DIY Craft Closet Makeover

DIY Craft Closet Makeover

Welcome to my guest room closet craft and sewing room. Sorry, guests, I’m not exactly sure where you’ll hang your clothes, but surely it won’t be here…

Craft Closet Makeover-1

But, if I’m being honest, our guests have never really had a place to hang their clothes.  Why is that? Well, behind these standard bifold doors…

Craft Closet Makeover-2

…was my craft storage space that slowly became a complete clutter cluster over the past three years.  It started out that I had my fabric and sewing machine stored there.

Then I started adding random cans of spray paint, decor items that I thought I would use again, and then curtain rods, lamp shades, extra furniture…you name it; I had it.

Craft Closet Makeover-3

I blame it on the fact that this closet originally had just one big long wire shelf about 6 feet up.  It’s so hard to create organized storage space when that’s all you have.  So, I removed the wire shelf and replaced it with horizontal shelves across the two deep sides of the closet.

Craft Closet Makeover-4

Then I filled the shelves with everything that had been cluttered away…paint, vases, fabric, craft items, wrapping paper, gift boxes, and bags…

It was such a relief!

Craft Closet Makeover-5

The table is in test mode right now.  I bought a smooth, unfinished board at Home Depot and balanced it across two  ClosetMaid storage pieces that I already had (and wasn’t really using).  If this height works out, I’ll secure the whole thing to the wall and probably finish the wood somehow.

Then I had the ingenious idea of using the pegboard that’s been sitting in our basement for a few years.

I made my way back to Home Depot and purchased a $10 pegboard kit (with all the metal hooks, shelf brackets, etc.) and a $10 set of extra-strength magnets to hold my selection of scissors (pinking shears, paper shears and fabric shears).

Craft Closet Makeover-6

Using a tin can from the recycling bin, I whipped up this pencil/pen/screwdriver holder.  I wrapped the fabric around and held it tight with some ribbon and a few pins.  I figured since it was a sewing closet, it could look a little rough.

Craft Closet Makeover-7

And here is my thread storage solution that I shared last week.  After a week, it’s still going strong.

Craft Closet Makeover-8

But I did add a little something special.  I accidentally realized that the metal bobbins are attracted to magnets, so I looked in the craft section of our local big box store and found strips of adhesive magnet.  Then I just lined them all up!

PLEASE NOTE: if you a sewing machine that has even the most basic computer or electronic system, you won’t want to place your bobbins on magnets, as they can become magnetized.  I have a very basic sewing machine, so this has not been a problem for me. 

As with anything on the internet, please do your own research before following what you see!

Craft Closet Makeover-9

The ribbon spools from Ike’s Easter basket got their own peg piece.

Craft Closet Makeover-10

And the shelf got a line up of jars with push pins, safety pins, and buttons.

Craft Closet Makeover-11

I splurged another $10 and picked out an ironing board cover at TJ Maxx.  They always have fun covers.  And it is much better than the hunter-green plaid that is hiding underneath!

When we moved in, the ironing board holder was in the closet with our washer and dryer.  I just took it down and moved it to this location where it will actually get used.

And since I haven’t found a better place to store wreaths, I added a short tension rod near the ceiling and hung my small collection of wreaths that are currently on break.


In the end, I even had room for some of my crafting books in the storage pieces below the desk.  I feel SO organized.

home design books

So, that is the story of how I saved our guest room closet from disaster by transforming it into a functional space in a matter of several hours. The best part is that everything (including the chair) can be closed behind the closet doors when we have guests

guest room closet

And now I need to have a yard sale with all the things I pulled out of the closet that will never be used in our house! It is amazing what can accumulate in just a few years…

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