12 Old Overholt Cocktail Recipes (2024)

Old Overholt Cocktail Recipes

What type of cocktails can be made from old Overholt? If you are familiar with the Old Overholt then this is a question you might have asked. The old overholt is a most sought-after rye whiskey distilled by A. Overholt & Co. It is a harsh rye whiskey and the oldest of all Beams’ Family Bourbon while remaining the cornerstone of American-style whiskey.

Old Overholt is named the whiskey sour, Manhattan, or old-fashioned, it’s quite the drink that many find bold and interesting. This might be nothing but a straight rye whiskey, but now there are recipes made as cocktails to suit each person’s preference. This is preferred in many cocktail recipes because of its well-rounded sweet notes of citrus and a dry, crisp finish.

You will be surprised by the amazing cocktail drinks you can make from the Old Overholt. This drink was introduced in 1810 in western Pennsylvania but has now been designated as the foundation of American rye whiskey.

If you like the old-fashioned spirit-forward drink, then you can’t help but love the old overholt cocktail recipes either. Old Overholt without a doubt makes some great classic cocktails.

12 Old Overholt Cocktail Recipes

The Old overholt has been the known staple bar for many of us for years, this can be attributed to the typical spicy, grain, and flavorful citrus notes that will not hit you too hard over the head. Old overholt will always remain a classic rye whiskey with a distinct flavor.

So, below are some of the most popular and best old overholt cocktail recipes.

1. Old Fashioned

Rye Old Fashioned
Source: Tornadough Alli

The old-fashioned cocktail is made with good old Jim Beam hence you can be sure it’s just the right note of whiskey and citrus as it should be. However, you can always go with any bourbon of your personal choice.

This is a classic cocktail that can be enjoyed on a summer afternoon, it has a great flavor and calls for very simple ingredients too.

Get the old-fashioned cocktail recipe.

2. Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Whiskey Sour cocktail
Source: Simply Recipes

Here is another delicious whiskey-made cocktail. The origin of the sour whiskey is not exactly known but it’s another perfect old overholt recipe worth having. This recipe is made with whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

When the egg white is added and a dash of Angostura bitters, you get a cocktail that is even bold and thrilling. This is another simple old overholt cockatiel, just one or two special ingredients and it’s perfect.

Get the whiskey sour cocktail recipe.

3. Boulevardier Cocktail With Old Overholt

Boulevardier cocktail with Old Overholt
Source: Kitchen Swagger

Here is another classic and interesting old overholt cocktail recipe. This is a cognac and lemon twist with a classic boulevardier cocktail that contains bourbon, Campari, cognac, and sweet vermouth. This has a fancy twist to it so you can either enjoy making it for a party or have a refreshing alone time with it.

Get the Boulevardier cocktail recipe.

4. Black Manhattan

Black Manhattan
Source: Liquor.com

Looking for perfectly balanced booze? The black Manhattan cocktail recipe was created in 2005 and it is a simple variation of the classic Manhattan cocktail, this has minor adjustments which made it heavier and slightly bitter. However, it’s still considered to be an iconic party cocktail, there is an additional depth of flavor from the amaro herbs and caramel notes.

Get the black Manhattan recipe.

5. Sazerac Cocktail

Sazerac cocktail
Source: I’m Bored, Let’s Go…

This is not the traditional way to make a Sazerac but if you also o not care much for the whiskey heat but still desire some distinct cocktail then this is perfect. This allows you to make your own choice of what goes into this cocktail and what does not, which is perfect for many of us that love things to be different but not to worry, it still contains rye whiskey.

Get the sazerac cocktail recipe.

6. The Greenpoint Cocktail

The Greenpoint Cocktail
Source: David Lebovitz

Want a simple whiskey cocktail? Here is one that is perfect and it’s just like its cousin cocktails, Manhattan and Bronx. This is just like every New York-themed cocktail, you can make it in a matter of minutes, it begins with a base of rye whiskey and it is bolstered by sweet red vermouth and yellow Chartreuse.

Get the Greenpoint cocktail recipe.

7. Witty Comeback

The Witty Comeback
Source: Bon Appetit

Just as the name implies, this is another excellent old overholt whiskey with a spicey bite. It is made with rye and lemon, ginger syrup, and Averna amaro. These ingredients all come together to give you something classy with an orange twist.

Get the witty comeback recipe.

8. Vieux Carré

Vieux Carré
Source: Imbibe Magazine

Here is another old overholt recipe that gives you the taste of perfection. This is a New Orleans staple, it was introduced in the 1930s at the legendary Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. This cocktail came together with the combination of many amazing ingredients and has a lemon twist to make it perfect.

Get the vieux carré recipe.

9. Bourbon And Sage Cocktail

bourbon and sage cocktail
Source: Inspired by Charm

The bourbon and sage are just like the rye whiskey old sage, but this comes with a dynamic. This is made with a combination of bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and sage-infused syrup. This cocktail is one you are going to love, this could also be named sage rye cocktail as you can make use of the old overholt.

Get the bourbon and sage cocktail recipe.

10. Ward Eight

Ward Eight Cocktail
Source: Malt Whiskey Magazin

Next on our list of favorite old overholt cocktail recipes is this Ward Eight cocktail. This cocktail is a bright one that originated from Boston’s Locke-Ober restaurant in 1898, although this restaurant closed in 2012 and the official recipe is difficult to find, there are many variations and this is one that stood out. It is a classic whiskey sour with every single taste of sensation you can want in your cocktail.

Get the Ward eight cocktail recipe.

11. Bananarac Cocktail

Bananarac Cocktail
Source: Liber & Co.

Time to try something more tropical, and what is perfect than the combination of rye whiskey and banana? This is quite a special recipe, it’s simply a new spin on the Sazerac cocktail with heavy notes of banana. There is a special flare of Armagnac to make further this a special drink.

Get the bananarac cocktail recipe.

12. La Valencia Cocktail

La Valencia Cocktail
Source: Liquor.com

Another old overholt cocktail recipe we are completely rooting for is this bright herbaceous drink, it’s a chamomile-infused whiskey cocktail made by the pro bar Alex Day. This works for both tea and cocktail time.

Get the La Valencia cocktail recipe.

Wrapping Up

The Old Overholt is similar in lots of ways to suit cousin Bourbon and can play the cocktail field in so many ways as well.

This classic American spirit drink boasts of a big, spicy, and brash flavor and with the list of cocktails you can create with it above, you did never run out of an interesting cocktail to impress your guests or have a refreshing afternoon to yourself.

The rye whiskey is pretty much a versatile one and you can also work many fruits and chocolates into this as well. The luxurious old overholt bonded straight with many cocktail ingredients and the cocktails we have listed above highlight the distinct taste of this rye whiskey perfectly.

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