Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna Differences & Similarities (Explained)

Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna

Pasta-based foods have a special place in our hearts. We can’t deny that many of us are addicted to pasta-based comfort food for a variety of reasons, including the ingredients or the taste. Baked ziti and lasagna are two popular pasta dishes that most people adore.

The main difference between baked ziti and lasagna is the method of preparation. Baked ziti is made with extruder-style pasta and topped with marinara sauce (occasionally meat sauce), ricotta cheese, and mozzarella before being baked. Lasagna, on the other hand, is produced by layering pasta sheets, sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella before baking.

You’ll agree with us that both foods are delicious, and choosing between them might be difficult if you’re given the option. This raises a question that a lot of people have.

Are baked ziti and lasagna the same thing? What is the difference if not? Here’s everything you should know.

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Baked Ziti Explained

Ziti is a kind of pasta; however, it comes in a different and unique shape.

When you think of a tube, then you can imagine the looks of a ziti, it is tubular, with circular ends, and it is of medium size, only one or two inches long.  

Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna

Lasagna Explained

Lasagna is an ancient and popular type of pasta, unlike ziti; lasagna comes in flat, straight sheet shapes.

The lasagna comes in different sizes and may look different sometimes, however its shapes remain the same.

Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna: Similarities

Far from their outward appearances, you’ll be interested to learn that baked ziti and lasagna share numerous similarities that you might not have noticed at first.

Some similarities between baked ziti and lasagna are listed below.

  • The most notable difference between these two is that they are both made from pasta. Although one is layered, the other isn’t. This still doesn’t negate the fact that they have the same source.
  • If you haven’t noticed, both baked ziti and lasagna contain the same ingredients. i.e., marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella etc.
  • Another similarity will be that they are both baked. While they both have different processes, you get to bake them at the last stage.

Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna: Differences

Although baked ziti and lasagna have quite a few similarities, they also come with their differences. Find out here:

  • The first, noticeable difference in both is that they are made from two different types of pasta. We cannot deny the fact that they are both kinds of pasta, however, they are different. One is flat and comes in different sizes, the other is tubular and medium sizes.
  • Another difference to note is the process of cooking. While baked ziti of first tossed with a lot of extruder-styled pasta and then marinara sauce, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese, and then baked. Lasagna requires a process of layering, each layer is filled with sauce, cheese, mozzarella, etc. after which it goes in to be baked.
  • Baked ziti is cooked in less time than lasagna. Baked ziti is served with the ingredients over each other; however, lasagna is prepared by layering the pasta and ingredients over one another which will take more time.
Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna
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Baked Ziti Vs Lasagna: Which One Is Better?

Telling which one is better between these two delicious meals can be a hard task to perform, considering the similarities in texture and other things. However, a lot of people seem to prefer lasagna over baked ziti.

You hardly hear about Baked ziti in movies or TV shows, most people want Lasagna, however, baked ziti isn’t bad at all when prepared well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I bake lasagna covered or uncovered?

You should bake your lasagna covered. Leaving it uncovered will make it dry. Cover it with a foil-topped tray for some time, while it is being baked. Once the lasagna is baked halfway, you can remove the foil to allow the top to become brown.

How long do you cook baked ziti that was refrigerated?

If your baked ziti is refrigerated, then you should reheat it for 30 to 45 minutes in the oven. You might want to leave it in for an hour or more if it’s frozen or partially frozen.

Is ziti baked covered or uncovered?

You should bake your ziti uncovered. Although in the cooking phase, ensure you cover the pasta while in the sauce; the ends should be properly placed inside. Afterward, you can then bake it uncovered at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes or until the cheese melt.

Does baked ziti contain meat?

This is dependent on what you want or like. Baked ziti can have meat, sausage, onion, pepper, and a lot of things, you want to add.

Can I make baked ziti the day before? 

Yes, you can make your baked ziti a day before you need it. After making it, refrigerate it and bake it the next day or when you need it.

How long can my ziti last?

If you have leftovers of your baked ziti, then we suggest you keep them in a shallow airtight container or sealable plastic bag and then store them properly in the refrigerator. This way, your leftovers can last for 3 to 5 days.

How long can uncooked ziti stay in the fridge? 

Your uncooked ziti can stay for as long as 3 days in your fridge before baking.

Should I bake ziti with foil? 

Yes, you will be required to cover your baked ziti with foil. Spray a side of aluminum foil with cooking spray, and then cover the casserole dish with the foil.

Is lasagna healthy to eat?

Lasagna is a comfortable and delicious food, but there is no recognized nutrition in pasta. It contains calories, sodium, and saturated fat.

Final Thoughts 

Although baked ziti and lasagna are both made from pasta, they both have similarities and differences you probably haven’t noticed.

It is hard to decide which one is better, however, there seems to be a preference for lasagna over baked ziti.

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