

2. Faulty Switch

Every Whirlpool refrigerator is built with a switch that activates the lights when the door is opened. The possibility of a defective switch is one cause of light flashing.

A buildup of dirt or dust may be the cause of the switch’s problem. It might be damaged too. Regardless of the issue, the malfunctioning switch may occasionally cause the light to flash. If the switch has been identified as defective, you should replace it if it is damaged.

Additionally, you can clean the switch and remove any dirt that might be preventing it from functioning.

3. Less Power Supply

Your refrigerator’s light may be flashing because the refrigerator isn’t getting enough power. Whirlpool refrigerator regardless of the model is a strong appliance that requires a high energy supply.

If the appliance is getting less power than it needs, it might not be able to keep the food cold and keep the lights on. you should check if you are running on a low current in your house or if the low current is a result of a poor connection.

Ensure you contact a professional, if you do not have experience with working on electrical appliances.

4. Wiring Connection

A faulty wiring connection in your home may be the root of your refrigerator’s flashing light. The switch or even the bulb could have bad wiring.

The power delivered to your refrigerator may also be lessened as a result of this subpar wiring. We advise speaking with an electrician who will come and examine it. You could be in danger if you let your refrigerator operate on an inappropriate connection.

5. Bad Circuit Board

Every appliance’s circuit board can be compared to the brain, and the refrigerator is no exception.

The lights and numerous other components of the refrigerator can be impacted by a problem with the circuit board. If your refrigerator’s interior light is flashing, you might wish to inspect the circuit board.

The circuit board will commonly need to be replaced if it is defective. We advise you to have an electrician check it out and make the necessary repairs.

6. Dimmers Problem

If your Whirlpool refrigerator uses an LED bulb, the dimmer switches may be the cause of the flashes. Dimmers are made to operate under heavy electrical loads.

As a result, if you use a low-voltage LED bulb, it will continue to flash because it is the wrong fit. It is advised that you replace the bulb and use a bulb that is compatible with the dimmers in terms of voltage.

Final Thoughts

The light in the refrigerator is an important part of the refrigerator. We advise hiring a qualified electrician to help diagnose and resolve the issue if you lack experience working on electrical items.

Some of the best refrigerators you can buy are made by Whirlpool, therefore, the light flashing might not be a major issue. But you should have it checked so you can figure out what’s wrong and correct it.

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