Take Your Porch To A Whole New Level This Christmas With This TikTok Wooden Snowman

Debra Morrison
Wooden Snowman

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it is possible to run out of ideas on how to beautify your home and give it the perfect Christmas makeover. Everyone has the desire for uniqueness and the pressure to create a festive look and this can add to the relative issue of picking out the right design and style.

The indoor decor is kind of easy in terms of the decision-making process, the outdoor decor for many is mostly the toughest part as it is crucial because it sets the festive tone of your home and the neighborhood at large.

Outdoor Christmas decor creates a welcoming and joyful atmosphere, as well as spreads the holiday spirit to passersby and neighbors. However, we find that repeating the same design over and over again can get boring, so it is relatable to be clueless about what design to use for a change.

But not to worry in our bid to figure out the most outstanding yet simple outdoor Christmas decoration, we found the perfect snowman you can add to give your home the best festive look.

In this TikTok video, Hometalk shows out the best snowman hack that you and your family as well as the entire neighborhood will be in awe of.


THIS is what your porch is missing! 🤭☃️ DIY Christmas Christmas2023 Snowman #HolidayDecor

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This hack is even easier and much better when you have discarded wooden slabs in your backyard. You will also need a hand saw, electric sanders, nails, a nail gun, black and white paint, paintbrushes, and glue.

Using a hand saw, the wooden slabs were cut into the desired size, and then a pattern was drawn for each shape to create the snowman. After cutting up the wood to the desired sizes and shapes, paint each piece in the suitable colors.

For example, the main body of the snowman should be painted white, and the supposed hat, eyes, mouth, and buttons should all be painted black. The snowman’s nose should have the typical orange color.

After painting all these pieces in their respective colors, and they are all dried up, it is time to couple them together using either your nails or glue.

Once that is all done, you can accessorize your snowman with a festive and colorful scarf around the neck, and voila, your porch is looking its best. You have yourself the DIY “Olaf” and even better he wouldn’t melt, so there will be no need for goodbyes.

Your well-designed outdoor decor with the perfect snowman can now become a source of delight for family, friends, and even strangers, enhancing the shared experience of the festive season.

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