Will Gas Oven Turn Back On After Power Outage?

Will Gas Oven Turn Back On After Power Outage?

There are quite a lot of things that can be confusing about your gas oven. While you don’t have to know everything about it, knowing how it works especially the electronic ignition part can save you lots of stress and money spent on repair.

Most modern homes depend on electrical appliances for nearly all household cooking so learning how to reset these electrical appliances is a skill that will come in handy.

Gas ovens were introduced around the year 1957 and have become increasingly popular over the years. The old models are pretty easy and efficient, they work with electricity, and you can also decide to have the top burners ignited for cooking when there is no power. Still, with the new model, it is best to make do with the cooktop and not use them during a power outage.

Yes, your gas oven should turn on after a power outage. Old and new models of gas ovens will turn back on after a power outage, and if it doesn’t, the possible issue is often traced to the circuit breaker. If your gas oven is on, the igniter senses the gas flow, and it will ignite the burner once the power is restored.

Most Modern gas ovens are impossible to ignite when the power is out; however you can check your range’s manual to know if it can still be used when there is a power outage. There are no simple or complex ways to understand your gas oven but there are rules you have to strictly adhere to.

Understanding How Gas Ovens Work

Gas ovens are fast becoming popular electrical cooking appliances hence understanding how they work can make them less stressful to use. Gas can only be installed by a gas-safe engineer in some countries like Britain and some strict safety rules have to be followed.

This electrical appliance is cheaper to run compared to its counterpart since most cook through a gas-filled burner.

Will Gas Oven Turn Back On After Power Outage?
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Foods are heated quickly in a gas oven as most are powered by a flame from the gas burner at the rear end of the base and the gas gets ignited by an electric spark. The top of the gas burner gets hotter as the circulates as rises. The older gas ovens usually have hot spots.

A steady supply of natural gas is needed for some gas ovens to function. While it also uses electricity but the power is not meant for heating the gas rather it’s for running the gas igniter and other accessories that come with it like oven light and clock.

Will Gas Oven Turn Back On After Power Outage?

Gas ovens are not exactly operating with electricity, but it is still needed to make some accessories attached functional. The old gas oven model will turn back on after a power outage because they are designed to be ignited by the pilot flame instead of an electric ignition generator.

This means gas ovens with a standing pilot can work without electricity too, although it is still needed to power the light, timer, and auxiliary power receptacle (If the unit has one).

While electric ovens tend to become completely useless when there is a power outage, the same can’t be said for gas ovens. The modern model of the gas oven might not turn on immediately if there is a power failure, but if it doesn’t when power is back, the most common cause of this is a damaged or compromised breaker.

The gas oven burner should turn back on in 30 to 45 seconds after power is restored. The burner might experience delayed ignition but as long as it relies on electricity then it should come on in no time.

However, note that if your gas oven is lit by an electric glow bar ignition system then it means it won’t turn on when there is a power outage. If the gas valve connected to the gas oven is electrically interconnected, your oven won’t work when there is a power failure but should turn back on immediately after power is restored.

Why is my Gas Oven Not Working After A Power Outage?

Your gas oven should turn right back on after a power outage but if this doesn’t happen then the breaker is the common reason for that.

The beaker might be compromised or damaged during the power failure so your gas oven has to be reset first to make sure it is working and if the breaker burn or smokes, you switch it off and call an expert.

Do Gas Ovens Work Without Electricity?

Yes, some old models of a gas oven should work without electricity. When the electricity is out, you just have to turn the valve, and it should start but the new moderns have been discovered not to be designed like this and this is because some of their components are being powered by electricity.

So while some gas ovens are programmed to work without electricity, some are not. If your gas oven turns off when the power is out, it means the igniter is being powered by electricity. The igniter can’t start the gas oven so a match will be required to light the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a gas oven work without gas?

Most gas ovens are not being powered by gas alone, the gas range can be lit by electricity as well which can often eliminate the need for gas. The new gas ovens can work without gas but can’t be powered without having power supplied to them.

How do you reset a gas oven after a power outage?

Your gas oven should turn on after a power cut but if this doesn’t happen, check the breaker box, the fuse, and the power cord to make sure all is good. Reset the electronic control panel by turning the circuit breaker back on, this should take 10 to 20 seconds to complete.

What if the power goes out while the gas oven is on?

If the power goes out while the gas oven is on, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your gas oven. An older gas oven allows the flow of gas without electricity, so you can easily light the burner with matches or a lighter, but with newer models, you might have to wait for the power to be restored.

Can I light a gas oven with a lighter?

Yes, you can turn your gas oven on manually with lighter or matches if the model range permits it. Some modern gas ovens can also be turned on with a match or lighter manually if there is a power outage or the igniter is broken.

Wrapping Up

Older models of gas ovens have no link with electricity which means they will work when there is a power outage and are completely safe to continue using after a power outage but the newer models are unlikely to turn on when there is a power outage, but you can use a match to start the surface burners.

It is highly recommended that you go through your model range manual to know if it can be powered without electricity. The top burners of some gas stoves especially the old models can be lit with matches if the electricity and electronic burner ignition are out.

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