13 Substitutes For Yogurt In Smoothies

Substitutes For Yogurt In Smoothies

What can I substitute for yogurt in a smoothie? We often assume that all smoothies are healthy since the main ingredients consist of fruits and veggies but it completely depends on what type and ingredients are used. While unsweetened yogurt in smoothies might be great for some people, others who are lactose intolerant or do not like yogurt might prefer much healthier substitutes.

Delicious smoothies with healthy ingredients make it easy to eat right, you can easily whiz up a nutritional smooth using seasonal fruits and veggies but for creamy smoothies, probiotic-rich yogurts make an excellent addition but if you are not a yogurt eater, the idea of creamy yogurt smoothie might be daunting.

You can put almost anything into a smoothie and we recommend starting with your favorite ingredients. Also, putting this in regard to yogurt is completely unnecessary to your smoothies’ overall taste and texture.

Are you looking for delicious smoothie recipes without yogurt? One good thing about smoothies is that you can make your own you can switch it up based on your taste preference or, more importantly, dietary needs. So, to make a smoothie without yogurt, keep reading for the perfect substitutes.

Substitutes For Yogurt In Smoothies

There is no doubt that a yogurt smoothie is perfect for getting your probiotics. There are so many possibilities for flavors when yogurt is used in a smoothie, and many think smoothies can’t be achieved without yogurt.

But did you know you can make lots of delicious smoothies without yogurt? In the article below, we have rounded up the best substitutes for yogurt in smoothies.

1. Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese
Source: I Heart Naptime

To get that perfect creamy yogurt texture in your smoothie without using yogurt, cream cheese makes the ideal substitute although you do have to watch that no live active cultures are added. Cream cheese has a milk fat content of at least 33% and also contains less moisture compare to yogurt, but this is what results in its richer taste and creamier texture.

Be sure that it’s plain cream cheese you are purchasing and not the one already flavored with herbs and spice. To substitute it for yogurt, it is best to start with your other ingredients. So, if you simply do not like yogurt but want a thick creamy smoothie, then cream cheese is the ideal alternative.

2. Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit
Image: Gvjekoslav // Wikimedia Commons

If you are not up for the tanginess cream cheese brings, another great substitute for yogurt is frozen fruit. An easy way to make a creamy smoothie without yogurt is to use frozen fruits like berries or mango, it would also make your smoothie thicker. Frozen fruits help complement harsher veggies and it’s typically more affordable compared to fresh fruits.

You can’t go wrong substituting frozen fruit for yogurt. Choose frozen fruits such as berries or mango as this can add thickness and sweetness to your smoothie. Frozen fruit is a great option if you want natural sweetness but you will want to add a liquid such as coconut water or non-dairy milk to blend as well.

3. Protein Powder

Protein Powder
Image: Sandstein // Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for one ingredient that can replace yogurt in your smoothie while adding all the nutrient benefits to it then protein powder is an excellent choice. Blend your protein powder into a smoothie and you can enjoy it as a hearty breakfast or higher-carb post-workout drink. Protein powder works best in paleo smoothies and it is available in different flavors.

4. Avocados

How to Make Vegetarian Bubble Tea
Source: Mind Over Munch

Avocados are a particularly great substitute for yogurt in smoothies especially if you are on looking to make a nutrient-packed, low-sugar smoothie. The avocado smoothie recipe is one of the best weight loss smoothies, it is rich in monosaturated fats, potassium, and fiber.

5. Coconut Cream

Coconut Milk
Image: S Sepp // Wikimedia Commons

If you are on a vegan diet then blending up coconut cream instead of yogurt is a more healthy vegan smoothie. Coconut cream does enhance the flavor of the smoothie and has a light sweetness that works well with fruits. However, coconut cream should be used in very small quantities as it’s quite rich hence too much of it will only leave your smoothie with a greasy taste.

6. Bananas

Banana Smoothie
Image: Steve Hopson // Wikimedia Commons

Bananas are one of the best yogurt substitutes as they have a surprisingly creamy texture and natural sweetness, which is why they are often used as a base in smoothies. Bananas are great for smoothies, so there is no reason to use yogurt when you have them, also they are a good source of potassium and fiber.

Using frozen bananas is recommended to make your smoothie thicker. Also, it’s a more affordable smoothie ingredient so if you have a banana, you can feel free to ignore the whole yogurt ingredient line and enjoy a frozen banana smoothie instead.

7. Flax Seeds

Flax Seed For Smoothie
Image: Dvortygirl // Wikimedia Commons

Both types of flax seed (brown & golden) whether grounded or used whole are excellent substitutes for yogurt in smoothies. Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients and contain some extra fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It can also thicken your smoothie and add a slightly nutty flavor to it as well.

8. Oats

Oatmeal smoothie
Image: Bodhi Peace Wikimedia Commons

Just like flax seeds, oats can be substituted for yogurt in your smoothie. Many of us already have oats in the pantry so if you are not into yogurt and have oats at hand, cook the oats first and then blend, you can also sprinkle some raw oats on your smoothie for a crunchy flavor.

Oats are an excellent substitute for yogurt as they can add thickness and texture to your smoothie. They are particularly good for your morning smoothie, they provide you with energy throughout the day.

9. Nut Butter

Substitutes For Yogurt In Smoothies
Image: NIAID // Wikimedia Commons

Nut butter such as almond butter, cashew butter, or a little bit of peanut butter can work as a thickening agent or add a delicious flavor to your smoothie. Nut butter is high in protein, potassium, and quality fat, just ensure to use nut butter without preservatives or unhealthy ingredients.

Pecan butter is also another delicious substitute for yogurt, it is healthy and adds a tint of sweetness to your smoothie, you can pair it with apples or bananas.

10. Frozen Cauliflower

Frozen cauliflower in smoothie
Image: Coyau // Wikimedia Commons

Frozen cauliflower works just as well as yogurt substitute in smoothies. Frozen cauliflower is one of our favorite vegetable smoothie ingredients, it has a creamy texture and tends to blend well with other ingredients. In addition, it is low in calories while being high in vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Use a small amount of frozen cauliflower, so your smoothie does not become too veggie. It’s the smoothie ingredient to add when making smoothies for diabetics or keto-friendly smoothies.

11. Soy Milk

Silken Tofu or Soy Milk
Source: Homemade Baking

Soy milk contains a larger amount of protein and iron compared to milk so it works as a substitute for both yogurt and milk. It can be used to add texture and creaminess to your smoothie. Soy Milk includes calcium and vitamin D.

12. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Smoothie
Image: Zenyrgarden // Wikimedia Commons

Just like flax seeds, chia seeds are a fantastic substitute for yogurt in smoothies. Chia seeds will do a good choice of thickening and adding texture to your smoothie. They are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats like yogurt, whether raw or whole, you can toss your chia seeds into your smoothie, but a high-power blender will be best suited for this.

13. Non-dairy Yogurt

Turkish Strained Yogurt
Image: Takeaway // Wikimedia Commons

Dairy-free yogurt alternatives are just as creamy as regular yogurt and they have become more available and affordable than they sued to be. The best non-dairy yogurts to substitute for yogurt are almond and coconut non-dairy yogurt; they are just as delicious and are perfect for adding protein to your smoothie.

Non-dairy yogurt is consistent with yogurt and is a great source of protein, calcium, and probiotics to aid gut health. You can swap out yogurt for non-dairy yogurt alongside a little coconut water to get a creamy texture.

How to Use Yogurt Substitutes

There are many healthy substitutes for yogurt in smoothies, but if you want to achieve a sweet, creamy, thick smoothie, it is best to start with your other ingredients and then add this after.

Each ingredient listed as a substitute for yogurt has its properties; hence, starting with your favorite starter, such as ginger, strawberries, and spinach, is best.

Any fruit can work as a starter; after mixing some fruits and veggies and you decide that your smoothie needs a little more creaminess, then you may need some thickening, then go ahead and of the yogurt substitutes to make a thick and creamy smoothie.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that yogurt is great in smoothies, but when you are vegan or lactose intolerant, substitutes come in to save your creamy smoothie.

Remember that when choosing a substitute for your smoothie, it is best to choose one that can deliver as many or at least some of the benefits of yogurt.

There are tons of smoothie recipes for whether you are a yogurt eater and another good thing about it is that you can make your own. So, whatever your reason for making a smoothie without yogurt, you can make a delicious bowl of smoothies with the ingredients in this article.

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