Can You Bake Goya Frozen Tostones?

Can You Bake Goya Frozen Tostones?

Goya frozen tostones are the perfect plantain snack to have. They are usually fried, but they can also be baked. This may not be what you are used to, but they’re more delicious and healthy when baked. They are a good side dish or appetizer. 

You can bake Goya frozen stones in your kitchen using your favorite kitchen tools. These can be had with any sauce or cream of your choice.  

Why Bake Goya Frozen Tostones?

Baked Goya frozen tostones are not the conventional thing, but they fill you up like the fried ones.

A significant merit of baking Goya frozen tostones is that it helps save time and energy. Baking takes less time than frying. This means you would spend less time in the kitchen getting them ready. 

Another great thing is that you get to save cooking oil. You can satisfy your craving for tasty tostones on days you’re low on cooking oil. 

Baked tostones are a healthier option than fried tostones. The taste and feel are still intact after baking. 

Tips for Baking Goya Frozen Tostones

Can You Bake Goya Frozen Tostones?

Baking tostones would need you to pay attention to the thickness of the slice. Tostone slices should be about ½ to ¼ of an inch. This helps to make them crisp while baking. If you love thicker tostones, cut them to ½ or 1 inch per slice. 

You will have to pay close attention to the oven temperature while baking, so you don’t burn the tostones. The ideal temperature is between 400 -425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Alternatives to Baking Goya Frozen Tostones

If you are not baking Goya frozen tostones, here are two other ways to prepare them. 

1. Deep Frying

Tostones are normally prepared by frying. They are deep-fried in a pot or pan with enough oil to cover them. It takes more time to prepare and demands you pay a lot of attention while cooking.  

2. Air frying 

This is another good alternative to baking them. This method is quick, easy, and extra crisp. It needs only a few spritzes of oil to get the crisp texture of tostones. 

An Easy Way To Bake Goya Frozen Tostones

Can You Bake Goya Frozen Tostones?
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Frozen Tostones can be baked in no little time, making them an excellent choice for a quick snack. Here is a recipe for baked tostones. 

You’ll need;

  • One pack of Goya frozen tostones
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil (you can use extra virgin olive oil in place of this)
  • Sea salt (regular salt would do)
  • Black pepper 


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 – 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Peel the plantain and cut to ½ or ¼ inch thick sizes (you can make them 1 inch if you prefer heavier tostones)
  3. Spray the oil over the baking pan or sheet to be used
  4. Put the plantain slices in a bowl and pour half the oil. Toss them in the bowl so that the oil covers them 
  5. Sprinkle sea salt and pepper on them. Add as much quantity as you want
  6. Arrange the prepped tostones in the baking pan, spray more fat on top and bake for 10 minutes.
  7. Bring the tray out and press each slice down to get the conventional tostone shape. Use the flat surface of a spoon or the bottom of a glass cup to achieve this. 
  8. Put the tray back into the oven for 5-10 minutes or until slightly brown. 
  9. The tostones should be ready at this point. Remove from the oven and serve them in a flat dish. Sprinkle more salt, pepper – smoked paprika or crushed red pepper – or any of your favorite dips. 

If you have 1-inch tostones, do steps 7 and 8; if not, skip step 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Eat With Baked Goya Frozen Tostones?

Baked Goya frozen tostones are an excellent snack to have any day. They can be eaten without anything or with dipping sauce. They can be used as a side dish or an appetizer.

How Do I Know When They Are Ready?  

Frozen tostones are baked for 10 minutes at the right temperature. If you can’t tell when they’re ready, look out for the color. Tostones become golden brown when done. 

How Can I Store The tostones?

If you made a lot of tostones or have leftovers, store them in a fridge or an airtight container. They will stay fresh for 3-4 days after cooking. To keep them longer, place them in an airtight container and freeze them. They can last for three months this way. 

What Dipping Sauce Can I Eat With Baked Tostones?

If you don’t want to eat baked tostones alone, you can have them with chimichurri, mayo-ketchup dipping sauce, mojito garlic sauce, or garlic-mayo sauce. You can also experiment with any dipping sauce you love. 

Final Thoughts

Baked Goya Frozen tostones are as mouth-watering as deep-fried Goya Frozen tostones.

They are a healthier choice and require little time to prepare. They can be eaten the same way as deep-fried ones, and you won’t notice the difference. 

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