18 Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas

Debra Morrison
Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas

The joy of spring is everywhere and one thing you want to have nailed down is your home decor. The warm spring weather will surely render your fireplace off-duty hence why cheering your mantel with some cute springy decor can be quite uplifting. To usher in spring in style, there are lots of exciting decorating ideas to go for.

Decorating your mantel is also one of the best ways to reflect spring, it showcases the beauty of the season in style as well. Designing your mantel ranges in style, can be rustic chic or modern minimalist depending on your preference.

No matter what your style is, there is always an awesome mantel designed to impress you. There is no doubt that the fireplace is often the focal point of any living room and refreshing the decor during spring is only expected. So, from DIY garlands to vases full of sunflowers, get ready to update your fireplace with these refreshing ideas we have compiled for you.

Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas

You do not have to switch up the decorating display for your mantel every year when you have the perfect one for spring narrowed down. By updating just your mantel, you can make the atmosphere in your living room more inviting. Here are some enchanting mantel decor ideas that will surely bring the beauty of spring into your home.

1. Victorian Style Mantel Decor

Victorian Style Mantel Decor
Image: @ourvictorianmoneypit // Instagram

The Victorian-style mantel is no doubt one of the most amazing spring mantel decors, it allows you to bring in anything that shows it is spring. This is perfect for giving your home a cool fresh spring vibe, you can work with any seasonal blooms and also the mirror perfectly elevates the fireplace. Throwing in art and books also makes it a functional mantel decoration.

2. Flowers And Flickering Candle Decor

Flowers And Flickering Candle Decor
Image: @dianarn2627 // Instagram

The symmetrical look this gives at the end of the arrangement is quite cute, and it is a quick mantel to design. There is a mix of greenery, candle pillars, and white corbels which makes this look classic while highlighting the beauty of the fireplace.

3. Cute Neutral Spring Mantel Decor

Cute Neutral Spring Mantel Decor
Image: @our_home_on_thehill // Instagram

Neutral colors are the in-season impeccable mantel designs we all can’t say no to. This is a fascinating choice for spring, it makes your living look cool while also adding a festive touch to your mantel.

4. Real Plants Spring Mantel

Real Plants Spring Mantel
Image: @simplyjessidee // Instagram

We all know that one of the exciting parts of spring is how some plants turn gorgeous and they would look superb on your mantel. Also, go ahead and infuse your favorite paint to elevate the look and make it look Instagram-worthy.

5. DIY Carrot Garland

DIY Carrot Garland
Image: @stefaneyrants // Instagram

Here is another excellent mantel decor that will not only make spring interesting but also highlight the beauty of your living room. Adding those bunnies makes it the perfect Easter decor idea.

6. Spring Mantel Flower Arrangement

Spring Mantel Flower Arrangement
Image: @simply_elegant_events_ // Instagram

If you have always found flower arrangements interesting and cute, then here is a chance to find a place for it on your mantel. This is also an excellent choice for weddings.

7. Mason Jar Plants And Spring Wreath Decor

Mason Jar Plants And Spring Wreath Decor
Image: @livingwithlady // Instagram

One of the ways to make your spring mantel look exciting is to go for plants and keep them minimal to give it a pop of color but nothing too dramatic. It is the perfect spring green you need paired with that green couch.

8. Rustic Twigs And Ivy Design

Rustic Twigs And Ivy Design
Image: @number_4_on_the_park // Instagram

Making your spring mantel look like an artwork such as this is going to require some dedication but looking at this, you can be sure it is worth it.

9. Spring Disco Party Decor

Spring Disco Party Decor
Image: @michellemetzandco // Instagram

Spring decor can be sparkling and also be as minimal as you want. Get some disco balls, and twinkling lights, and add some glittery stars to top it and create a spring party mantel decor.

10. Add Some Timeless Piece

Add Some Timeless Piece
Image: @houseof_york // Insatgram

Next on the list of spring mantel decor is this timeless design. With this, you can transform your fireplace from a functional centerpiece to a timeless artful display that can be shown off to guests.

11. Rich Colorful Flower Combo

Rich Colorful Flower Combo
Image: @botanicalbrouhaha // Instagram

Making your spring mantel colorful and bright is something that shouldn’t be passed up. This brings spring into your living room, and it’s an awesome decoration idea for a wedding celebration.

12. Modern Organic Decor

Modern Organic Decor
Image: @birchmanorhome // Instagram

A neutral mantel decor is more fun than we have been made to believe. It is an ideal choice when you need a design that blends in with your living room but also highlights the beauty of the mantel fireplace.

13. Full Rainbow Gold Speckled Easter Egg

Full Rainbow Gold Speckled Easter Egg
image: @kailochic // Instagram

This is quite colorful and having this adorn your mantel during spring is fascinating. This is a DIY project hence you and your kids can have some fun spring activities to enjoy together.

14. Simple Spring Jar, Bunny And Plate Styling

Simple Spring Jar, Bunny And Plate Styling
Image: @houseonhideaway // Instagram

Flowers are not the only spring mantel decor that works perfectly, go with some bunnies, plates, mirrors, wreaths, and not to forget carrot garland and you get this amazing spring mantel decor that complements your living room.

15. Oak Beams Mantle Styling

Oak Beams Mantle Styling
Image: @ lifeat_rosecottage // Instagram

No matter how neutral the decor you pick is, you just have to ensure that it reflects the essence of spring. So, while this is quite simple, it is cozy and the snow wreaths above give a comfortable spring vibe.

16. Fiddle Fig Leaf Decor

Fiddle Fig Leaf Decor
Image: @bentleyblonde // Instagram

To simply transition your mantel from winter to spring without having to do so much then here you have the perfect one to go for. The ladder seems to make it even more appealing and you might as well spice it up by painting it white.

17. Charming Spring Mantel Decor

Charming Spring Mantel Decor
Image: @houseonwren // Instagram

If you are looking to pick that perfect spring mantel that shows off the season even more, this is the right choice. This spring mantel features a flower pot made out of a bunny construction paper and some greenery is added. The spring letter also gave it an updated look as well.

18. Farmhouse Spring Styling

Farmhouse Spring Styling
Image: @ridgeranchfarmhouse // Instagram

This spring mantel design establishes a focal point for the eyes, it is going to be getting the attention of your guests. Bunnies are the centerpiece of this decor which is quite perfect since Easter is around the corner already. This floating mantel design with Easter eggs and bunnies all come together to add weight and height to your space thereby keeping your living room balance.

Spring Mantel decorating ideas often just require a seasonal object that complements your living room or happens to be part of the seasonal series. However, it is important to choose an item that will feel fresh throughout the season. Luckily, these ideas above are spring and Easter-themed, and you just have to pick one that gives you the springtime cheer.

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