Using A Blender Instead Of A Mixer (What You Should Know)

Using A Blender Instead Of A Mixer (What You Should Know)

A blender is not the same as a mixer although these two can be used interchangeably. While the primary job of a blender is to help break food items into small pieces, a mixer rather turns those foods into powder or liquid which goes to show both have different primary functions.

Blenders have a very different task from a mixer, but this doesn’t mean one can’t replace the other in certain tasks.

There are many mixers in the market, and their functions have been upgraded. Choosing between a blender and a mixer isn’t overwhelming since both can attend to different kitchen needs however you might have to consider one if there is no room for both.

The main difference between a blender and a mixer is how they both process foods. A blender uses a powerful motor and blade to is to mix and liquefy foods or as the name implies blend ingredients like soup or smoothies while a mixer is meant to mix or whip things up all together in a bowl.

There are some occasions you might have to choose between a blender and a mixer and this is where many people often wonder which is best. Stick with us to find out if you should be using a blender instead of a mixer, and indeed all you need to know about these two kitchen tools.

The Blender Explained

A blender is often called a mixer as well however it does have a different specific primary purpose.

A blender is a kitchen appliance used to crush, mix, puree, and emulsify food and other substances as well. Blenders are meant to turn solids into liquids and have powerful motors to help achieve that.

There are many sizes and varieties of blenders on the market depending on what type of food it can process. However, blenders sure have their limitations and below are some of their common uses.

  • Used as a grinder, it is commonly for grinding semi-solid foods like fruits, and vegetables into a puree
  • Chopping
  • Crushing
  • Liquifying
  • Used in blending ingredients such as milk, sweet sauces, and ice cream for milkshakes
  • Mixing and crushing of ice cocktails
  • Smooth juice
  • Blending soup.
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A blender can be compared to a food processor and the modern-day blender is just as versatile as the food processor. Blenders are known to be the most popular useful kitchen appliance, it is known as a liquidizer in the United Kingdom.

Some most common types of versatile blenders include; Single-serve blenders, immersion blenders countertop blenders, and commercial blenders.

Mixers Explained

A mixer is a cool kitchen gadget for mixing things especially for mixing foods, and it saves the stress of laboriously stirring with a spoon. This can help make cooking easy, depending on the type. The two common types of mixers are standing and hand mixers which are both to mix ingredients more efficiently.

Mixers specifically the stand mixers can offer you an extra hand while you cook in the kitchen. The primary job of a kitchen mixer is to stir, beat, grind, and whip food items.

Stand mixers come with two whisks attached to them which can be used in whipping and other attachments such as a dough hook, whisk, paddles, and many more.

Using A Blender Instead Of A Mixer

A mixer and a blender happen to be very handy kitchen tools, and they do have different primary functions which means one can exactly replace the other.

If you are wondering if a blender can be used instead of a mixer then the answer is yes and no. A blender can perform some tasks of a mixer, but it is not a perfect replacement, and you won’t get the same results.

In some cases, you might be able to replace a mixer with a blender and vice versa, but having analyzed how a mixer and blender work above, you can decide what kitchen chores they can replace each other in. Blenders are considered more powerful than mixers and this is because they can do more, although they are commercial mixers that can do just as much as immersion blenders.

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Which is better hand blender or mixer? You need a mixer just as much as you need a blender and since they do have different uses then it’s pretty difficult to decide which is better.

The blender and mixer might seem to do different things, but it’s not so, and it’s pretty much the result that differs. These are both unique tools worth having in the kitchen.

Here is a table to help you identify the differences between a blender and a mixer.

Kitchen BlendersKitchen Mixers
They chop things up into small pieces It mixes all ingredients into a well-combined mixture
Can be used to crush ice and pulverize tough ingredients Perfects for making cake batter or whipping egg white to make meringue
Perfect for juices and milkshakesMeant for mixing consistency to prevent a mess
Breaks down whole fruit and vegetables for juiceCan simply mix the meringue
Used in breaking down solid foods into smaller piecesMeant to combine multiple ingredients into a single substance
Comes in a container with a blade operated by a motorMade with one or two beaters with a motor to control them
Less diverseMore diverse

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blending and mixing the same thing?

Blending is not the same thing as mixing. The blending process combines ingredients that are entirely changed into another chemical while the mixing process doesn’t create something new, it just combines ingredients that can still be separated.

Can a blender replace a mixer?

A blender can’t replace a mixer completely, but it can be substituted to some extent. Mixers are only meant to beat and combine ingredients while a blender completely blends and liquefies that ingredient hence it can not replace it in mixing solid foods but can work in preparing pancake batter.

Which is a more powerful blender or mixer?

A mixer is a powerful appliance that can easily take care of mixing recipes and kneading dough but the blender can be an even more vital kitchen tool. Blenders can also replace mixers in certain tasks, so they are considered more powerful compared to mixers. However, note that the commercial mixers can be just as powerful as the blenders.

Can I use a blender to make a cake batter?

A blender can be used to make a cake batter, but you are likely to over mix the batter. A blender will impact too much force on the batter and make it develop too much gluten which eventually ruins the cake texture. Best to stick to a hand mixer as you don’t want to beat the cake batter more than it’s required.

Wrapping Up

Here is a basic understanding of what a mixer and a blender do; A mixer is an electrical appliance that uses a motor to grind, stir, beat and whip food, it can be used to mix both solid and liquid foods while a general model of blender blends soft sold foods and liquids to make a paste.

After looking at the mechanism of the two kitchen tools, it has been concluded that one can’t replace the other however there is no reason you can’t replace the mixer with a blender in simple cases of mixing milkshakes or smoothies but when you have to make something heavier like pizza dough, you have to use a mixer.

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