Frozen Hush Puppies in Air Fryer

Frozen Hush Puppies in Air Fryer

Frozen hush puppies were introduced in 1948 by an entrepreneur named Walter Thompson and have been a staple in North Caroline since. It was first branded as Fireside Hushpuppy Mix, and traditionally deed frying these cornmeal-based bread bites give an incredible flavor.

Hush puppies are a classic side dish for a traditional Southern meal, but they take so long to make! Find your new favorite way to prepare this down-home classic with this guide to how to air fry frozen hush puppies!

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What are Frozen Hush Puppies?

A hush puppy is an American Southern-style fritter. They are classically small bites of cornmeal batter that are deep-fried to golden brown perfection!

Today deep frying is not the only way! These tasty bites are pre-made and ready to warm up in the freezer section. These frozen delights make a comforting classic so fast and easy, especially when using an air fryer!

Frozen Hush Puppies in Air Fryer

Why Heat Hush Puppies in the Air Fryer?

When it comes to fast and efficient heating the air fryer really cannot be beaten! It works with speeds that practically rival a microwave but produces textures like an oven. Using this countertop wonder to heat hush puppies is a dream!

The air fryer does not heat frozen hush puppies evenly and quickly and does not use high-fat oil as a deep fryer would. So opting to air fry can really cut the calories in this snack.

One underrated benefit of the air fryer is that its quick and efficient heating will not add too much heat to small kitchen spaces. Cooking hush puppies in the oven requires the oven to be on and heating for almost half an hour, and since seafood season is in the summer, most cooks could do without all the extra indoor heat!

Do Hush Puppies Need to Thaw Before Air Frying?

One of the beautiful things about cooking frozen hush puppies in the air fryer is that they don’t even need to thaw! You can air fry these tasty bites straight out of the freeze and still have perfectly crispy, crunchy results!

Frozen Hush Puppies in Air Fryer

How to Air Fry Frozen Hush Puppies (Step-by-Step)

Before you jump right into the cooking process there are a few things you should check out, like:

  1. Clean it Up! – Remove the basket and make sure it was put away clean, if not wash and dry the basket before making your hush puppies.
  2. Location, Location, Location! – To air-fry safely, always position your air fryer on a clear, flat portion of the countertop with a wide empty space around it. Never position your air fryer on top of a stove or oven.
  3. The Big Setup – Gear yourself up for success by having a hot pad or trivet nearby and tongs ready to help shake these puppies up!

How to Serve Frozen Hush Puppies?

Hush puppies are amazing on their own, their sweet and savory cornmeal flavor makes them positively irresistible, but you need a little more to make these snacks into a meal.

Due to their Southern roots, you cannot go wrong matching them up with other Southern flavors, like pork, greens, and mac ‘n cheese, but hush puppies are much more versatile than that!

Try these delicious dishes with your next batch of hush puppies:

  1. Grilled Snapper – This colorful fish is the perfect complement to the corny flavors in hush puppies.
  2. Barbecue Brisket – A perfectly smoked brisket is not complete without a side of hush puppies.
  3. Classic Coleslaw – Coleslaw brings the color and sauciness you want, and its flavor matches perfectly with the crunch of the hush puppies.
  4. Crab Cakes – The buttery flavor of the crab brings out the best in these pups!
Frozen Hush Puppies in Air Fryer

What Sauces Pair with Frozen Hush Puppies?

You’re not alone if you love to dunk your hush puppies in a tasty sauce! A great sauce can take these tasty treats to a whole new level. Try one or try them all to have a delicious puppy dunking party!

Here are some saucy favorites to try out:

  1. Tartar Sauce is a must for hush puppies. The tangy creamy flavor is lovely with the cornmeal crunch of a hush puppy!
  2. Spicy Ketchup is a great choice for hush puppies! It has a zing, zip, and wonderful spicy tomato flavor that sings with these cornmeal bites!
  3. Cocktail Sauce is a tangy and tomatoey classic that brings so much zip to these crunchy balls of deliciousness!
  4. Browned Butter – Corn and butter mesh, so brown some butter in a small pan and use it as a toasty dip or drizzle for these corn bites!

How to Store Air Fried Hush Puppies

You can save the leftovers of these fried bites. Simply transfer them to an airtight container and store them in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To reheat the hush puppies, air fry them at 350 °F for 2 minutes or until nicely crisp on the outside and warm in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Frozen hush puppies only take 8 minutes to make in the air fryer and if they are not yet crispy or done, simply toss and cook for another 3 minutes.

When making frozen hush puppies in an air fryer, ensure not to overcrowd your air fryer and flip them only halfway through to get a perfect golden brown and crispy on the inside hush puppies.

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