25 Small Full Bathroom Ideas

Debra Morrison
Small Full Bathroom Ideas

Small bathrooms might have been around since the 21st century but recently, the design has gotten even better. When it comes to small bathrooms, many of us think we have to compromise on how fancy and interesting they can be.

When it comes to renovating and designing a small bathroom, there are lots of critical things you have to put into place. small bathrooms have lots of untapped potential, the layouts can also be a full bathroom with the necessary parts such as a sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet.

Creating a perfect full bathroom is not impossible, you just need to have a real-life image to inspire you. Although it can be extremely tricky to design a small full bathroom with just the right ones to inspire you and your designer, you can create a stunning bathroom that will impress you and your guests.

Small Full Bathroom Ideas

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean that it can not be stylish, you just have to get creative, and surprisingly, small full bathrooms can come out fascinating hence, why we have rounded up some stunning small full bathroom ideas for you to explore.

1. Walk-in Small Full Bathroom Layout

Walk-in Small Full Bathroom Layout
Image: @designo_journal // Instagram

A small stunning bathroom such as this will surely have you spending more time in the bathroom. This gives you easy access to all the bathroom necessities in one space, while still making the interior look fascinating and cool. This is also a cool traditional bathroom for any room design.

2. Boho Style Small Full Bathroom

Boho Style Small Full Bathroom
Image: @perfect.homess // Instagram

A boho-style small full bathroom is more stunning than it looks. If serenity is what you crave when it comes to a full small bathroom then this stylish boho bathroom guarantees that, it is quite excellent and gives you a chance to work with any plants of your choice.

3. Vintage Small Full Bathroom Layout

Vintage Small Full Bathroom Layout
Image: @designo_journal // Instagram

If bright and bold is not your thing then cool and vintage surely will win your heart. It is so cool and every bathroom accessory used gives the vintage vibe you will love. You can explore mixing modern elements with antiques to create this beauty.

4. Modern Full Bathroom

Modern Full Bathroom
Image: @stylebathrooms.ie // Instagram

Here is another fascinating full small bathroom that can fit perfectly into your idea of a dream bathroom effortlessly. This is a cool bathroom; if you are not into dramatic bathrooms, this is a great option.

5. Retro Vibe Bathroom Decor

Retro Vibe Bathroom Decor
Image: @matt.interior // Instagram

This bathroom gives all the right retro vibes you can’t shun. This is a full small bathroom with a washing machine as well so if you are wondering how everything can fit into a small bathroom, here is one that proves that can happen.

6. Monochrome Bathroom Decor

Tiny Dark Grey Bathroom Decor
Image: @cozycorrr_nerrr // Instagram

Every full small bathroom has its unique attribute but with this bathroom, everything is really cute. From the choice of color to the mini bathroom toilet and sink, this is adorable.

7. Shower Full Bath Decor

Shower Full Bath Decor
Image: @houseofremodeling // Instagram

A shower full bath decor is another amazing modern bathroom you should consider. The designs are simple and easier to maintain.

8. Contemporary Spa Bathroom

Contemporary Spa Bathroom
Image: @dotandpop // Instagram

Another idea is to create your dream wedding using vintage materials and cool white colors. This is a bathroom that is highly functional but not cramped.

9. Narrow Bathroom Design

Narrow Bathroom Design
Image: @chouxdesigns // Instagram

The highlight of this bathroom is those cute LED lights, having them on at night will brighten up the whole bathroom and have you spending more alone time in the bath.

10. The Rainbow Bathroom

The Rainbow Bathroom
Image: @sweetkoijewelry // Instagram

Colorful bathrooms can be incredibly charming, and it gives a huge room for creativity. No matter what color you are into, this is the perfect bathroom that lets you explore.

11. Rustic Bathroom Design

Rustic Bathroom Design
Image: @qratededition // Instagram

To make up for the small space, the idea is to go for a rustic design that lets everything fit in perfectly, and it will still look fascinating. This is a delicate decor that can pair nicely with any material.

12. Stylish Small Bathroom Decor

Stylish Small Bathroom Decor
Image: @r2bathrooms // Instagram

This is a clever layout that can be personalized to your preference. From the cool colors to the use of greenery and the antique mirror, this is a stylish and amazing bathroom decor.

13. Neutral Bathroom Decor

Neutral Bathroom Decor
Image: @thetapend.design // Instagram

Craft an interesting but neutral bathroom decor that will be easy to maintain by getting inspired by this bathroom decor. This is a nice bathroom without any drama.

14. Charming Farm House Bathroom

Charming Farm House Bathroom
Image: @essence_geneva // Instagram

If you are looking for a bathroom that inspires you to get up every morning for a bath and look forward to coming home for a nice soak then here you have this charming small full bathroom to inspire you.

15. White Small Full Bathroom Decor

White Small Full Bathroom Decor
Image: @homedecoration330 // Instagram

This walk-in bathroom has an interesting modern layout that is characterized by the white color and minimalist design. This arch ceiling significantly highlights and updates the bathroom decor.

16. Minimalist Small Full Bathroom

Minimalist Small Full Bathroom
Image: @widawscy_studio_architektury // Instagram

A minimalist small full bathroom maximizes every space without making the bathroom look cluttered. This is balanced and stunning as well.

17. Walk-in Bathroom Shower With Combined Bathtub

Walk-in Bathroom With Combined Bathtub
Image: @my_homely_decor // Instagram

A walk-in bathroom like this lets you have the bathtub and the toilet right in the same place. So, you can save space and enjoy a relaxing bath.

18. English Cottage Bathroom

English Cottage Bathroom
Image: @thetapend.design // Instagram

Creating a cozy bathroom atmosphere is a lot easier to do with small full bathrooms and it is one of the reasons many people go for this classic decor. It is cozy and classy.

19. Pop of Red Against Blue Tiles

 Pop of Red Against Blue Tiles
Image: @lucyalicehome // Instagram

Just like the farmhouse bathroom decor, this is another exquisite bathroom that offers unique styling and comfortable features.

20. Small Full Industrial Bathrooms

Small Full Industrial Bathrooms
Image: @overatno18 // Instagram

A tiny bathroom that encompasses everything might seem impossible but this design above just proves that they are very much possible.

21. Simple Charming Small Bathroom

Simple Charming Small Bathroom
Image: @lindsey_isla and georgepelham // Instagram

It doesn’t matter how much space you are willing to spare for your bathroom when you are going for a design like this as you can easily have it angled so that everything fits nicely.

22. Small Full Pink Bathroom Design

Small Full Pink Bathroom Design
Image: @overatno18 // Instagram

This is a traditional small full bathroom so often you can only get a shower to fit in but not a bathtub. However, the design is really cute and you still get the rest of the essentials into it.

23. Freestanding Tub With Marble Decor

Freestanding Tub With Marble Decor
Image: @bcdesignsuk // Instagram

A freestanding tub and shower can be really cute and paired with this type of decor where marbles are used for the tiles, it is excellent.

24. Traditional Small Full Bathroom Decor

Traditional Small Full Bathroom Decor
Image: @corkdesignerbathrooms // Instagram

This bathroom is charming while also being the ideal minimalist bathroom go-to. This small bathroom has little wall space which makes everything feel easy to design and lets you stick strictly to the traditional theme.

25. Tiled Bathtub Alcove With Double Sink Decor

Tiled Bathtub Alcove With Double Sink Decor
Image: @corey.lohmann.design // Instagram

If you have ever wondered how a tiled bathtub alcove with a double sink would look then here you have. This is the definition of a stylish and traditional bathroom. While this being a narrow small bathroom might deter you, we do have to admit that it encompasses all the beauty and essentials needed to make a bathroom functional and cute.

There is no denying the fact that small full bathrooms are in vogue, they can help make better use of the space available and keep only the decor pieces that spark joy. So, to help you hop on this small full bathroom trend, these ideas listed above are worth exploring.

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