Does Twisted Tea Have Alcohol? (Explained)

Does Twisted Tea Have Alcohol?

The history of twisted tea dates as far back as 2021 and although it has only recently been introduced it is pretty famous for being a healthier option compared to other sugary beverage drinks. Twisted tea contains antioxidants however there have always been concerns about whether it contains alcohol. Twisted tea has always been classified as a malt beverage, but that’s all it is.

Thanks to the inclusion of tea leaves in the brewing of twisted tea, has made it relatively healthy as it does contain antioxidants which are known to help boost immunity and also prevent harmful toxins from entering the body. Twisted tea as the name implies is considered a simply brewed tea with some twist to it.

Yes, twisted tea does contain alcohol hence you can get drunk on it however it might take you 4 to 5 twisted tea to get that to happen depending on your alcohol tolerance. Twisted tea hard iced tea is brewed with real tea leaves and contains 5% ABV while twisted light tea contains %4. Twisted tea is an alcoholic beverage but will not get you buzzed immediately.

Twisted tea is a refreshingly smooth hard iced tea that is perfect for game night. There is nothing as perfect as ice-cold tea on a hot sunny day. But while twisted ice tea is great for hot humid weather, many are quite confused about this drink and tend to have lots of questions on whether it’s a beverage or not.

Things You Should Know About Twisted Tea

Twisted tea is the one drink that has been touted as a beverage, alcoholic drink, and black tea. To make you understand what twisted tea is, it is a hard iced tea that contains malt-based ethanol.

Twisted ice tea from the Boston company is a refreshing ice tea that contains malt base alcohol and the original flavor of this drink resembles brewed tea laced with lemon hence some have a hate-and-love relationship with it.

The popularity of twisted tea has exponentially gone up over the last couple of years. It is considered the perfect beverage for game night and also the drink is slightly caffeinated. You should also know that the original flavor of this drink is the most known one, it is laced with lemonade flavor.

Twisted tea usually comes in 12-ounce bottles or cans and there are also 24 ounces available. Know that twisted tea is not gluten-free as its main ingredients are made from malt and it is not gluten-free. The flavoring in it contains sugar as well so it is not recommended if you are on a keto or carb diet. Lastly, it is slightly caffeinated.

Are Twisted Teas Gluten-Free? What You Should Know
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Does Twisted Tea Have Alcohol?

Twisted tea is an alcoholic beverage so yes it does have alcohol and you can get drunk on it.

The twisted tea creations contain 5% alcohol while the lightly flavored one contains 4% and according to the website, you will find the same type of ethanol found in beer in it which is malt-based alcohol. This brewed hard-ice tea is made from grains and then combined with teas and flavorings.

Note that the launched twisted tea from the Boston Beer Company contains ethanol which is the alcohol from malted but the homemade iced tea contains vodka. The original twisted ice tea is made with natural lemon flavor, black tea, and 5% malted beer. This is just as tasty as a lemonade drink and it’s perfect for a hot afternoon.

Other flavors of twisted ice tea include blueberry, peach, mango, blackberry, and raspberry. There is also a slightly sweet flavor, it comes with half the sugar, and sweetness and only has 4% of alcohol which is why it is called the light version. It can be served over ice or chilled.

Does Twisted Tea Make You Drunk?

Yes, twisted tea will make you drunk, although that is based on how much is consumed and your alcohol tolerance.

The alcohol content in twisted tea ranges from 4% to 5% and drinking 1 or 2 might not get you buzzed as it is lower in alcohol content compared to other alcoholic beverages. However, 3 and 4 bottles upward and you will be in the drunken territory but as it is stated earlier, it’s all dependent on your tolerance.

Other factors that might determine how drunk you get include weight, height, gender, and if you are taking the light version as that can take some time to have an effect compared to the original version. Understanding your alcohol tolerance can help manage your reaction to twisted tea.

Twisted Tea Alcohol Percentage

The original twisted tea alcohol percentage is 5% and simple math does indicate that the light version has a 4% alcohol volume. 12 oz can of the original twisted tea has the same amount of alcohol content as that of a regular beer. This also means that drinking an excess of twisted tea can get you drunk and give you a hangover.

The difference in alcohol percentage between the original and light versions is just 1 % so while 1 of them is unlikely to get you drunk, 9 to 10 cans of it might. So all the standard twisted teas have 5% alcohol and the twisted tea light has 4%.

Homemade Twisted Tea Recipe

Making twisted tea at home is more simple than most people think.


  • Sweet tea vodka
  • Iced tea froze cocktail
  • Twisted tea John Daly.

Check out the twisted tea recipe here.

Is Twisted Tea Better For You Than Beer?

Twisted tea is a better alternative to beer, it is a blend of teas, alcohol, and lemonade flavor so it is healthier compared to beer.

Twisted tea contains fewer calories compared to that and also herbal tea in it can boost general body relations, in addition to the caffeine in it which can increase clarity as well.

In terms of alcohol, twisted tea is also much better than beer as it is a weaker option and it does have more refreshing flavors like raspberry, blackberry, or mango to pick from.

Wrapping Up

Twisted tea is not an alcoholic drink rather it is iced tea that has been spiked with alcohol from malt, and only the homemade ones contain vodka.

The information above should help you enjoy twisted tea with caution and if you are still confused about its alcohol content, the homemade recipe should guide you into making your own.

Twisted tea is a slightly sweet drink with a fizzy kick to it, so the goal is to enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness on a hot humid day with friends or alone.

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