20 Kid-Friendly Easter Treats

Kid-Friendly Easter Treats

Thinking of the heartwarming memories, you get to create with your family is one of the reasons holidays are lots of fun. So, with Easter around the corner, you will be needing the best list of kid-friendly treats that are not just candies. Easter might not seem glamorous like Christmas or Halloween, but it’s also a chance to create a fun and memorable day.

There is just something about Easter treats that can put a big smile on the face of kids, and we do have to admit that Easter is the time to create easy Easter bunny Reece race cars, Cadbury eggs, or Bunny Marshmallow pops.

Having adorable treats to create on Easter day is one of the ways you can ensure these little ones have a blast on that day. Easter traditions and Easter decorations can be infused into one when you have the perfect kid-friendly treats to make.

Since its origin, one of the traditions of Easter is feasting together, a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. It’s a chance to get creative with your ingredients and switch things up to enable you to make it fun for your kids.

20 Kid-Friendly Easter Treat

Creating kid-friendly Easter treats can go beyond candies alone. Baking can be so much fun; it must be all about chocolate and marshmallows. Let’s take a look at some of the best treats to have a blast baking with your kids.

1. Bunny Cookies

Cute Easter Bunny Cookies
Source: Bake to the roots

These cute bunny cookies are super easy to make and if you plan on baking with your kids, they are a perfect choice. You can decorate these cookies based on your kid’s preferences and since you will be working on so much during Easter, you won’t have to spend that much time baking this.

Get the cute Easter sugar bunny cookie recipe.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs
Source: My Gorgeous Recipes

Cadbury creme egg cupcakes are super delicious and happen to be a fitting treat for kids during Easter and it goes well with grownups as well. This is a quick and very easy treat you can make with your kids and with the many flavors you can choose from, it’s a worthy dessert.

Get the Cadbury creme egg cupcakes recipe.

3. Mixed Berry Cobbler

Berry Cobbler
Source: Carlsbad Cravings

This is a treat your kids will love and they can enjoy all summer or spring. This is made with lush sweet berries, cinnamon, nutmeg, and splashes of vanilla and lemon juice and to wrap it all up, it is blanketed in a pillowy soft biscuit topping with a golden crust all just to give you an unforgettable frozen treat.

Get the mixed berry cobbler recipe.

4. Bird’s Nest Cupcake

Bird's Nest Cupcake
Source: Cooking Classy

You can make as many cupcakes as you want and everyone loves a good cupcake. The bird’s nest cupcake is perfect as a traditional Easter dessert, they can get your kids all excited to make and eat as well.

Get the bird’s nest cupcake recipe.

5. Three Color Swirl Cookies

Source: Wilton

Kids love these cookies, your kids will enjoy helping with the colors. The fun swirls are not the only thing to love about these cookies but it’s delicious as well.

Get the three-color swirl cookies recipe.

6. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich
Source: A Lilly Love Affair

Donut ice cream sandwiches make the best dessert and are the perfect frozen treat that can be enjoyed all year long.

Get the donut ice cream sandwich recipe.

7. Bunny Butt Cone Cakes

Bunny Butt Cone Cake
Source: Princess Pinky Girl

This is just the traditional way you can transform the regular cake into something kid-friendly and delicious. Bunny Butt Cone Cake is an adorable sweet treat that looks like a bunny burrowing down the rabbit hole which is quite funny and interesting to kids.

Get the bunny butt cone cake recipe.

8. Fruity Spring Donuts

Fruity Spring Donuts
Source: Wilton

Kids love donuts so you can be sure they will enjoy making and eating these fruit spring donuts. This is quite easy to make and kids are not the only ones who love donuts everyone loves them.

Get the fruity spring donut recipe.

9. No-Bake Grasshopper Pie

No Bake Grasshopper Pie
Source: The Country Cook

Want a very easy and fun kid-friendly treat? Here is a pie that does not require baking at all yet it is super delicious, it includes an Oreo pie crust filled with a creamy minty green filling and also topped with mini chocolate chips. It tastes just like ice cream pie!

Get the no-bake grasshopper pie recipe.

10. Lemon And Blueberry Rolls

Lemon Blueberry Rolls
Source: Jane’s Patisserie

Lemon and Blueberry Rolls are perfect Easter treats that are not only enjoyable for kids but adults as well. This deliciously sweet roll gives you a soft zingy lemon and blueberry roll just like the ones you can get at a bakery.

Get the lemon and blueberry rolls recipe.

11. Lemon Curd Easter Egg Cookies

lemon curd egg cookies
Source: Joy The Baker

This cool Easter lemon cookies are super fun to make and they are super adorable as well. Your kids will enjoy having to assemble this although you have to ensure your kids do not get carried away and sprinkle too much-powdered sugar. These sandwich cookies are also perfect for spring parties.

Get the lemon curd egg cookies recipe.

12. Mini Easter Cheesecakes With Cadbury Eggs

Mini Easter Cheesecakes With Cadbury Eggs
Source: Sugar and Soul

Looking to bring some fun to the dessert table? These mini cheesecakes will have your kids drawn to make them and adults will enjoy the rich cheesecake filling and sweet shortbread crust. The creamy cheesecake filling is sitting atop a shortbread crust and is further topped with a cheesecake pudding whipped cream to give you a taste of perfection.

Get the mini Easter cheesecakes with Cadbury eggs recipe.

13. Easter Bunny Bark

mini chocolate Easter bunny bark
Source: Ahead of Thyme

The next kid-friendly delight to enjoy making on Easter with kids is this colorful Easter bunny bark. This Easter treat allows you to customize the toppings the way you want, you can include your kid’s favorite Easter candies and sprinkles.

Get the Easter bunny bark recipe.

14. Lemon Orange Olive Oil Cupcakes

Orange Olive Oil Cupcake
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Here is another delicious fun treat you will enjoy making for your kids and they will love designing this with you as well. Olive oil cakes are new to so many people but we can assure you that it’s a seriously delicious kid-friendly cake.

Get the lemon orange olive oil cake recipe.

15. Mini Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cakes

Mini Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cakes
Source: Home Sweet Farm Home

Mini cakes can save you from lots of the drama and stress attached to making a whole big cake. This mini personal bundt-sized cake lets you get creative and everyone can work on customizing these cakes the way they want.

Get the mini lemon-blueberry bundt cakes recipe.

16. Easy Cream Cheese Danish

Easy cream cheese danish

These cheese danish recipes will have you craving more, and your kids will be asking for more as well. This is topped with a sweet glaze and works as the perfect breakfast or dessert.

Get the cream cheese danish recipe.

17. Bunny Mocha Swiss Roll

Bunny Mocha Swiss Roll
Source: Woman’s Day

Your Swiss roll does not have to be boring this time, you get a chance to take it to the next level by dressing it as a bunny to make it kid friendly. It is super moist and delicious as well.

Get the bunny mocha Swiss rolls recipe.

18. Roasted Strawberry Tart

Roasted strawberry tart
Source: Good Housekeeping

Roasted strawberry tarts have always been considered to be kids’ favorite dessert recipe so you will enjoy making this for them during the Easter holiday. This is a flaky puff pastry topped with yogurt, whipped cream, and roasted strawberries for you and your kids to enjoy.

Get the roasted strawberry tart recipe.

19. Shortbread Easter Egg Biscuits

shortbread easter egg biscuits
Source: Taste

Shortbread Easter egg cookies are another kid-friendly delicious treat you can enjoy making and serving for desserts. This is super colorful and shouldn’t take the whole day to bake.

Get the shortbread Easter egg biscuits recipe.

20. Easter Nests

Easter Nests
Source: Jane’s Patisserie

This is a no-bake Easter treat tailored for both kids and adults. This recipe is made with just ingredients, so it is simple and wonderful. This recipe has been made with slight variations in the chocolate, and it still happens to be the perfect treat for your kids or if you are looking to impress your guests.

Get the Easter nests recipe.

Wrapping Up

There is no better way to get the kids involved in the Easter celebration than to make kid-friendly treats that they can make alongside you.

You can always get them to have a fun afternoon by decorating the Easter bunny biscuit or sprinkling the Easter egg cookies.

Spring is the perfect time to lean into making kid-friendly treats, so we have included recipes ranging bunny inspired Swiss rolls to cookie bars that give your kids the freedom to draw their designs.

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