How to Fix Ninja Coffee Maker Leaking Water Problem

How to Fix Ninja Coffee Maker Leaking Water Problem

The ninja coffee maker is a complicated machine to work with at first, and if you’re using it on a daily basis, from time to time, it may develop some issues that you might have to figure out yourself.

In this case, we’re happy to save you the trouble of paying someone to do your repairs, so we’ve decided to give you tips on how to remedy a leaking ninja coffee maker

You can fix a ninja coffee maker leaking water by identifying the reason for the leak first, then proceeding to tighten the gasket, stop the overflow in the water reservoir, clean the coffee filter or replace the tube connections. 

It’s truly heartbreaking when your coffee maker starts leaking while you’re trying to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. The mess that a leaking coffee maker makes is also not fun to deal with, we understand that and we’re sure you’ll have a hold of how to remedy the situation after reading further. 

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The Ninja Coffee Maker Explained

A Ninja coffee maker is a popularly known coffee maker that is known for its innovative buildup that makes it able to brew just about anything and make an excellent cup of coffee each time it runs.

The ninja coffee maker can make hot coffee as well as iced coffee, it has several settings that ensure that coffee is made to suit your taste and needs.

Once you figure out how best to operate the ninja coffee maker, you’ll always have a mind-blowing cup of coffee to start your day with.

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How To Find and Fix Leaking Water In a Ninja Coffee Maker

Amongst the possible breakdowns, your ninja coffee maker may experience, getting a leak is one of the most common problems that occur.

If you notice that your ninja coffee maker is leaking, it could be owing to a fault in the water reservoir connection or that the water reservoir is too full and has begun to spill.

Before you fix the leakage in your ninja coffee maker, you have to be certain of which part of the machine has developed the problem that led to the leakage.

Below are the possible problems that could lead to water leakage in a ninja coffee maker;

1. The gasket of the coffee maker might be faulty

Water leakage in your ninja coffee maker may be a result of a tear in the gasket of the machine, this gasket seals the water reservoir valve opening to the coffee maker’s valve opening to prevent leakage, so if it gets torn or loose, it will result in water leaks. 

How to fix a faulty gasket:

If the gasket of your coffee maker is the problem, you can easily find a replacement that matches your ninja coffee maker model to replace it with. If the gasket is simply lost, all you need to do is tighten it properly. 

2. The water reservoir is overflowing 

The water reservoir might also be a reason for the leakage, it might be faulty and cause the leaks in your ninja coffee machine. This reservoir holds the water for the Coffee machine and sometimes it might be dripping, damp or soaking wet as a result of an overflow of water or a faulty connection. 

How to fix an overflowing water reservoir: 

Take out the best water reservoir from the ninja coffee maker and wipe it clean with a dry cloth, reinstall it and wait for a while. You should be able to easily locate where the leak is from, this lets you know where to reposition or tighten.

Remove it and tighten it properly, also remove dirt and wipe the water reservoir clean before reinstalling again. You should also avoid putting too much water in the reservoir henceforth.

3. A Coffee filter blockage 

In some cases, it may be the reusable coffee filters that have caused a blockage which would in return cause a leakage each time you get the machine working.

These reusable coffee filters need to be cleaned out properly to avoid a blockage that would eventually result in water leakage, as long as it is dirty or filled with coffee grounds it could get clogged and cause water leakage.

How to fix a coffee filter blockage: 

As soon as you realize that the coffee filter is the reason for the water leakage in your ninja coffee maker, take it out and clean it thoroughly. Ensure that your coffee filter is cleaned every three months to avoid a repeat of the issue.

4. A loose tube connection 

The tubes and connections in your ninja coffee maker are also an important place to check while trying to figure out why there is water leaking. The tube that connects the water reservoir to the base of the coffee maker is one that must always be securely in place to avoid water leaks. If this tube is not connected properly, water leakage will be inevitable. 

How to fix a loose tube connection:

If the connection is simply loose, all you have to do is tighten it and make sure it is secure enough to avert another water leakage.

If the tube has cracks or tears, you might need to take it to a repair shop or the manufacturer to get a new tube replaced. If you’re up to the task of replacing the tube, you can get a tube that fits and screw it up yourself. 

Why is my ninja coffee maker leaking water? 

Your ninja coffee maker could be leaking for a couple of reasons which include; a faulty gasket connection, an overflowing water reservoir, a coffee filter blockage, or a loose tube connection.

Why is my ninja coffee maker leaking from the water reservoir? 

The water reservoir in your ninja coffee maker is leaking because its connection to the coffee maker base is loose and water is dripping whenever you’re trying to make a cup of coffee. It could also be leaking because the water reservoir is too filled and overflowing.


Everyone loves the ninja coffee maker because it allows you so many options for coffee making from the comfort of your home. This is a luxury within your home and it’s easy to get attached to using it every day.

The knowledge that your multifunctional ninja coffee maker is suffering from water leaks could ruin your day, especially when you have no idea what is wrong and how to fix it. However, we’ve provided the possible problems that could cause water leaks and easy instructions on how to fix them yourself. 

As long you regularly clean your ninja coffee maker and properly maintain it, it will last longer and hardly have faults such as water leaks. 

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