Is Apple Juice Gluten-free? (EXPLAINED)

Is Apple Juice Gluten-free

Apple juice is 100% the favorite drink we all love. But is apple juice gluten-free? If you follow a gluten-free diet and still happen to be someone who enjoys a refreshing glass of apple juice once in a while then you are likely curious about whether there is gluten in it or not.

Apple juice is generally made with 100% apple juice contracted water and water, making it super healthy.

Yes, apple juice is 100% gluten-free, so it is safe for consumption by people with celiac or gluten-related diseases. Apple juice is made from apple juice concentrated water and water, so it is naturally gluten-free and contains very little sugar, antioxidants, and fiber. Apple juice is a tremendous source of vitamin C and minerals. However, you should drink it in moderation or best eat plain apple fruit more often.

Studies have suggested that eating one apple fruit a day may support mental health and brain function, and the juice is no exception.

The compounds found in apple juice can basically reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is the bad cholesterol that puts you at risk of coronary diseases. However, are there reasons you should not drink apple juice?

Apple juice is considered one of the healthiest fruit drinks with numerous benefits. It is a versatile fruit drink which is one of the reasons it’s famous around the world. On this note, let’s review whether apple juice is gluten-free or not in this article.

Gluten-Free Diet Explained

While many understand what a gluten-free diet entails, it can be confusing for others. Simply put, a gluten-free diet is an eating plan that excludes any food that contains gluten. Gluten, on the other hand, is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Gluten-containing foods can take a toll on your body, leading to weight gain.

There has always been a bit of confusion on whether a gluten-free diet is good for the body, but patients with celiac or gluten-related disorders must avoid eating any food with gluten in it.

If you have coeliac, then you have to avoid gluten for life hence it is essential that you read labels when buying a product in order to ensure it does not contain any additives or flavorings. A gluten-free diet is the only treatment for any gluten-related conditions.

Common Sources of GlutenCommon Foods That Are Gluten-free
Bread all types of bread unless it is labeled gluten-free. Avoid rolls, buns, bagels, biscuits, and flour tortillas.Many whole foods are naturally gluten-free
Baked goodsVegetables
BeerCertain whole grains such as tapioca, quinoa, millet, wild rice, and brown rice
SoupDairy products
CrackersFresh meat, fish, and poultry.
Is Apple Juice A Pure Substance?
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Is Apple Juice Gluten-free?

Apple juice is gluten-free since it is made with 100% juice or concentrated apple juice water. However, precautions need to be applied if you are getting your apple juice from the store, this is because ascorbic may be added as a preservative, this is safe, but there is also a chance of artificial or natural flavors in it. Some brands will indicate whether it was processed on shared equipment.

This juice is appropriate and safe for those following a gluten-free diet or celiac patients as it tends to contain very little sugar, antioxidants, and fiber. So, as long as you checked the label to ensure no artificial flavoring has been used, it is a great drink to enjoy any time of the day.

Apple juice is unlikely to harm any gluten-sensitive patient and it does provide many benefits which makes it a great drink. However, we implore that you drink this in moderation as everything is good at an optimal level.

So, drink but not too much apple juice and consider eating more apples instead.

Few key points on apple juice;

  • Apple juice is gluten-free hence it’s safe for celiac or gluten-related diseases.
  • Stick to around 1 cup a day or around 8 ounces of apple juice.
  • To choose gluten-free juices and make informed decisions, know how to check the label on the item.

Benefits of Apple Juice

There is no reason you can’t include apple juice in your diet plan, as people grow more aware of it so also is the increase in the many ways you can incorporate it into your diet. You can reduce it to syrup, make apple bread juice or add it to your baked goods.

Apple juice might just be a water and apple concentrate blend, but here are some notable benefits.

a glass of apple juice with ice

1. It Might Boost Immunity

One of the incredible benefits of apple juice is that it can help boost immunity. This fruit juice is an excellent source of vitamin C which is one of the main components that supports the immune system of the body. Apple juice can easily be the start of your lunch box, it can help encourage the immune system by acting as an antioxidant compound thereby reducing oxidative stress.

2. Constipation Relief

To offer relief when you feel blocked, you can simply sip on apple juice. This fruit juice comes highly recommended as a low-intensity laxative for adults and kids. If you are looking for a home remedy for constipation, try a glass of apple juice.

3. Heart Health

Apple juice contains potassium and it is well known for lowering cholesterol which in turn helps keep your arteries clear. Apple juice is a really great option for your heart health, not only does it reduce the tension in your vessels, but can also be a great defense against colds and flu.

4. Improves Liver Function

Other fantastic benefits of apple juice are that it may help improve the functions of the liver. It actually aids the function of the whole digestive system, which in turn enhances the function of your liver. This popular fruit juice contains malic acid, which is a strong metal chelator which is an acid that helps maintain liver function by removing and cleaning toxic metals in the liver.

Gluten-free Fruit Juice

Luckily, most beverages are gluten-free and include soda, juices, and sports drinks. Looking for the best gluten-free fruit juice, here is a list of them below.

  1. Grapefruit juice
  2. Tomato juice
  3. Cranberry juice
  4. Orange juice
  5. Lemonade juice
  6. Grape juice
  7. Apple juice.

Is Allen’s Apple Juice Gluten-free?

Allen’s apple juice is not concentrated and as there are no gluten ingredients listed on the label, we believe this is 100% gluten-free.

Allen’s unsweetened apple juice ingredients list contains no added sugar and happens to be quite refreshing and satisfying.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the numerous benefits of apple juice, you can easily incorporate it into your diet and it can be really useful in preventing health issues such as UTIs.

Following a strict gluten diet can be lots easier if you learn to create some recipes yourself hence you can consider making apple juice at home yourself or try Allen’s apple juice.

Specific ingredients you have to watch out for can be labeled as natural flavors and artificial flavors. Ensure to use caution when there is no gluten-free label. However, you can relax when it comes to apple juice, it is completely gluten-free while also supporting your immune system, digestion, hydration, and many more.

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