Can You Use Distillers Yeast To Make Bread?

Can You Use Distillers Yeast To Make Bread?

Several times one too many, we try making things they’ve never made before either by ourselves or with a new recipe/substitute found on the internet, or shameless plug, a site like ours.

Bread is a popular and essential food all over the world. The structure and texture of the bread are dependent mainly on its ingredients. One important ingredient in yeast. There are different types of yeast depending on whether you are baking or brewing.

The baker’s yeast or bread yeast can bake bread and other bakery products while the distiller’s yeast is mostly for brewing. Sometimes, your supplies for baking could be limited and you’re left in a position to choose a substitute. Can distiller yeast be used? Will it turn out fine? Find out below what we know about this. 

Yes, While the name implies the function, it can also be used to make bread. Although, the bread could come out a bit dense and with a neutral taste. This could be sorted with a little extra flavor in the dough.

Yeast Explained

Yeast is a cellular organism, a single-celled fungus. Yeasts belong to an array of families that are found in some parts of the body and some for food. The variants of yeasts used for food are from the same specie; Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

“Saccharomyces” is derived from the Greek language which means “Sugar-mould”.  Yeast is usually made by fermenting liquid extract from malt. It is used for baking and also brewing. Its function to bread is to leaven bread. Its function is in its interaction with oxygen to convert sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide.

This carbon dioxide produced puffs up the dough, filling it with air.  This action rises the dough to a loaf of bread. 

Using Distillers Yeast For Bread

Though most people prefer to use bread or baker’s yeast, mostly because of the stereotypical use, as the name implies the function yet distiller yeast can produce the same effect when used in baking bread. 

There is not much of a difference between the yeast for bread and the yeast for brewing except that the yeast for bread has low resistance to a higher volume of sugar. This means it could die off quickly when used depending on the volume of sugar. This is usually why it’s formulated for baking.

The distiller yeast will however keep fermenting as long as you allow it but this is also dependent on the type of alcohol to be brewed. Considering its ability to stay up much longer than the bread yeast, this means it will make bigger air pockets in bread.

Distillers Yeast And Different Strains

Distiller’s Yeast comes in different strains, while some are better to be used in alcohol than in bread, it is important to choose the right strain to be used for bread.

One thing to consider is the temperature capacity of such strain; the degree of the strain’s tolerance to temperature and also storage temperature capacity.

It is important to research what strain will tolerate the level of heat needed and also the rate of interaction with oxygen, to give a faster rise to the dough. 

Other Benefits Of Yeast

While Leavening bread is not the only function of yeast. It has some nutritional benefits.

Yeast is rich in some nutrients such as folate. It also contains some of the B Vitamins and proteins. It is also believed to help relieve diarrhea. It is also believed to help improve eyesight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Distiller’s Yeast For Bread?

The distiller’s yeast is not primarily for bread. As the name implies, it’s used for alcohol. While the primary function is alcohol, it can be used to make bread.

Is Yeast Infectious?

Yeast belongs to a wide array of families. Many of these families are usually not infectious though opportunistic. This implies they are found in some parts of the body normally but might cause an infection in a suppressed immune system. The yeasts of concern here is yeast made from and for food. 

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Using Distillers Yeast For bread?

There are usually pros and cons to trying new things, especially as a substitute. Using Distiller’s Yeast will give a dense bread and an almost bland taste. This could be sorted through by kneading the dough a bit longer and properly. Yeast is a bit resistant to salt, so it should not be mixed directly. To solve the problem of a bland taste, one could add flavoring to the bread.

Final Thoughts

Using Distiller’s Yeast is dependent on what outcome is required for the bread and preferences. Distiller’s Yeast is a fair substitute for making bread.

There are strains of distiller’s Yeast that can be used better for alcohol than bread. It’s better to choose the right strain for bread. While distiller’s Yeast is best used for alcohol, it could be used to make a denser bread.

This could be a preference for a set of clients, especially a professional baker. An example is a baguette. 

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