23 French Style Kitchen Ideas

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19 French Style Kitchen Ideas

French-style kitchens are the perfect options when you need to strike a balance between sophisticated and rustic designs. A French-style kitchen design is your ideal go-to to emulate the aesthetic vibe of a Parisian apartment. A French kitchen style can help you create an elegant kitchen that will always be en vogue.

A French-style kitchen has existed since the 19th century, and it became a timeless style when it was discovered that it makes your home feel like you are on vacation in Paris. French kitchen styles range from a charming countryside design to a wooden farmhouse style.

We agree that French styles are always iconic no matter which part of your home is getting the elegant design. French-style kitchen boasts a rustic accent, effortless elegance, and that general je ne sais quoi.

So, to make your warm French kitchen, check out these 23 French-style kitchen ideas we have rounded up for you.

French Style Kitchen Ideas

French Style Kitchen Ideas

Giving your kitchen a touch of French chic styling might seem to be an overkill luxury. But the kitchen is one of the most important places in your home, and also you do not have to break the bank to embrace this French-style trend. Take a look at some of the best French-style kitchen ideas for inspiration.

1. Traditional French Style Kitchen

Traditional French Style Kitchen

Traditional French Style Kitchens give you the real concept of a country-style kitchen but with a traditional twist, this also adds character to your cooking space. From the wooden cupboard to the stylish dining setting, this is a nice open space French kitchen. This kitchen offers the perfect balance between decorative accents and traditional-style kitchens.

2. Bistro French Style Kitchen

Bistro French Style Kitchen

Here is a bistro kitchen when you are looking to give your French-styled kitchen a touch of personality, the design is made to look modern but with sophisticated items as well. This kitchen design also has a touch of spring design.

3. Island Kitchen Design

Island Kitchen Design

Check out this island French-style kitchen where you can work with a large kitchen and transform it into a modern island cooking space.

4. Eclectic French Kitchen Styling

Traditional French Style Kitchen
Eclectic French Kitchen Styling

Everything in this gorgeous kitchen gives the French Chateau vibe effortlessly. The kitchen also has a farmhouse design that sets the tone for the rest of the decor, while the design can take a while, the result is worth the effort.

5. Tile And Wood Mixed Kitchen

Tile And Wood Mixed Kitchen
Image: @lindsay.nagley // Instagram

The countryside French kitchen does not get better than this. This is quite beautiful and just the ideal kitchen for any type of family. You can swap the chairs for higher or lower ones if you have kids. The design has wood and tiles thrown in to give it a rustic yet modern kitchen look. So, it is really cute and leaves space for creativity.

6. Cottage Kitchen Decor

Cottage Kitchen Decor
Image: @het_franse_huis // Instagram

If you have ever wondered how amazing a cottage kitchen will look then there is one right here to inspire you. This French-style cottage kitchen leaves enough room to make changes, it is cute and cozy for family breakfast and dinner with friends.

7. Consider Using Plates As Art

Consider Using Plates As Art
Image: @frenchartshop // Instagram

This is one of the traditional ways to design a French kitchen and it is still in trend. This requires hanging your pots and pans while designing the walls with some really cute ceramic plates. You can also add more traditional art to the wall.

8. European/French Style Kitchen

EuropeanFrench Style Kitchen
Image: @brookemcguyerinteriors // Instagram

A combination of European and French-style kitchen can’t go wrong. It is gorgeous and happens to be a comfortable choice of kitchen. The wall choice can be stone or marble.

9. Vintage Kitchen Idea

Vintage Kitchen Idea
Image: @decor_en_provence // Instagram

Next on our list of French-style kitchen ideas is this fancy yet simple vintage kitchen. This kitchen style allows you to bring in all your antique kitchen accessories.

10. Introduce Copper Accents

Introduce Copper Accents
Image: @theoldlarchhouse // Instagram

Copper is a French kitchen must-have. Adding a copper accent throughout your kitchen is a way to elevate the look without even doing so much. All you need are some copper lighting, a sink faucet, pans, and cabinet handles.

11. Use A Marble Counter

Use A Marble Counter
Image: @lindsay.nagley // Instagram

You will be surprised at the difference that a marble sink and kitchen counter will make. It can completely transform your kitchen and all you have to do is to add some arch lights and make the wall white.

12. Add A Statement Oven

Add A Statement Oven Hood
Image: @abkasha // Instagram

French style kitchen does not mean it has been to be all gray or simple plain. To make a colorful and interesting statement, simply add a cute red oven to make all the difference.

13. Add Natural Materials

Add Nature Materials
Image: @ suzannezinggstyle // Instagram

This is stunning, and it is just what you need to create a striking focal point in your home. Incorporating natural materials such as plants, rustic ovens, wood cabinets, and marble counters seems to do the trick.

14. Neutral French Kitchen Style

Neutral French Kitchen Style
Image: @lindsay.nagley // Instagram

This kitchen is designed with neutral colors and we have to admit that it is really cute. It is another country kitchen style that will motivate you to cook daily.

15. Luxury White French Kitchen

Luxury White French Kitchen
Image: @mjharrisgroup // Instagram

White seems to have done the trick of making this French-style kitchen look stunning. The luxury vibe this gives is amazing and also, the arch ceiling further gives the country vibe we all love.

16. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Image: @neptunehomeofficial // Instagram

From the fluted glass designed to high the mismatched crockery to the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, this is a cool choice of French-styled kitchen to go for. Do not forget the copper tap that adds to the beauty.

17. Minimalist French Style Kitchen

Minimalist French Style Kitchen
Image: @crawfords_and_a_cottage // Instagram

French-styled kitchens often do not need much color and this kitchen portrays that perfectly. The color scheme and kitchen utensils give a well-balanced design that works for any home decor.

18.  French Provincial Style Kitchen

French provincial style kitchen
Image: @snbstone // Instagram

Province French Style Kitchen is a contemporary design that has been around for a century. It shows off the French-themed kitchen and also elevates the decor of your home. Also, it is a lot simpler than it looks.

19. Design With Wood Tones and Power Donut Chairs

Design With Wood Tones
Image: @lindsay.nagley // Instagram

Give your kitchen an authentic French country kitchen look with this design. This is one of the top French kitchen styles everyone is in love with. It is elegant, fancy, and yet simple. The power donut chairs are cute as well.

20. Rustic Kitchen With French Range And Hood

Rustic Kitchen With French Range And Hood
Image: @dvirainteriors // Instagram

Just like the European French kitchen style, this gives you the ultimate country-style luxury kitchen. It is just the classic kitchen that lets you mix some traditional kitchen wares with modern ones.

21. Classic French Kitchen Style

Classic French Kitchen Style
Image: @countrystylemag // Instagram

While creating the oldest French type of kitchen might seem impossible, something close to it can be achieved, and this classic kitchen proves that. This gives the rustic charm vibe, while the white colors make it look modern.

22. Vintage Farmhouse French Kitchen

Vintage Farmhouse French Kitchen
Image: @ lisaabdo56 // Instagram

For the cottage style of the French kitchen, a curtain is often hung beneath the vintage farmhouse sink, this gives it the traditional kitchen style while the aim is to hide the clutter. This is quite a charming kitchen decor, and it leaves room for creativity too.

23. Polished Stainless French Kitchen

Polished Stainless French Kitchen
Image: @ lacornue_by_andico // Instagram

Want to lend your European kitchen some of the country’s French style but want to maintain the balance, here is your go-to choice. This is made with a combination of stainless steel and brushed copper. Also, there is the inclusion of polished chrome, which further highlights the beauty of the concept of the French-style kitchen.

French kitchen style can be more than just a farmhouse table and large decorative canopies, you can get more creative with it. So, take a cue from the list of ideas listed above and you can easily add a rustic French style to your cooking space.

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