23 Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

The neutral decor might often be described as toned down and relaxing, but there is no doubt that this color palette is not leaving the world of interior design anytime soon. Creating a bedroom with neutral, colors such as beige, creamy, white, brown, and warm wood tones can easily reflect a quiet less busy atmosphere. We have compiled 23 neutral bedroom decor ideas that are a perfect base for a bedroom and also help set a calm, serene environment.

Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

A neutral bedroom does not mean it is boring, you can make it exciting by playing with texture and patterns. Browse our list of neutral bedroom decor below.

1. Choose a Soft Black Cane Screen

Choose a Soft Black Cane Screen

While a soft beige neutral bed will always work with any other neutral color, it gets even more fascinating and practical to go with a soft black as well. The back wall or headboard of your bed also needs the best neutral color to elevate the bedroom space, so going with a screen wall adds subtle drama and retail calm aesthetics.

2. Crisp and Art Scheme Bedroom Design

Crisp and Art Scheme Bedroom Design

This crisp and art bedroom design is instantly calming, the color scheme is well-structured to give you that minimalistic effect while it encompasses all that is necessary for a master bedroom. This bedroom decor is fitting if you do not like any pop of color in your bedroom.

3. Minimal Japanese Bedroom Decor

Minimal Japanese Bedroom Decor

Whether you are working with light delicate neutrals or blending in soft colors, this Japanese bedroom design should give you all the needed inspiration. This neutral bedroom owes its aesthetically pleasing design to the minimalistic use of furniture and Japanese styling.

4. Mid-Century Bedroom

Mid-Century Bedroom

Before you go for a traditional neutral bedroom setting, take a look at this mid-century design, from the color scheme to the items used, it is a bedroom that looks refreshing and can bring character to your space effortlessly.

5. Neutral Spring Bedroom

 Neutral Spring Bedroom
Image: @_houseonthemeadow // Instagram

Rather than find one neutral color for your bedroom, combining simple colors such as brown, off-white and gray is an ideal way to create a simple beautiful bedroom such as this. Also, spring is just around the corner, and adding a simple spring wreath to your bedroom is a design that can’t go wrong while you still get a calm serene bedroom.

6. Cottage Style Bedroom Decor

Cottage Style Bedroom Decor
Image: @pineandprospecthome // Instagram

Cottage bedrooms are fast becoming increasingly popular and this can be attributed to how gorgeous and calm they can be. Adding plants to the side tables further helps strike an interesting balance.

7. Dark Grey Neutral Bedroom

Dark Grey Neutral Bedroom
Image: @athomewithmarnie // Instagram

A neutral bedroom decor does not have to be boring or look cold when gray can be used to make it look bold and functional. Using grey as a base and highlighting in this room gives a laid-back welcoming look.

8. Cool Blue and Green Tone Design

Cool Blue Design
Image: @haverhill.home // Instagram

While blue and green might seem bright to be considered neutral, they can be toned down by using a calm shade. This bedroom shows that the two colors can be perfect for creating calm cool decor.

9. Beige Bedroom Interior

Beige Bedroom Interior
Image: @jules.interior // Instagram

Here is another neutral bedroom that blends in timeless character with something simple and modern. The space feels fresh and comfortable.

10. Rich Textured Neutral Bedroom

 Rich Textured Neutral Bedroom
Image: @naira_interior_official // Instagram

Take note of this design when you are planning on creating a sophisticated room with a structured neutral palette. Every neutral bedroom can benefit from a bit of bold one-shade room decor.

11. Cool Minimal Bedroom Style

Cool Minimal Bedroom Style
Image: @a.part__design // Instagram

A minimal-styled room does not have to be boring or plain. Choosing to mix the brown tone with grey and highlighting with off-white did do the magic in this room. It is simple and yet beautiful.

12. White Bedroom With Green Accent

White Bedroom With Green Accent
Image: @tributegoods // Instagram

Green is quite a versatile color and you be surprised how fitting the calm shade can be for a neutral bedroom. In this bedroom design above, the green complements the white decor perfectly.

13. Simple Stripe Linen Neutral Decor

Simple Stripe Neutral Decor
Image: @junekeri.homes // Instagram

For less saturated color decor in your bedroom, consider going for stripe linen and compliment it with a cream wall. This is another minimal-neutral room decor idea that gives a modern vibe.

14. Modern Neutral Bedroom

Modern Neutral Bedroom
Image: @kalina.arch // Instagram

The star in this neutral decor bedroom is the cute extended edge sofa bed, from the design to the choice of color, this is a fascinating bedroom design you can’t help but love.

15. Rustic Neutral Room Decor Idea

Rustic Neutral Room Decor Idea
Image: @rignellranch // Instagram

This rustic home decor will have you relaxing in your room comfortably even during the daytime. The unique style from the bed frame to the plant and then the basket placement all give the room a unique elevated neutral look design.

16. White Spring Bedroom

White Spring Bedroom
Image: @thewisteria.home // Instagram

Although this room is strictly neutral, we have to admit that it looks bright with the sun hitting the bedroom in all the right places. Lighting is the major factor in this room, while white adorns this room even more.

17. Earthy Tone Bedroom Decor

Earthy Tone Bedroom Decor
Image: @stevie.simonson // Instagram

Earthy tone neutral bedroom decor creates a room with depth and personality. Also, you can go ahead and add some interesting plants and glam to further accent the room but the trick is to go for calm neutral shades.

18. Charming Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Charming Bohemian Bedroom Decor
Image: @theresa_gromski // Instagram

A bohemian room decor can be super exciting, especially when you can add some colours to calm the vibe and also brighten up the room. This is another bedroom that incorporates personality without overpowering the charming design it gives.

19. Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom Decor
Image: @thefarmhousepages // Instagram

The neutral colors and patterns used in this room all come together to give this room a sense of tranquility and also contribute to the relaxed feel coming from the entire room.

20. Brown Modern Bedroom Interior

Brown Modern Bedroom Interior
Image: @studio_dnd // Instagram

Here is another way you can create stunning neutral bedroom decor without ending up with a complicated look in the end. Brown is a fascinating shade that brings warmth into any space.

21. Country Style Neutral Decor

Country Style Neutral Decor
Image: @roomstogo // Instagram

Country bedroom design brings a certain level of tranquillity that would have you designing the rest of the room just like that. If you are into grey, wood, and white then here is the perfect bedroom decor for you.

22. Monochromatic Neutral Decor

Monochromatic Neutral Decor
Image: @neutral_homes_feature // Instagram

There seems to be a lot going on in this bedroom while it is also offering an interesting style at the same time. Grey and green have been registered as textured bedroom colors so when you are creating a neutral style, it is only expected to choose this shade and style to show it off.

23. Coastal Neutral Bedroom Style

Coastal Neutral Bedroom Style
Image: @rchloe_countryhomerenovation // Instagram

Grey is an essential neutral shade and pairing it with other neutral colors such as brown, white and cream has been proven in this bedroom above to be quite calming and beautiful. This bedroom employs just the right amount of grey, giving it a saturated neutral vibe. The earthy calm approach is quite stunning and with the depth of the design, this is no doubt an outstanding neutral bedroom decor.

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