Is Twisted Tea Gluten-Free? What You Should Know

Are Twisted Teas Gluten-Free?

Twisted teas happen to be the original hard Iced Tea and the smooth refreshing taste makes it quite hard to ignore. One twisted iced tea is unlikely to get you drunk, but that is not the only reason, this iced tea is becoming popular.

It contains a blend of alcohol, select teas, and a real lemonade which makes it healthier than some refreshing drinks. This is a tea flavor beer anyone can enjoy.

If you are new to twisted teas, you don’t have to worry, there is always a flavor you will enjoy. Some brands brew twisted teas in similar ways to beer, but this is considered much more refreshing, and it’s the perfect alternative to go for if you don’t like beer.

Quickly: No, twisted teas are not gluten-free since their ingredients include wheat barley and gluten. Beers are made from a certain kind of malt and most of their key ingredient are not gluten-free since twisted teas contain 5% of alcohol then, they can’t be considered gluten-free either. All twisted tea varieties contain malt so best to look for alternatives.

While there are lots of reasons you might find twisted tea refreshing and worth consuming, you need to know if it is gluten-free first. If you are still not sure this beer alternative is gluten-free, here is an article that can answer your question.

How Is Twisted Tea Made?

Twisted tea might have implied it is tea, but this is not just tea and is much similar to a beer.

Twisted Tea is made with malt alcohol cereal grain, malt, tea, and lemon which makes it a combination of tea and beer, but the alcohol content is quite low. This drink has been around since 2001 and the original flavor takes on Southern sweet tea with a tinge of lemon.

The alcohol source and content are what differentiated twisted tea from beer. The alcohol in twisted tea comes from malted barley and although the natural flavoring is unknown, they seem to tone down the alcohol content even further.

Is Twisted Tea Gluten-Free?

Twisted teas are not gluten-free, and you should rather find alternatives to them if you are on a gluten-free diet. This refreshing drink is made from barley, wheat or rye, and other undisclosed ingredients which means it is not gluten-free.

The product ingredient always has grains listed on them and if you do have gluten intolerance, this tea is highly prohibited for you.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, it means you need to exclude any food that contains gluten from your meal plans. People with celiac disease are also advised not to consume anything with gluten as this might trigger some bad reaction in the immune body.

It is vital to check out the ingredients of any product you are buying, this way you can ensure it is gluten-free. Fortunately, most twisted tea brands have the ingredient listed on the container, so you can see if the company added any grain or gluten to it.

Are Twisted Teas Gluten-Free? What You Should Know
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Gluten-Free Alternatives To Twisted Tea

Gluten is a natural protein that is entirely harmless, but for anyone on a gluten-free diet or who has celiac disease, consuming gluten can be very harmful or have some negative effects, so it is best to stay clear of it.

Tea naturally is gluten-free, but no brand of twisted teas is gluten-free, so the best option is to look for substitutes.

So, here are 4 gluten-free alcoholic drinks that are perfect substitutes for twisted teas.

1. Wine

Most wines are made with fruit, so they are perfect alternatives to twisted teas. Wine won’t give you the same taste as twisted tea, but it can just be as refreshing, and it’s even considered healthier.

Wine is naturally gluten-free and there are varieties which include red wine, white wine, sparkling wine which are regular wines, or you can try something fortified like vermouth, sherry, and port.

2. Liqueurs

Liqueurs are generally meant to be gluten-free, but to stay on the safe side of things, you need to check the labels and ensure all the ingredients are gluten-free before buying. Simple gluten-free mixed drinks like a martini made with potato-based vodka or gin and tonic.

3. Beer (Some Types)

Unlike twisted tea, some beers are completely free from anything that contains gluten.

Although beers are commonly made from grains like wheat and barley, some companies have started producing beers using gluten-free grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, maize, millet, amaranth, or oats. So, check the label and pick one that is made from gluten-free grains.

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4. Distilled Alcohol

It’s not so surprising that distilled alcohol is gluten-free, so you can have it as the perfect substitute for twisted tea. Distilled alcohols like rum are made from sugar cane and some are made from fruits.

Most distilled alcohols are made from plant materials and the distilled process removes any gluten from it.

These liquors are completely gluten-free and the perfect ones to alternate for twisted tea are brandy, rum, tequila, and gluten-free vodka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is twisted tea considered beer?

Twisted tea is an alcoholic beverage and the process is quite similar to beer, but they are not the same. Twisted beer was launched in 2001 with just one flavor but has since expanded and now has so many varieties.

Can 1 Twisted Tea get you drunk?

Yes, just one bottle of twisted tea can get you drunk, although the alcohol content is low, it contains ethanol and if you don’t have a strong tolerance for alcohol or are not used to it, 1 is enough to get you drunk.

How can I avoid gluten?

To eliminate or avoid gluten completely in your diet, you have to know the different names for wheat and consume more fruits, nuts, and veggies. Choose only gluten-free grains, and it is also important that you look for gluten-free certification labels every time you are getting a product.

Wrapping Up

Twisted Tea is not made through the distilled method used in making some liquors which means the gluten from the grains is still very much intact.

Gluten can cause quite a lot of reactions in the body since it doesn’t digest properly and although twisted tea is much healthier than some refreshing drinks, it might not be for you if you have gluten intolerance.

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