Chocolate, Blueberry, And Banana Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate, Blueberry and Banana Ice Cream Cake

I’ve been eating ice cream cake and listening to this song on repeat all morning.

Faded pajama pants, woolly socks, green tea, and Thelma and Louise – one of those kinds of mornings. It’s a beautiful day outside too. I can see the sunlight literally pouring through my window, catching the dust. I know I should go outside and do something productive, but it’s just one of those days.

One of those ice cream cake and woolly sock days.

I’m one of those people that likes to be active literally all the time. I like to fill my days with work and nights with fun and fall into bed exhausted at the end of the week, drifting to sleep instantly.

I like to ignore the parts of life that are not so pleasant by distracting myself; by filling my life with “things.”

Chocolate, Blueberry and Banana Ice Cream Cake

A few weeks ago something ended with a special someone, and instead of crying with Adele playing and eating ice cream by myself for a week, I just shoved my heart deep down inside and got on with life – more than that, poured myself into each day so that was barely time to pause and think.

As a tactic, it actually did work quite well, for a while. Until I had one of those woolly sock days. And now I guess I feel a little…lost. Not sad, no. No regrets or anger. Just a little disconnected, drifting. So I’m eating ice cream cake. And listening to Bon Iver.

And watching Thelma and Louise, which I personally think is possibly the best movie ever.

I think we all forget that sometimes, you need to eat ice cream and watch movies. It’s good for spiritual health, and for discovering which of your socks are the warmest and which are sneakily not very warm. This ice cream cake is so good, I keep squirreling away slices to eat at every hour of the day and night.

I couldn’t get a complete photo of it because I ate a slice in the middle of the night before it was even frozen!

The bottom is a rich and creamy avocado chocolate cinnamon ice cream, followed by a blueberry and coconut cream layer, followed by a vanilla-flecked banana. Soooo good! And you can substitute in cashew cream for the coconut to make it completely raw and vegan!

You can have your cake and eat the whole thing too.

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Photos & Recipes by Lillian Crowther Gibson. Sugar&Cinnamon.

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