17 Refreshing Summer Cocktails for The Fourth of July

Summer Cocktails for The Fourth of July

What cocktail drink do you need to get Independence Day rocking? We understand that no Fourth of July party is complete without some delicious cocktails, which raises the common question of what to drink. The usual summer get-to-together drink is often light beer or wine coolers, but if you are looking to switch things up this year, then we have the perfect list for you.

Gatherings outdoors during summer can be more fun when refreshing cocktails are involved. Alcohol or otherwise, there is simply something fascinating about basking in the summer sun with a refreshing cocktail drink at hand. Fourth of July is the ultimate indulgence for a warm weather day, so whether you are having a backyard cookout or lounging in the drink, a cocktail is needed.

When it comes to summer cocktails, there are options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic that can be enjoyed with friends, and having the perfect one made can impress your guests and have them reaching for a second glass.

A few special treats mark the 4th of July; some of the frozen-inspired recipes include big-batch rum, watermelon margarita, and many more. We have curated the perfect cocktail list if you are unsure what refreshing drink you need to kickstart the Fourth of July summer.

Best Summer Cocktail Recipes for The Fourth of July

Fourth of July frankly offers a chance to turn up your barbecue grill, throw a backyard party, enjoy an easy breezy weekend by the pool, and top all the occasions with a tall glass of alcohol or a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail.

Summer screams a chance to relax, and it won’t be complete without the list of fantastic patriotic cocktail drinks.

1. Cape Codder Cocktail

Cape Codder
Source: @Vintage American Cocktails

Cape Codder is quite an awesome summer drink that can easily turn a calm party lit. This cocktail features lemons, cranberry juice, vodka, and a dash of fresh lime. This is a timeless cranberry cocktail and you can guess that the flavor is quite an interesting one, also this cocktail leaves room for creativity.

Get the cape codder cocktail recipe.

2. Blood Orange Mint Gimlet

Blood Orange Mint Gimlet
Source: Hungry Couple

While this is often regarded as a winter drink, it really would be a shame not to take advantage of this summer to enjoy the chill and heat that comes with this cocktail. Ingredients used in this are quite simple but combine the drink with the celebration and you will have a timeless cocktail at hand.

Get the blood orange mint gimlet recipe.

3. BlackBerry Mojito

BlackBerry Mojito
Image: From My Bowl

A BlackBerry-themed drink for the Fourth of July can never go wrong as the taste and color both complement the occasion. This is quite a refreshing drink and the addition of blackberry immediately brightens it up. This simple drink features white rum and a ripe blackberry liqueur. Then there is a mix of mint garnished with lime.

Get the blackberry mojito recipe.

4. Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz
Image: @lelo.squared_apartmentliving // Instagram

Here is one of the most creative and most loved summer drinks to enjoy on the fourth of July. This sure looks simple but it is a refreshing cocktail that tastes even better as it reaches the bottom of the glass.

Get the Aperol spritz cocktail recipe.

5. Cigar Blue Cocktail

Cigar Blue Cocktail
Image: @the.cigarbar // Instagram

Cigar blue cocktail is another Cigar signature drink, hence it is super fitting as a summer cocktail drink for the Fourth of July celebration. This drink is an American classic hence it is perfect for any occasion.

Get the cigar blue recipe.

6. Smoky Peach Margarita

Smoky Peach Margarita
Image: @onthehouse_cocktails // Instagram

An American classic with a twist flavor that would likely have you taking more than a glass. This is a summer cocktail that works for any standard gathering. It is also called a crowd-pleasing margarita.

Get the smoky peach margarita recipe.

7. Passion Fruit Mai Tai

Passion Fruit Mai Tai
Source: Good Housekeeping

This is considered to be one of the best summer drinks recipes and we do have to agree with it. This is made with a combination of fruit puree and ginger liqueur which makes this fruity drink taste delicious.

Get the passion fruit mai tai recipe.

8. Red, White, And Blue Cocktail

Red, White And Blue Cocktail
Source: Pealwithzeal

The red, white, and blue cocktail is our favorite. This is actually a citrus type of cocktail and not only does it look good but just the perfect taste a summer cocktail should have. This is one great patriotic drink that is happily recommended to people, the drink is a layered one while the Fourth of July theme has been maintained.

Get the red, white, and blue cocktail recipe.

9. White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer
Source: The Pioneer Woman

This is so refreshing and fruity, just the perfect summery taste anyone would love. This is made with fruity white wine, a freezing blend of crisp, sparkling water, and a little fruit topped for fun. This is a drink worth being on your list of favorites, it is super hydrating.

Get the white wine spritz recipe.

10. Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon Sangria
Source: Belly Full

Watermelon sangria is a blend of white wine, vodka, lime juice, sugar, and watermelon chunks. You can enjoy this concoction when you can’t be bothered refilling your guest’s glass every second. This watermelon season is why this refreshing cocktail should be added to your drink menu.

Get the watermelon sangria recipe.

11. Chick Fill A Frozen Lemonade

Frozen Lemonade
Source: A Spicy Perspective

Chick Fill A frozen lemonade is that cocktail you go for on those summer days when you decide to lounge at the pool. This copycat Chick Fill A lemonade recipe is super delicious and perfect for the Fourth of July, it is cold, creamy, sweet frosted, and the right amount of tart.

Get the Chick-fil-A Fill A frozen lemonade recipe.

12. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Frozen strawberry daiquiri
Source: RecipeTin Eats

Frozen strawberry daiquiri has just the perfect consistency and it’s made with loads of fresh strawberries which makes it not just delicious but healthy as well. There is a decent amount of booze in it but you won’t taste it.

Get the frozen strawberry daiquiri recipe.

13. Rosé Hibiscus Mimosa

Rosé Hibiscus Mimosa
Source: This Mess is Ours

Rosé Hibiscus Mimosa is another drink that is always going to be found on our list of favorites. This is achieved by making a few substitutes, such as moving over the orange juice and going for hibiscus syrup, and choosing sparkling rose rather instead of prosecco is exactly what makes this fitting for July Fourth.

Get the rose hibiscus mimosa recipe.

14. Frozen Peach Sangria

Peach Frozen Sangria
Source: Whitney Bond

Peach Frozen Sangria is another perfect drink for cooling off on a summer weekend. This amazing recipe combines peach, apricot brandy, white wine, triple sec, and ice cubes. You simply just need to blend all this and you get a delicious cocktail to enjoy with friends and family.

Get the peach frozen sangria recipe.

15. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktail
Source: Liquor.com

Bloody Mary is a widely known cocktail so we are sure it’s one you should not hesitate to make to impress your guests. There are so many ways bloody Mary can be enjoyed, but this is one of the highly rated recipes and does come in to save the day on Independence Day celebration.

Get the bloody Mary recipe.

16. Aviation Cocktail

Aviation cocktail
Source: Kitchen Swagger

This cocktail has been around for a very long time, but its popularity has not diminished at all. It’s a classic cocktail made from Gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de Violetta and lemon. It’s a drink with a smooth, sweet, and assertive floral flavor.

Get the aviation cocktail recipe.

17. Toasted S’more Martini

Toasted S'more Martini
Source: The Cookie Rookie

Since summer and S’more go hand in hand then it’s only viable that you have this served when hosting a summer or July Fourth party. The drink looks beautiful and tastes just as delicious, this drink features chocolate liqueur, layers of cream and marshmallow vodka, and lastly a graham cracker rim. So wouldn’t you agree that it’s an ideal July Fourth summer cocktail?

Get the toasted S’more martini recipe.

Wrapping Up

The Fourth of July party means you get to enjoy a patriotic drink and what can be as patriotic as some ice-cool cocktails.

These cocktails are strictly for adults as they contain alcohol however you can always scratch the alcohol out, get creative, and make a mocktail for your kids to enjoy as well.

One way to ensure your summer stands is to have lists of refreshing cocktails handy. So, if you want to show off your American pride, this red, white, and blue boozy makes the celebration effortlessly into a full-blown party.

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