Tyson Popcorn Chicken Air Fryer Recipe

How to Air Fry Tyson Popcorn Chicken (Step-by-Step)

Cooking Tyson popcorn chicken in an air fryer takes only 8 to 10 minutes although this cooking time may depend on some factors you get a delicious crispy popcorn chicken.

Pretty hard not to love a tasty snack on a lazy weekend, and Tyson popcorn chicken air fried is perfect for that.

Tyson Popcorn Chicken offers the perfect bite of crispy, juicy chicken, but did you know it can be even better!? All it takes is an air fryer, so prepare the dipping sauce because we’re learning how to air-fry Tyson Popcorn Chicken!

What is Tyson Popcorn Chicken?

Popcorn chicken is a fun and crunchy take on the familiar favorite of breaded chicken. These crunchy little bites have everything you want, from crispy skin to the perfect spice blend and an unbelievably juicy middle, and nobody makes popcorn chicken like Tyson!

Their popcorn-style chicken uses white meat and a crispy breading that will make your stomach swoon! The chicken is fully cooked and then flash-frozen, so you only need to warm it up to crispy perfection.

These bites of chicken are great for mixing into salads, pasta, or just enjoying with dip, and if you want to enjoy crunchy popcorn chicken in a flash then air frying is the best way to heat it up!

Why Air Fry Popcorn Chicken?

Air frying has become a universally popular way to heat and reheat foods, and once you try it the reasons are clear.

Air frying does not require extra fat or grease, so you can cook foods with fewer calories. Plus, air frying is fast! Air fryers use convection heat to circulate the warmth so efficiently that they shave time off of traditional oven cooking times.

How to Air Fry Tyson Popcorn Chicken (Step-by-Step)

Can I Cook Popcorn Chicken From Frozen?

Yes! One of the wonders of the air fryer is that it can heat food so efficiently that it can cook popcorn chicken from frozen to perfectly cooked in 15 minutes or less!

You can thaw the chicken in the fridge before cooking; however, this is totally unnecessary and if you go this route you should cut the cooking time down to about minutes. Be aware that thawing the chicken can make the breading a little soft and easier to remove, so treat thawed popcorn chicken delicately, or just air fry straight from the freezer!

Getting Ready to Air Fry

Air frying is super easy, but you always want to be prepared and use the best practices. Here are a few steps to help you set up for air frying:

  • Place the Air Fryer – Air fryer placement is very important. It’s basically a small oven so you want to set it up somewhere safe. Choose a flat stretch of an open countertop, do not place anything within about 6 inches of the air fryer so it has good ventilation.
  • Clean the Basket – Hopefully, the air fryer was put away clean, but it never hurts to check. If there is evidence of grease or crumbs in the basket, hand-wash and dry it before using.
  • Mise en Place – ‘Mise en place’ is a French term used in kitchens; it means ‘everything in its place,’ and it’s a very important practice when cooking. Make sure you set out tongs, a hot pad, a plate, and anything else you might anticipate needing for you to cook.

Should I Spray the Basket?

There is nothing worse than when the crispy crunchy breading of your favorite popcorn chicken gets stuck to the pan. However, air frying is the simple solution to this issue! When you air fry you don’t have to worry about the breading getting lost to the tray. Air fryers are designed to be very non-stick and do not require any extra grease!

In fact, spraying the air fryer basket with a non-stick spray can cause greasy buildup within your air fryer and make the whole appliance less efficient over time. So it is best to stay about from non-stick spray while air frying.

How to Serve Air Fried Tyson Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken is the ultimate snack or main protein. These satisfying bites of chicken can be used in a wide range of ways.

Always enjoy this chicken while it’s warm and if you’re looking for a tasty way to serve this favorite, try these ideas:

How to Air Fry Tyson Popcorn Chicken (Step-by-Step)

1. Popcorn Chicken Pasta

Make a child-pleasing dish by boiling up your favorite type of pasta and then tossing it in butter and herbs. Top it with crunchy popcorn chicken for a crisp and buttery delight.

2. Popcorn Chicken Poutine

Prepare a twisted take on poutine with fries, shredded cheese, gravy, and of course popcorn chicken. It’s the perfect medley of flavors and textures!

3. Crunchy Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese

Cheese and popcorn chicken was practically made for each other, so mix it up with macaroni and cheese. Make your favorite mac and cheese recipe and then toss in the air-fried popcorn chicken to finish it.

4. Popcorn Chicken Salad

Make a beautiful chopped salad with mixed greens, bacon bits, cheese, and hard-boiled egg, and top it with this tasty popcorn chicken instead of croutons! Dress it with your favorite style of dressing to make a fresh take on your favorite salad!

Wrapping Up

The Tyson popcorn chicken comes out so great in the air fryer and it’s super simple to make. You can easily make this on busy days or for families on the go, there are also many tasty ways you can pair this air-fried popcorn chicken. With just a few steps and patience, you can have a delicious snack to enjoy for the weekend.

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