Forgot To Add Baking Soda In Cookies? (What to Do)

Forgot to Add Baking Soda In Cookies

Have you ever tried baking and forgotten to add Baking Soda, especially to your cookies? Cookies are good options for snacks and also desserts. They are usually made with flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolates, coconut chips, and more depending on the recipe. Baking soda’s function is to help the cookies rise when baked.

This gives a fluffy texture. Without baking soda, the cookies will be dense and flat.

If you forget to add baking soda to your cookies, do not panic. When baking such cookies, allow the cookies to sit in the oven before bringing them out, and let them stay a little longer. The vapor formed from heating will create enough impact for the cookies to rise despite the absence of baking soda. This means that even when set, allow the cookies to “steam”. This result will not be the same as when baked with baking soda but it’s a better option for the batter without baking soda. 

The Necessity Of Baking Soda

There are varying opinions on whether or not baking cookies require baking soda. The popular opinion is that cookies made without baking soda will be flat and dense. Some bake such dense cookies as a delight. In making chocolate cake cookies or sugar cookies, baking soda could be skipped.

The best advice is to go according to the recipe available considering achievable results. In the unavailability of baking soda, baking powder is a good substitute. While baking soda is a stronger leavening agent, baking powder can solidly substitute.

It will require thrice as much baking powder. Such recipes with baking powder need not have acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, and buttermilk. Despite contrasting views and opinions, baking soda is still a necessity.

How long can baking soda last?
Source: Blue Jean Chef

Other substitutes for baking soda are yeast, egg whites, baker’s ammonia, and self-rising flour. These are available ingredients in the kitchen, and they do a good job without baking soda. 

Can You Bake Cookies Without Baking Soda?

Yes, it is completely okay and very possible to make cooking without baking soda. Some recipe cookies don’t call for baking soda although the cookies might come out different compared to when baking soda is used, it doesn’t alter the quality or taste of the cookies.

Baking soda is meant to make your cookies fluffier and denser but this is also a reason why some people have it eliminated from the ingredient list.

You can also have baking soda replaced with baking powder or remove it completely, you will only end up with a much different texture and denseness.

What To Do Without Baking Soda

If you have decided to try making cookies without baking soda, here’s a better way of mixing your dough to give a fluffy result. Avoid mixing for too long. This will give a flat cookie not a fluffy or raised one.

This is because the dough will rise and fall very quickly. 

  1. Mix cream or softened butter until properly mixed.
  2. Then combine eggs and flavorings, and keep mixing till a level of consistency is seen. 
  3. Some recipes combine ingredients that are alike or dry before finally adding them to the butter mix. Ensure to mix in one direction to reduce inconsistency.
  4. Combine the other ingredients with the batter and make a consistent dough. Avoid mixing too vigorously. Allow staying a little before molding into desired shapes and sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make sugar cookies without baking soda?

It is possible. If the batter is properly mixed or creamed, the resulting texture is fluffy. They would usually not come out flat but fluffy.

What happens with too much baking soda?

When you add too much baking soda, what you get is a bitter result and sometimes salty. It is important to add the necessary measurements of each ingredient to avoid a disaster batter.

Why do you need baking soda when you bake?

What baking soda does is help give your cookies a rise, fluffy texture.

How do I bake cookies with baking soda?

The best advice is to search for recipes with baking soda and use them. You will be required to add a particular amount based on the type of cookies to be baked and the quantity. 

Final thoughts

Baking soda is a strong leavening agent. It’s a necessary ingredient in baking. There are good substitutes in baking, this will avert baking something dense and flat.

Proper mixing of the ingredients whether by your hand or mixer will solve half the problem of leavening. You can bake quite a few cookies without baking soda. A good example is sugar cookies.

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