Why Is Cookie Dough So Good? (3 Reasons)

Why Is Cookie Dough So Good?

Flour, Sugar, Butter, a host of other ingredients, and good mixing will make a good cookie dough.

If you have ever tasted cookie dough probably out of impatience or as a way to satisfy your curiosity, you might have been surprised. The surprise will usually be from how good the dough tastes compared to the aftermath.

So the question on your curious minds will be: why does the cookie dough taste surprisingly good? 

Cookie Doughs are really good, the taste of the dough is usually significantly sweeter than the baked cookies. This is because of the concentrated form of flavors in the dough before it is been baked. The dough contains baking soda which enables the dough to rise.

This could account for the reduction in taste as the flavor has been distributed through air pockets caused as a result of leavening and eventually a bigger space. 

Off the top of our head, here’s why they taste soooo gooood.

1. A Unique Combo In Its Raw Form

Cookie doughs are a great blend of unique ingredients. Cookie doughs are usually lush and creamy. The ingredients in the dough contribute to the wonderful taste. The dough will give more bites in taste than the cookie. You will keep taking bites and eating the dough than eating the cookie.

Cookie dough will increase in size when baked due to leavening because of the baking soda therein. At this point, most of the ingredients have fused and the taste of the cookie dough has blended in from all flavors in the dough.

This is a more concentrated form, before baking in an oven. This implies that what you get is a concentrated unique blend of flavor. Yummy!

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Baking requires heat. The heat will slightly change the makeup of the ingredients to give the cookies the texture. The baking soda for instance gives rise to carbon dioxide that raises the dough.

Baking soda is believed to sometimes impact a bland or bitter flavor to pastry. This may be a result of having to mix with other acidic ingredients.

The reason for that taste is not clear. Hence the cookie dough tastes sweeter than the cookies. 

3. Browning Causes It to Be Less Sweeter

Sometimes when the cookie undergoes browning, some of the sweetness of the sugar could be lost during baking. The sugars in the dough undergo caramelization and turning.

This impacts the color of the cooking and gives it a brown color. The possibility of the taste of the cookie being affected is not ruled out. Since the cookie dough has not undergone baking, the taste is still intact. 

Baking sugarandcinnamon

It is no news that cookie dough tastes good. As much as it is not a staple food, it is quite yummy and can be savored. It is commonly served with ice cream; it tastes simply fantastic. This is popularly considered the top favorite way to enjoy cookie dough.

It can also be eaten alone, enjoyed raw. It can also be eaten with toppings, syrups, and also chocolate. 

The difference is in baking. Cookie dough is the batter resulting from mixing flour, sugar, butter, baking soda, and other ingredients.

The dough is what is mixed or creamed before going to the oven. It becomes cookies when it comes out of the oven after being exposed to a particular temperature for a duration. 

As much as it tastes better than the baked one, it is not something to be done regularly. Despite that it is generally not unsafe, raw egg is in the recipe.

There are however recipes for cookies that don’t require raw eggs. Though it is unlikely to get a disease from eating raw cookie dough, it is still advisable to limit eating such. If you like it and want to savor the taste, it is better if it is homemade. 

The ingredients required for making a cookie dough are pretty much similar to the required ingredients for a cake batter. There are slight differences depending on the type of cake and cookie to be baked.

The other difference is the thickness of the cookie dough to the cake batter. The cookie dough is usually made thicker than the cake batter, the cake batter can be poured like a liquid while the cookie dough is usually cut or scooped. 

Making cookies is not difficult. There are various recipes to be used available.

Check out the ingredients required and make your yummy dough. Your cookie dough is what you have after mixing all ingredients, just before you bake. Be sure to savor your cookie dough. 

It is best to make what is enough without leftovers. Cookie dough is made up of raw ingredients, this is an easy target for bacteria especially if not refrigerated.

If refrigerated, be sure to keep it for not more than 2 days. If this cannot be avoided, please bake the cookies. 

Final Thoughts

Cookie dough tastes good. The popularity does not seem to be waning any time soon. It is a once-in-a-lifetime savoring. As much as it does not seem like a healthy alternative to popular snacks, food, and desserts, it is a quite popular one. 

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