Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad? (What to Know)


Tasty canned biscuits can alter your choice of unhealthy snacks completely.

Canned biscuits are considered a lot healthier, although they are quite low in fiber and whole grain if you are making homemade ones then you can decide what ingredients go into them. Canned biscuits happen to be a perfect option if you are going on holiday.

Quick answer: Yes, canned biscuits will eventually go bad just like every edible, but they do have a long shelf life. There are different types of canned biscuits and most come with chemical preservation to make sure they last longer, hence unopened canned biscuits should last 6 months after their expiration date.

It is easy to ignore the preservation method when it comes to something like Canned Biscuits, but it can save your biscuits from fungi and bacteria. People have been discovered to have a hard time preserving dry foods like canned biscuits and bread, but this is not as complex as it seems, and knowing how they are meant to last will prepare you better.

The preservation option for canned biscuits is quite limited which can explain why many wonder if they can go bad. Canning biscuits is an efficient way to preserve them and keep them edible. So, stick around to learn more about canned biscuits and preserving them.

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How to Use Canned Biscuits in The Kitchen

How can you enjoy canned biscuits? Surprisingly, not many are aware of the amazing ways you can enjoy canned biscuits. They make great comfort foods, but there are also ways they can be used in the kitchen.

The supermarket-bought ones are not the only enjoyable ones, you can also enjoy homemade canned biscuits even more. Here are a couple of ways it can be used in the kitchen.

1. Waffles

Surprisingly, your canned biscuit can be useful when it comes to making waffles. If you do have canned biscuit dough already prepped or store-bought canned biscuits, and you look to enjoy waffles for brunch or breakfast then you can simply turn the biscuit dough into waffles in no time.

Here is how you can convert your canned biscuit dough into waffles.

  • Preheat your waffle iron and grease it to avoid burning
  • Place a section of canned biscuit in each waffle segment to cook
  • Once your waffle maker turns green then it is ready to go
  • You can pair this melty cheese or stuff with Nutella.

2. Garlic Knots

Garlic knots are going to be much more delicious with canned biscuits. With knots, you just have to cut one of the canned Biscuits Dough into segments then roll each into a rope, and you can place it on the baking sheet.

Soft garlic knots can be made easily with canned biscuit dough. Brush with melted garlic butter and sprinkle some garlic powder to enjoy.

3. Casseroles

Another way you can enjoy canned biscuits is to use them as a casserole topper. Have your canned biscuit divided into quarters each and place on top of your casserole then bake until it is hot, and the biscuit is golden brown.

4. Dumplings

Dumplings are one of the comfort foods you can start with canned biscuits. If you want a night’s dinner, you can make dumplings with chicken and biscuits.

Cut your biscuit dough separately and section it into 6 pieces, then flatten slightly with your fingers. Drop this into your chicken stew and cook till it soaks up the flavor and is puffed up.

Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad?

How do you store unused canned biscuits?
Source: Simple 30

Canned biscuits will go bad eventually, but it tends to take quite a long time before this can happen.

However, if the container is damaged or exposed to some bacteria there it will go bad fast. There are cases where canned biscuits lasted way past their expiry dates and there are cases where it goes bad before that which means, preservation and storage are important for canned biscuits.

Refrigerated canned biscuits will be fine for two months after their best-before date, but they will remain safe to eat even after that. Unopened ones can be safe to consume for 4 years provided it is stored properly and there is no damage in the container.

Canned biscuits need to be stored in a cool dry place to keep them preserved however if there is any dent or leak in the container then it is time to ditch them.

Biscuits can’t go bad especially canned ones, but they can lose their taste. Hence, your canned biscuit is likely to taste the same after its expiry date. As long as your canned biscuit is stored in the fridge, it can’t go bad, but it can start to lose its taste after a while.

How Do You Know If Canned Biscuits Are Bad?

Most canned biscuits indicate 3 years before it expires and should still be safe to eat after 2 months of their expiration date depending on how it is stored. Telling that canned biscuits or any type of biscuits have gone bad isn’t complicated, they will go stale and mold can appear on them as well.

Some manufacturers have preservatives included in their canned biscuits, but if exposed to heat, or it is infiltrated by organisms that carry bacteria, it is likely to go bad after, and you need to have them discarded.

One of the flags you shouldn’t ignore is the expiry date, not all canned biscuits are meant to last past their expiry date. below are some signs to watch out for.

1. Bloated container

The container might become bloated and out of shape. While this is rare, it can happen especially if it is way past its expiry date.

2. Bad odor

Here is another sign you do not want to ignore. Canned biscuits are made with chemical preservatives and contain lots of sugar but bacteria and some organisms thrive on this and this makes it viable to a bad smell with time.

3. Change in color

The ingredients can start reacting over time which leads to a change in color. If your canned biscuits turn black, or It’s filled with spots then it has gone bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can biscuits be eaten after the expiry date?

Biscuits are highly processed, so they can be safe to eat after the expiry date, but this doesn’t mean you should. Biscuits are okay to eat 2 months after their expiry date, but they can expose your body to some bacteria hence it’s best not to consume them and take note if they are bad as well.

How long do canned biscuits last past the expiration date?

Canned biscuits that are past their expiration date and also unopened should be fine in the refrigerator for a month or two. You can simply freeze it as well if you want it to last longer.

How do you store unused canned biscuits?

The best way to store any leftover or unused canned biscuits is to freeze them. Open the can and have the biscuits laid on a baking sheet, keep them far apart, so they don’t touch each other, then freeze. Once it is frozen, have it transferred to an air-tight container. then store it back in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

While canned biscuits are the perfect comfort food for you, another way you can enjoy it is to get the canned biscuit dough, and you can bake it conveniently.

In addition, if your homemade canned biscuit has any perishable ingredient then it can only be stored in the fridge for a week before it goes bad, or you can have it stored frozen as well.

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